Best Low-Profile Mechanical Keyboards in 2023

Gaming keyboards are all the rage today, especially with the introduction of the slim mechanical keyboard. Not only do mechanical keyboards last longer compared to membrane designs, but they also feel more responsive and comfortable to use.

A low-profile mechanical keyboard is ideal for video game use because of its unique features. These same features allow users to attain greater precision and speed, which are essential, particularly in competitive gameplay.

But what makes a thin mechanical keyboard different from the standard ones sold in the market? Let's find out in the next section.

Differences Between a Normal and Low-Profile Mechanical Keyboard

Low-profile mechanical keyboards are keyboards that have a lower height compared to others. Its overall height is significantly reduced compared to other boards by making its switches, cases, and keycaps shorter.

You can say that a low-profile keyboard is about half the height of that of some of the more oversized keyboards today. Such a reduction in height allows for flat keyboard gaming since these low-profile boards are lighter and smaller.

Low-profile keyboards achieve their reduced state by using switches adapted to make the overall board smaller. Although the keycaps for these switches can be difficult to replace, the added benefit it gives is worth it for many people.

Given that the switches for low-profile boards are more miniature, they also have less travel distance while sounding completely different compared to their standard counterparts.

Regarding ergonomics, many users prefer low-profile boards because of how comfortable they feel. People find the shorter height of such keyboards to have reduced strain on the wrists resulting in fewer wrist pains while lowering the risk of issues like carpal tunnel syndrome. This can be particularly vital for those who work or play for extended periods.

A low-profile mechanical keyboard also won't require users to have a wrist rest. Its angle is significantly less intense and can make a huge difference compared to a standard board.

Advantages of a Thin Mechanical Keyboard

The keyboard plays an integral part in any gamer's arsenal. It's the lifeline of any computer, mainly as it allows the user to input their commands to make it perform its duties.

The keyboard you use significantly improves or hinders your performance, especially as a gamer. It could be disheartening to know that you could have overcome a particular challenge if you weren't being held back by your peripheral device.

To give you an idea of how beneficial low-profile mechanical keyboards are, consider the following advantages they offer:

Advantage #1: You Get Excellent Feedback

One of the main advantages of using a mechanical keyboard over a standard one is its excellent feedback. Regarding keyboards, feedback means the physical response it gives users when pressing its keys.

A low-profile mechanical keyboard doesn't only provide a tactile click upon being pushed, but its build also provides an audible sound. This audio cue gives people a great indication of their inputs to the peripheral device.

Additionally, the clicks let you know that the keyboard immediately received your intention. Such signals can be beneficial in-game since there are no discrepancies on whether or not the keys have been pressed.

Advantage #2: Fast and Precise Inputs

Perhaps the second-best attribute of a thin mechanical keyboard is that it's far faster and more accurate to use than a regular board.

Using this type of board makes your speed easily noticeable each time you press a key, as it instantly recognizes such inputs according to your intention. Pressing keys multiple times throughout a game is, therefore, more efficient when using a mechanical keyboard.

Furthermore, a membrane keyboard will immediately register inputs even if you didn't intend to. This is because it only requires minimal force to get them to do so. The best low-profile mechanical keyboard notably minimizes the potential of unintentional clicks since its keys don't efficiently respond when you just skim over them.

Advantage #3: Durable Peripheral Device

Playing video games often requires rapid force when placing commands on your peripherals. It only makes sense for gamers to have accessories that can last them a long time, especially with the competitive intensity most games need.

Regular keyboards can easily break apart when you subject them to repeated key inputs. The good news is that mechanical gaming keyboards are designed to take on this type of usage.

The switches, especially those made nowadays, are durable and can last tens of millions of inputs before they give in.

Best Low-Profile Mechanical Keyboard to Choose in 2022

Now that we've discussed the main differences between a low-profile mechanical keyboard over a standard one and its advantages, it's time to talk about the top choices you can pick from as a gamer.

Here are the best low-profile mechanical keyboards to consider this year:

Best Overall: Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Rapidfire

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Let's start off by getting the best overall low-profile mechanical keyboard out of the way.

The Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Rapidfire is a slim mechanical keyboard ideal for any modern desktop configuration. The board weighs 2.75lbs and uses an aircraft-grade aluminum chassis for durability and extended gaming life.

Its per-key RGB lighting offers the color and styling many gamers are looking for nowadays to set up the ambiance for their desktop. Meanwhile, this mechanical keyboard has a rubberized wrist that can be detached and textured keycaps that are ideal for FPS and MOBA players.

You can expect elevated control keys on top of the numerical keypad that users can quickly reach with their right hand. It has an X-shaped channel underneath its body, so you can route and hide cables below when needed.

Additionally, it has a standard 104-key layout design with slightly raised keys. You can also expect sufficient spaces between the frames and keycaps to minimize user error while allowing a notably more prominent RGB lighting display. Debris is also easier to remove with this kind of setup.

But the design and layout of this thin mechanical keyboard aren't the only aspects that make this keyboard the best overall. There's also the software that allows it to surpass its competition.

The Corsair iCue app allows for dynamic control of the RGB lighting, lighting synchronization, and macro programming. The latter is especially important for existing Corsair users as it makes the keyboard compatible for use with other accessories from the brand.

Best for Minimalist Design: Keychron K6 68-Key

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If you're looking for a minimalistic option for their new low-profile mechanical keyboard, you might want to consider the Keychron K6 68-key mechanical keyboard. This low-profile board is quite portable and compact but also quite durable, thanks to its aluminum frame.

The 68 keys it offers allow for fewer keys to deal with without hindering the overall performance during gameplay. You can connect the keyboard with up to 3 devices using Bluetooth and quickly switch among them as needed.

Some people choose the Keychron K6 68-key board for flat keyboard gaming, but it can double for general or office use. This is because it has built-in compatibility with the Broadcom Bluetooth chipset that lets you connect it to mobile devices and other computers.

Despite its minimalist approach, the Keychron K6 allows users to still access other vital functions and multimedia keys through a combination of key presses. It has a 4000mAh battery power rating that leads to a 72-hour lifespan when all RGB lighting is active and a 9-day capability for everyday use.

For maximum feedback, this low-profile keyboard's full N-key rollover feature lets you type faster since each key press is detected immediately yet individually. This ensures that all of the keys you activate are registered.

Finally, the inclined bottom frame of the Keychron K6 makes it an ergonomic unit to use as it can do without a palm rest. You also don't have to worry about installing additional drivers with this mechanical keyboard.

Best for Customizability: Logitech G915 Lightspeed

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The Logitech G915 Lightspeed low-profile mechanical keyboard is one of the more expensive boards on this list but for good reason. Besides having a brushed aluminum frame, three variations of switches, and full RGB lighting, it also comes with a column of macro keys for expanded customization.

Besides the macro keys, the top of this keyboard has an array of lighting and profile adjustment keys for customizability. It is quite thin compared to many low-profile keyboards, and its height adjustment kickstands allow the board to be raised similarly to the height of others, depending on your desire.

It has curved keycaps that are great for typing, and despite being made from ABS plastic, they have proven to be durable despite constant use.

As a wireless mechanical keyboard, the Logitech G915 Lightspeed is exceptionally speedy with its 1ms gaming capability. Meanwhile, responsive registration isn't a problem with this keyboard, even if it isn't connected, since it can take on inputs quite effectively.

Similar to the Keychron K6, this mechanical keyboard also has Bluetooth capability that lets you connect it to other devices. This means that you can connect it with gadgets such as your phone.

You can recharge the keyboard by connecting it directly to your computer using its Micro USB port.

Best for Stability: Roccat Vulcan 100 AIMO

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The German brand Roccat has done a fantastic job developing this low-profile mechanical keyboard because of its stability. The switches of this board are extremely stable and offer almost no wobble when used. This isn't the same feeling you would get from Gateron or Cherry switches.

Stability isn't only excellent for typing, but it goes hand-in-hand with unique gameplay experiences as well. Having close to zero wobble means you can press each key precisely and know what functions you will get for every registration.

Meanwhile, its laser-etched ABS keycaps offer a pleasant feel when used but can be replaced with PBT keycaps if you so wish. The great thing about Roccat switches is that they are readily compatible with integrating accessories from other brands because of their Cherry stems.

The RGB backlighting of the Vulcan 100 AIMO, is quite stunning for a mechanical keyboard. The lighting has decent brightness and the additional reflective surface of the keyboard itself makes it extremely pleasing to look at.

Best for Affordability: EagleTec KG061-BR

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The EagleTec KG061-BR might seem unexceptional for its price, but it's quite an excellent low-profile mechanical keyboard, especially for those new to using one. This model offers a full-size 104-key setup, but it also has another version (KG050-BR) that is a tenkeyless design.

In terms of design, the EagleTec KG061-BR is quite solid with its soft-edged keycaps that are slim yet quite thick simultaneously. Its blue backlight may not appeal to most, but you can lower its intensity or even turn it off if you want.

Despite being the best low-profile keyboard option on this list due to its affordability, the EagleTec KG061-BR is designed to have an aluminum base plate. This gives users a great feel underneath their fingers while also providing much-needed stability when typing.


Low-profile mechanical keyboards have grown in popularity in the past few years, mainly because of their advantages. These boards offer greater precision, responsiveness, and durability than standard membrane keyboards sold today.

Many gamers love using slim mechanical keyboards because they are comfortable for gaming. Additionally, such boards are known for their feedback, mainly due to their audible sound when pressing their keycaps. Based on our assessment, we believe the best low-profile mechanical keyboard on this list is the Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Rapidfire, thanks to its overall versatility. However, options such as the Keychron K6, Logitech G915 Lightspeed, Roccat Vulcan 100 AIMO, and EagleTec KG061-BR are also great.

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