Best IO games in 2023 you need to play right now

The io game genre appeared in 2015 after the legendary success. Now different developers publish hundreds of online toys each month. They're free of charge, browser-based, and have easy mechanics. It means there are no download or installation procedures to waste time on. However, it's hard to choose good options among such a variety. Check this top list of the best io games to play with friends or alone.

10 best IO games to play in your browser

Bounce and Collect

best io games - bounce and collect

Let's start with a weird single-player io title. You get a virtual hand, a jar, and a potentially unlimited number of white balls. But at the first launch, there are only a couple of them. Tilt the can and filter what you have through special frames. Being magical, of course, they multiply them several times. Everything then goes to a tunnel in the lower part. And ends up in another jar.

Your goal is to collect a certain number of balls. It's much better if you outstrip the target to switch to the next level. Mind the following challenges:

  • You'll encounter filters that multiply the objects 2, 3, 4 times, and even more. However, some traps may ruin your success. Sometimes, you'll see a red number with a minus. It usually waits for you under an attractively big reward. However, if you go for it, you'll probably be left with nothing. The trap will abstract the balls and endanger your victory.
  • Complicating levels feature moving filters. So, you'll have to aim to get any scores.
  • Sometimes, the tunnel can't process all the balls flowing to it. As a result, some of them miss the jar and get lost!

The content is extremely meditative. Go for it if you feel like relaxing.

Squid Game IO

Squid Game IO - Best IO Games - Kevin Games

The creepy browser title was inspired by the Netflix kdrama TV series, one of the best and most popular shows on the streaming platform. The hit turns children's recreational activities inside out, introducing merciless rules and lots of blood. The show's fan or not, it's worth trying its digital adaptation to feel that adrenaline. Given Squid Game's popularity, it is no surprise that it earned representation in the io game world.

Starting in a group of people, you must cross the field. Use arrows to speed up your character. However, don't lose your focus and listen to an intimidating rhyme. Performed by a horrid doll, it says “Little by little, one travels far”. Once it stops, the creature turns and scans the field. Those who stirred even a bit get killed. The agenda is obvious: survive. You have only 60 seconds to reach the finish line. If you fail, you also die. Be among those who make it to the end to win.

Here are some tips to help you get the hang of the gameplay faster:

  • Don't risk and freeze milliseconds before it's too late.
  • Try to get out of the crowd, as other players will get in your way.
  • Don't be too slow to avoid losing time.

Relieve the most intense moments from the series in one of the best IO games of 2021. Check if you can survive the challenge.

Minecity Breakers

Minecity breakers - best io games

Feel big and strong, wreaking having around a whole city in this action io game. Being the size of a skyscraper, your goal is to destroy everything in your way. Crack buildings, squash cars, step on people. These cruel actions give you bonuses, which you spend on cool upgrades. For example, on a powerful bazooka to kill annoying cops before they hurt you. Or an enormous grenade launcher to easily cause even more destruction.

The controls are simple: WASD for jumping, dodging, slowing down, or speeding up. Mouse clicking for using a weapon. Stay alive to complete the round. Watch an indicator in the upper part. It shows how long it's left to win. But victory is not that easy to get. Flying drones with bombs and armed policemen keep stinging you with their tiny bullets. Eventually, they cause your death. Be smarter and avoid head-on collisions. Enjoy nice visual effects, realistic screams of terrified people, and your own triumphant roaring.

Fruit Mahjong

fruit mahjong io game

I don't know about you but I love Mahjong games. You can have a break from the thrill of dynamic action and switch to a slow-paced adventure io game. Here, you deal with digital China board entertainment. Instead of hieroglyphs, the tiles feature all kinds of fruits. Click on 2 identical ones to make them disappear. Go on like that until the playing ground is empty.

It's great training for your brain as you'll have to constantly focus on the following:

  1. Never touch blocked tiles. Work with the stones above to unlock them. These 2 types of pieces are easy to spot. They are pure white or shaded a bit.
  2. The seconds are running out! You get a little more than a minute to finish the round. If you're inactive for a while, you get a hint automatically. So, usually, players finish fast and get a time bonus as a reward.

Don't relax after completing the first levels. 51 rounds are designed to warm you up before a real challenge. Test your abilities with even more tiles and almost identical pictures. Train your peripheral vision and reaction speed, these are useful skills.

Nugget Royale

Nugget Royale io game

Nugget Royale is an io game that features the mayhem of chickens that are about to die. 80 feathered guys go straight to the meat grinder for further cooking. You're one of them. Everyone moves frantically around in a limited space, struggling to be the only survivor. The lucky animal wins the round and avoids merciless death.

Brutal as it is, the title doesn't encourage violent behavior on purpose. You don't even have to attack others. But it doesn't mean you can't do any harm. Using WASD and Space, you focus on imminent dangers: a butcher knife, approaching abyss, etc. Everyone jumps, sprints, dashes, or tries to fly. In this way, you may accidentally set others up. And push them off the edge or under the blade. One would do anything to avoid becoming someone else's meal, right?

But the real gem of the addicting adventure is the multiplayer mode. There are 2 cool things about it:

  • You struggle in the life-or-death challenge with real people from all over the world. 
  • Invite 2 more players and play together on one PC! It's more fun to do it with your friends. Type in your names and try to find your characters in this chaos. They'll be marked with a sign.

If you die, you stick around and watch others fight for their lives. Don't forget to check out the leader board to see your results.

Vex 6

vex 6 io game

A minimalistic approach towards graphics and challenging mechanics is a perfect mixture that makes this io game really unique. Perfectly implemented here, these features make it one of the best fun browser games. Traverse a maze made of geometrical figures as a tiny acrobat. Among your skills is wall climbing, jumping, somersaulting, sliding, etc.

Don't expect it to be an easy ride. The track is filled with areas that kill. You'll deal with:

  • Pink platforms that shatter and fall at a mere touch.
  • Red gear wheels that cut you in pieces.
  • Sharp spikes, sticking to the walls.
  • Small portals that shoot lethal triangles in 4 directions.

The further you proceed, the more dangers you'll meet. Luckily, checkpoints save you from starting all over if you die. Each level gives you 3 objectives:

  1. Complete the round
  2. Collect all coins
  3. Get killed 0 times

Succeed to get the highest rating ? 3 stars.

The best part about the platformer is the shop with 5 skin categories. But you can't have a look at the options as they're all locked. Pick the category, pay the coins and click Spin to get skins at random.


yonzo io game

This digital world in the io game Yonzo never gets boring. All because it's an MMO with hundreds of mini-trials. Run from gigantic snowballs. Enter combat arenas. Jump over floating platforms. There are a lot of options to train your reaction skills, memory, and have fun. Try something new every day.

The title's social aspect is impressive. Wander around the lobby between the sessions and use built-in tools to communicate with others. Write a message in the chat or press the RMB to show an emoticon. Even if your friends are far away, you can still hang out together. Just connect to the same server and play on different computers. Additionally, the main hub has:

  • Surprise boxes with extra coins
  • Keys to open chests with treasures
  • Stores with cosmetic upgrades: clothes, hats, etc.

The digital toy teleports you into the round automatically once there are enough participants. But if you want to chill out in the lobby, click a button.

Signing in is not obligatory. But if you do log in, you get extra opportunities. For example, add a name to your character and other perks.

Lots of various mini-adventures, short sessions, and amazing graphics… Find out what else the io title has to offer!

Pull the Rope

Pull the rope io game

This casual entertainment io game is designed to stimulate your gray matter. The gameplay is implemented in an interesting way. You get a rope to stretch out and touch multiple rings. Just click and drag wherever you need. It sounds like a piece of cake, but there are some tricky things to mind.

The first concerns the rope. It's not endless. Additionally, sticks limit your actions. You shouldn't touch them to complete the round. These and other features encourage finding the most optimal route to cover all rings. It makes you think and analyze the possible solutions. The indicator in the upper part helps by showing your progression through the level.

The content is suitable for any age group. It doesn't contain any violence to scare away the kids. As well as is challenging enough for adults. Explore its 30 levels. Check out if you can cope with every riddle Pull the Rope has to offer. This io game will definitely take you to the ropes at some points.

Color Maze Puzzle

color maze puzzle

Color Maze puzzle is an io game that provides another shake-up for your brain with interesting mechanics. As a colored cell, you roam around an endless grid with barriers. Use arrows to move in 4 directions and try to survive as long as possible. There are only 2 factors that may lead to your defeat:

  1. The wrong direction. If you bump into the barrier of a different color, it's the end.
  2. No steps left. Initially, you have only 100. If you waste them all, you lose.

To succeed, you need to be smart. First of all, watch what hue you are at the moment. Don't ram through walls at random. Look for special areas to change your color and resupply steps. And finally, pick the best route available. Estimate which direction is the most perspective and head there. The map is constantly reshaping. So if you decide to return to the zone you've already left, you'll fail. The io game version of no going back now.

Pocket Zombie Sniper

Pocket Zombie Sniper

The best io games list would be incomplete without a classic zombie-apocalypse adventure. Improve your firing skills in short but intense sessions. Standing somewhere above, you'll see human beings trying to escape from monsters. Use your high-precision rifle to give them a chance to survive.

The agenda is straightforward: kill the creatures, save the people. You lose if the latter dies. As in any emergency, you don't have a lot of bullets. So, save the ammo and aim right at the head for an instant kill. A tip: use the environment. Sometimes, you don't have the right number of bullets from the start. Even if you make clear shots, you'll lose anyway. But hitting a barrel with explosives eliminated a big group of hostiles at once! Just make sure your humans are out of range.

Missions will become harder as you gain more experience. In reward, get some cash to spend in the store with lots of cool weapons.

Unlimited virtual fun with the best IO games

This best .io games list features free-for-all web-based entertainment options to play in your free time. They'll help you get distracted from the routine and reset your working mood. Enjoy them from home or on the go. All you need is a device and an Internet connection. However, some institutions block portals with digital adventures. Use VPN services to get access to any toys from anywhere. Or find out what websites are still unblocked and allow you to play io games at school. On their pages, you'll find the most popular unblocked hits of different genres.

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