The Best Games Like Pokemon Go to Play in 2023

Few games have made quite the same impact on the mobile world as the epic Pokemon Go. This game introduced countless players to the possibilities of Augmented Reality in a smartphone app, a genre-defining title. Bringing the real and digital world together, it encouraged us to interact with our physical surroundings like never before in the hunt for fantasy creatures.

Despite being around six years old at this point, Pokemon Go still has a solid following. Around 80 million players still log in monthly, though only around 8 million play every day.

If you've lost some of the desire to “catch ‘em all” lately, or you're just looking for something a little different to shake things up, the following titles could be an excellent alternative. Here are some of the best games like Pokemon Go you can play in 2022.

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1. Harry Potter: Wizard's Unite

Introduced three years after Pokemon had already taken the world by storm with its AR experience, Harry Potter: Wizard's Unite was built by the very same innovators at Niantic. The game is based on a similarly popular franchise: the Harry Potter world created by J.K Rowling.

In this app, you'll have an opportunity to create your own avatar, complete with a trusty wand, and explore the world in search of magical experiences. You'll be able to choose your own adventure to some degree by deciding whether you want to be a Magizoologist, Professor, or Auror. As you interact with the real world, you'll encounter AR events where you can battle mythical beasts.

The game experience is very similar to Pokemon Go in many ways. There are even “Inns” instead of Pokestops and real-world locations where you can discover artifacts connected to the franchise.

2. Orna RPG: Turn-based GPS Game

Orna RPG Turn-based GPS Game

A little different from the Pokemon Go experience but still primed to take advantage of the link between the real and virtual worlds, Orna is an interesting mobile title. This unique game is powered by the GPS on your phone, giving you an individualized RPG experience that draws on your surroundings. You'll find new dungeons you can explore with your character as you move around.

The enemies you encounter while traveling the real world will attack you in the game world, and turn-based combat is quite a lot of fun. You can collect and upgrade your weapons and armor as you go, get involved with PvP battles, and even slay dragons if you're lucky.

When you encounter other players in the wild, you can invite them to join your party so you can go on raids together in the future, like adding friends in Pokemon Go.

3. The Walking Dead: Our World

If you're looking for something a little more horror-based than fantasy-focused, The Walking Dead: Our World could be the best game like Pokemon Go. Activision and Terminal Reality produced this first-person shooter video game, and it's based on the canon from the Walking Dead television series (not the comic books).

The AR experience allows you to point your camera towards your surroundings to see approaching zombies at various points in the distance. Using your available weapons, you can dispatch the zombies and collect resources or run away and search for shelter.

Our World also allows you to join forces with other survivors nearby if they also have the game installed, so it's a fun way to play something more immersive with your friends.

4. Jurassic World: Alive

Free-to-play and location-based, just like Pokemon Go, Jurassic World: Alive is yet another fantastic AR game introduced in 2018. Based on the Jurassic Park franchise, this title introduces you to a world where dinosaurs have returned to roam the earth, just like the animals we see daily.

A lot of the gameplay is very similar to Pokemon. You'll have different kinds of dinosaurs you can interact with and capture and opportunities to battle when you have your own dinosaur. You'll need to use “scent capsules” to draw your dinosaur to you and capture them. Each capsule varies in range and potency, similar to different kinds of Poke balls.

The higher the rarity of your dinosaur, the harder it will be to capture. There's also the risk you might be attacked by a group of dinosaurs when you complete various missions within the game. You can also interact with other players.

5. Geocaching

Geocaching Video Game

Geocaching is slightly unusual if you're looking for something as immersive as the Pokemon Go franchise. Unlike your standard game, this title is more of a social event designed to allow users to create their own custom “caches” in various regions worldwide. These caches are made up of actual containers full of goods people have placed for you to find.

When you find a cache, there's usually a notepad and a pen, where you can write down your name and leave it for someone else to discover. Some caches are more extensive than others, but the overall purpose of the game is to find as many as you can. This is a fun title if you like the idea of playing a game that encourages you to take more stock of your surroundings.

You can explore the world from a new perspective, solve puzzles, and discover things most people would generally miss.

6. Ingress Prime

Back to a more classic example of a great alternative to Pokemon Go, Ingress Prime places you in a storyline where the fat of the universe depends on you. According to the game, a new kind of matter is scattered around the earth, connected to a new alien race. You can decide whether you're part of the “Resistance”, who believes the matter is a nuisance, or the “Enlightened,” who believe in harnessing the energy they discover.

The game has an engaging story, though the gameplay itself is a little lacking for the time being. You'll have a map with buildings, streets, and bodies of water laid out ahead of you, as well as insights into where you might find different examples of matter.

You can claim portals and territories for your team and learn more about the unique universe you've encountered as you go.

7. The Witcher: Monster Slayer

The best games like Pokemon Go on the market today are usually committed to helping players engage with a franchise on a deeper level. This is undoubtedly the case for “The Witcher: Monster Slayer”. Set in a fantasy world overlapping our world, the game introduces you to all kinds of characters and beasts hidden in your smartphone.

You'll have to travel around your local area to complete missions, collect resources from NPCs, and even battle monsters. The monsters are probably the main thing you'll be looking for when playing this game because you'll need them to complete side quests and challenges.

During combat, it is possible to take a decent amount of damage if you're not prepared, but you can also buff yourself with potions and oils before you dive in. It's an unpredictable game with a lot of dedicated active players.

8. Pikmin Bloom

Pikmin Bloom is a lot like Pokemon Go in many ways. The game's main focus is on wandering outside and seeing what you can discover. However, the experience is much more laidback, with fewer battles to worry about and some super adorable animations. You'll even see yourself leaving behind a trail of AR flowers as you walk around.

Various challenges are associated with the game, and you can solve puzzles to collect certain items. However, your flowery friends can help you with this, bringing you items they find during your adventures. The game also comes with a feature to log your steps as you move, so it could be useful if you're trying to increase your activity levels.

The game's biggest draw for most players is simply collecting as many different kinds of Pikmin as possible, with their adorable outfits and special accessories.

9. Dragon Quest Walk

Another game taking some major inspiration points from Pokemon Go, Dragon Quest Walk is a fairly laid-back RPG game. You wander around in the physical world with your camera and GPS enabled, and items will progressively appear around you as you go. Some combat elements are also involved, which allow you to collect experience and money to upgrade your character.

When you're not in combat, you can still wander around the world and interact with the NPCs you discover, as well as taking quests that can lead you towards new locations. There are also places on the map where you can rest and replenish your health points.

Notably, you won't get too far in this game if you're not ready to do some serious walking. If you prefer to sit in one spot with a lure in Pokemon Go and wait for the creatures to come to you, this might not be the title you're looking for.

10. Randonautica


Similar to Geocaching, Randonautica is an odd alternative to Pokemon Go if you're looking for a true “augmented reality” experience. However, if you just like the idea of going outside and exploring a little more often, you might enjoy what this app offers.

We can't call it a game because there are no real challenges, characters, or level progressions. However, that doesn't make Randonautica any less fun. It's difficult to explain how the app works, but it's mostly about generating random coordinates to visit your local area in search of specific “experiences” based on intent.

You may end up in the middle of a street somewhere, you know, next to someone's backyard or in the middle of a forest somewhere. Just ensure you stay safe and don't break any laws while exploring.

11. Zombies, Run!

If you really need extra help getting off the sofa and out of your house, Zombies, Run, could be the game for you. The ultra-immersive game doesn't just ask you to walk around outside and encounter new experiences, it encourages you to run away from zombies.

Not only will you be able to see the hordes of the undead coming towards you, but you should also be able to hear them, thanks to the audio elements of the game. Every run becomes a mission, with resources to collect and other tasks to accomplish. There are pulse-pounding songs to keep you motivated and even some storytelling to immerse you in the moment.

This is one of the few AR games like Pokemon Go to take advantage of what augmented experiences can do to get us up and moving. We think it's an excellent option for anyone who needs extra help kick-starting their workout.

The Best Games Like Pokemon Go

There you have it! Our top 11 picks for the best games like Pokemon Go worth diving into this year. Some of these titles embrace the AR elements of Pokemon Go to bring the real and virtual worlds together, while others simply encourage you to get more involved in the real-world environment around you. Either way, you're sure to have tons of fun while playing.

Already have a fantastic immersive game you love playing as an alternative to Pokemon? Share your recommendations in the comments below.

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