Best GPU Benchmarking Software for Overclockers in 2022

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Adding a new gaming rig is always a fun activity for gamers. But for most users, overclocking their graphics processing units (GPUs) may be one of the best things they can do especially when done right.

People are always looking for ways to eke out the most performance from their gaming setups. Performing an overclocking benchmark with the help of the best GPU benchmarking software can get them there.

Why Should I Benchmark My Gaming Rig?

The idea behind computer system benchmarking provides people with several practical uses. One of the most important of these is to allow them to identify and root out problems before they become worse.

However, optimizing efforts for overclocking gaming rigs is also another reason why individuals choose to benchmark. People want to test their systems for stability, calculate numbers to see if they add up according to advertised rates, and the like are quite beneficial for benchmarking.

Practically speaking, using the right overclock benchmark software can potentially help users improve their system’s capabilities and save money. Those who successfully benchmark used or new components from complete system builds can reveal potential problems and eliminate them before warranty replacements expire or failures happen.

How Do I Benchmark a GPU?

Benchmarking begins by choosing the best GPU benchmark software available based on your preferences. There are numerous platforms that let you perform benchmarking today and these programs can put your graphics card through extreme tests to reveal its true capabilities.

After you have chosen your desired app, you should then install and run it to get started. A window will greet you and provide several options including the resolution and texture quality you wish to run the benchmark.

Upon selecting the resolution, it’s important that you do so in the setting you plan to run most of your games in. This resolution should also be the one you’re currently using to run Windows. The most common resolution today is the 1920 x 1080 setup.

Most GPU benchmark software offers newbies several pre-made settings to help you get the GPU benchmarking done quickly. The most common options for these presets are basic and advanced.

You can also set your graphics card benchmark to test itself on specific video games. Doing so allows you to pinpoint the exact performance you’ll get with the games you plan to play soon.

Top GPU Benchmark Software to Consider This Year

Now that you know why and how to benchmark your GPU, it’s time to consider the leading apps you can use to overclock your unit and set it up for perfection.

Here are the best GPU benchmarking software to consider in 2022:

Heaven Unigine 4.0

If you’re looking for the best Unigine benchmark software today, then nothing beats Heaven Unigine 4.0. This benchmarking tool is made specifically for gamers looking to overclock their GPUs by providing advanced features for performance stress testing.

Some of the pros of this software include:

  • Offers relevant and easy-to-use benchmarking presets for various tests.
  • Provides users with a seamless way to measure and assess the temperature of their GPU including clock monitoring.
  • Support for gamers using multiple monitors on different configurations.
  • The tool supports scene rendering in real-time so you can easily see how your GPU fares on specific scenes and video games.

Thanks to its performance, features, and reputation, Heaven Unigine 4.0 is considered one of the best GPU benchmarking software you can get for free today. It provides both novice and advanced users with a reliable tool to perform stress tests on their graphics cards.

Additionally, you can customize your Heaven Unigine 4.0 software using different themes to make it even more unique.


The second GPU benchmark software we’ve included in this list for overclockers to consider is PassMark. This utility program is extremely popular because of how effortless it can benchmark GPUs.

One of PassMark’s features is that it offers stress tests for both 2D and 3D, including bitmaps, vectors, GUI elements, fonts, 4K resolution, and OpenCL among others.

The top features of PassMark are:

  • Helping users identify the overall performance of their rig.
  • Allowing gamers to compare their machine’s performance to other similar setups.
  • Providing easy measurement of alterations or upgrades in existing configurations.
  • An option to access advanced testing for custom benchmarking scenarios.

Many gamers rely on PassMark and for good reason. Not only is it effective in testing GPUs, but it also offers benchmark tests for RAM, keyboards, monitors, and more.

Best GPU Benchmarking Software for Overclockers
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3DMark is another ideal benchmarking software suite that can perform extreme tests on your GPU to maximize in-game performance. Its benchmark package offers amazing capabilities with gaming benchmarks like Time Spy and Fire Strike included.

These benchmarks provide users access to scores that can help them assess the performance of their rigs with that of similar systems.

Some of the top features gamers can get from 3DMark include:

  • Access to several versions of the software to match the GPU currently in use.
  • A free demo so users can see how the suite works.
  • Automatic detection of hardware components while also providing suggestions for benchmark testing.
  • GPU temperature, frame rate, and clock speeds are shown throughout the benchmark.

The 3DMark benchmarking software is one of the most prevalent utilities gamers use today to test their graphics cards. Overclockers will enjoy using this software as it is designed to produce world-class results.

MSI AfterBurner

For MSI users, the MSI AfterBurner free benchmark test application is one of the best tools that they can readily access to evaluate their systems’ performance. The program is designed especially for overclocking graphics cards as all of its features are made for monitoring the performance of tweaked GPUs.

Some of the main features to expect are:

  • Provides support for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP users.
  • Offers built-in compatibility with AMD Radeon HD 2000 and Nvidia GeForce 6 or newer graphics cards.
  • Access to features for overclocking and testing GPU performance.

As one of the most well-known overclocking tools out there, MSI AfterBurner is indeed an app to consider especially if you’re already an existing MSI user, but it is also a great tool for any gamer or hardware enthusiast, regardless of their GPU’s manufacturer.

Although you can get it for free, the tool requires you to download the MSI Kombuster stress test app so you can easily check the performance of your overclocked graphics card.

Basemark GPU

If neither of the options above appeal to you, then you might want to check out another free GPU benchmarking tool in Basemark GPU. You can use this tool to stress test various operating systems without any problems thanks to its built-in compatibility.

The thing that makes Basemark GPU great is that it offers users effective results on its tests as well as performance measurements on various graphics cards. It also offers a feature that allows users to make contrasting performance results of their rigs with that of others.

The main advantages Basemark GPU offers are:

  • Access to multiple modes for testing and comparing various systems.
  • Ability to check the official test results of GPUs.
  • A wide range of options for users to perform in-depth GPU benchmarking.
  • The GPU benchmark software itself is quite easy to use with all of its APIs found in one place.

Overall, Basemark GPU is one of the top-recommended benchmarking tools people can use to assess the performance of their graphics processing units. It supports a variety of graphical APIs that support formats like Vulkan, OpenGL ES, and OpenGL.

The benchmark suite also lets users know the exact impact certain APIs have when used in conjunction with their existing hardware components. This can make benchmarking a lot easier as you don’t have to perform the manual research on your own – everything you need is provided by the app.


Out of all the overclock benchmark software listed in this post, we’ve concluded that Heaven Unigine 4.0 is one of the top choices gamers should consider today. It’s essentially the best Unigine benchmark tool available right now that can make overclocking easier with the multiple advanced features it offers.

Our second option is PassMark as it offers several stress testing parameters on aspects such as 4K resolution, vectors, bitmaps, GUI elements, and fonts. Users can easily identify the changes to alterations they make to their rig with the features provided by PassMark.

After our first two choices, we also recommend using 3DMark, MSI AfterBurner, and Basemark GPU. 3DMark and Basemark GPU are both paid GPU benchmarking programs but offer excellent features that make GPU benchmarking more convenient.

Meanwhile, MSI AfterBurner is ideal for existing MSI users as the free tool is built to work with the brand’s components. Keep in mind however that you’ll need to download and install additional software if you plan to use this benchmarking app for overclocking purposes.

All of the tools that are mentioned here should provide you with a good understanding of which utilities you should check out when tweaking your GPUs.

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