Best Kujou Sara Builds – Stats, Weapons, Artifacts [Genshin Impact]

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Genshin Impact 2.1 will introduce Kujou Sara, a follower of Baal and an eager participant in the Vision Hunt Decree. Sara is a 4-star bow user with an Electro vision.

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  • Element: Electro
  • Weapon: Bow
  • Primary Stat: Critical Damage
  • Rarity: 4-star

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Kujou Sara Character Demo Trailer

Kujou Sara Stats


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Kujou Sara Skill Talents

Basic Attack: Tengu Bowmanship

Normal AttackPerform up to five consecutive shots with a bow.
Charged AttackPerform a more precise Aimed Shot with increased DMG. While aiming, crackling lightning will accumulate on the arrowhead. An arrow fully charged with the storm’s might will deal Electro DMG.
When in the Crowfeather Cover state, a fully-charged arrow will leave a Crowfeather behind after it hits.
Plunging AttackPlunging Attack: Fires off a shower of arrows in mid-air before falling and striking the ground, dealing AoE DMG upon impact.

Normal Attack

Perform up to 5 consecutive strikes.

Charged Attack

Drains Stamina over time to perform continuous slashes. At the end of the sequence, perform a more powerful slash.

Plunging Attack

Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground, damaging enemies along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.

Elemental Skill: Tengu Stormcall

Retreats rapidly with the speed of a tengu, summoning the protection of the Crowfeather. Gains Crowfeather Cover for 18s, and when Kujou Sara fires a fully-charged Aimed Shot, Crowfeather Cover will be consumed and leave a Crowfeather at the target location.

Crowfeathers will trigger Tengu Juurai: Ambush after a short time, dealing Electro DMG and granting the active character within its AoE an ATK Bonus based on Kujou Sara’s Base ATK.
The ATK Bonuses from different Tengu Juurai will not stack, and the last Tengu Juurai will determine their effects and duration to take effect.

Elemental Burst

Subjugation: Koukou Sendou

Casts down Tengu Juurai: Titanbreaker, dealing AoE Electro DMG. Afterward, Tengu Juurai: Titanbreaker spreads out into 4 consecutive bouts of Tengu Juurai: Stormcluster, dealing AoE Electro DMG.
Tengu Juurai: Titanbreaker and Tengu Juurai: Stormcluster can provide the active character within their AoE with the same ATK Bonus as given by the Elemental Skill, Tengu Stormcall.
The ATK Bonus provided by various kinds of Tengu Juurai will not stack, and the last Tengu Juurai will determine their effects and duration to take effect.

Kujou Sara’s Passive Talents

Land Survey

If 2 stacks of Grimheart are consumed upon unleashing the Holding Mode of Icetide Vortex, a Shattered Lightfall Sword will be created that will explode immediately, dealing 50% of the basic Physical DMG dealt by a Lightfall Sword created by Glacial Illumination.

Immovable Will

While in the Crowfeather Cover state provided by Tengu Stormcall, Aimed Shot charge times are decreased by 60%.


While in the Crowfeather Cover state provided by Tengu Stormcall, Aimed Shot charge times are decreased by 60%.

Kujo Sara’s Constellation

Constellation LevelSkillEffect
C1Crows EyeWhile in the crowfeather cover state provided by Sara’s elemental skill, aimed shot charge times are creased by 60%
C2Dark WingsUnleashing Tengu Stormcall leaves a weaker crowfeather at Sara’s original position that deals 30% of its original damage
C3The War WithinIncreases the level of Subjugation: Koukou Sentou by three. Maximum upgrade level is 15
C4Conclusive ProofThe number of Tengu Juurai: Stormcluster released by Subjugation: Koukou Sentou increases to six
C5SpellslingerIncreases the level of Tengu Stormcall by three. Maximum upgrade level is 15
C6Sin of PrideThe Electro damage of characters who have had their attacked increased by Tengu Juurai has its critical damage increased by 60%

Best Kujou Sara Build

Support Build

WeaponArtifact Set
Mitternachts Waltz
Mitternachts Waltz
Severed Fate (four-set)
Severed Fate (Four-piece set)
Base Stats
Base Attack: 46
Bonus Stat: ATK 10.8%
Evernight Duet
Normal Attack hits on opponents increase Elemental Skill DMG by 20% for 5s. Elemental Skill hits on opponents increase Normal Attack DMG by 20% for 5s.
2-Piece Bonus
Energy Recharge +20%
4-Piece Bonus
Increases Elemental Burst DMG by 25% of Energy Recharge. A maximum of 75% bonus DMG can be obtained in this way.

Talent Priority


Recommended Artifact Stats & Substats

ArtifactMain StatSub Stat
FeatherFlat ATK (Unchangeable)CRIT Rate
Energy Recharge
Flat ATK
RoseFlat HP (Unchangeable)CRIT Rate
Energy Recharge
Flat ATK
SandsATK% / Energy RechargeCRIT Rate
Energy Recharge
Flat ATK
GobletElectro DMG BonusCRIT Rate
Energy Recharge
Flat ATK
Energy Recharge
Flat ATK

Kujou Sara ascension materials

LevelMoraBoss Drop MaterialBoss Drop MaterialLocal SpecialityEnemy Drop Material
Vajrada Amethyst Fragment ×3

Storm Beads ×2

Dendrobium ×10

Damaged Mask ×15
Vajrada Amethyst Fragment ×6

Storm Beads ×4

Dendrobium ×20

Stained Mask ×12
Vajrada Amethyst Chunk ×3

Storm Beads ×8

Dendrobium ×30

Stained Mask ×18
Vajrada Amethyst Chunk ×6

Storm Beads ×12

Dendrobium ×45

Ominous Mask ×12
Vajrada Amethyst Gemstone ×6

Storm Beads ×20

Dendrobium ×60

Ominous Mask ×24


If the Almighty Shogun is the sound of thunder that fills the heavens, Kujou Sara is the lightning strike against which her enemies are powerless to defend themselves — and wherever lightning first strikes, terrifying thunder is sure to follow.
As the adopted daughter of the Kujou Clan, she conducts herself with an official demeanor at all times. Ask anyone about their impression of Kujou Sara, and they will likely talk of her ruthless efficiency and stern attitude.
Yet this loyal subject of the Shogun is not as cold and indifferent as she seems on the surface. Rather, she has surrendered herself to the demands of her role, her strong sense of duty causing her to put aside her own desires in service of a greater cause.
For Kujou Sara, helping the Almighty Shogun to achieve eternity is a paramount goal. She knows that she herself may not be there in the end, but she devotes herself to this mission all the same.
“Victory will belong to all of us, even if I am not the last person remaining on the battlefield.”
If people could have only one wish, this would be Kujou Sara’s.
Concealed beneath her icy exterior is a heart that pounds like thunder, where passionate flames burn in secret.

Fly Like the Wind, Strike Like Lightning

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