14 Best Among Us Alternatives: Top Games Like Among Us

Looking for games like Among Us? Among Us is a multiplayer game that focuses on strategy and deception. This simple but top-rated game requires players to maintain a spaceship by performing basic tasks. But here's the catch.

One of your colorful crewmates is a saboteur/Impostor. They are committed to destroying your work, causing a disaster, and killing your team. It would be best if you kept the ship afloat while also deciding who is a murderous villain.

Among Us's success has prompted a massive demand for similar multiplayer games. It was a hit with its fast-paced action, fun graphics, and unique social elements. There are many great alternatives. These are our top picks in the rising social deduction and deceit genre.

1. Deceit

Deceit is an intriguing online multiplayer game that combines first-person shooter elements with a psychological strategy akin to the party game Mafia.

The premise revolves around a group of six players waking up in an ominous environment, with two of them being randomly infected with a virus that turns them into nightmarish creatures. The infected players must conceal their identities and manipulate the others into trusting them while the innocent players try to figure out who is infected and escape.

Much like Among Us, Deceit requires players to be deceptive and use their communication skills to deduce who is betraying the group. Both games thrive on the tension between cooperation and suspicion, fostering an atmosphere of paranoia as players try to complete tasks, avoid being killed, and identify the traitors among them.

2. Barotrauma

Barotrauma is a richly immersive submarine simulation game set in the chilling depths of Jupiter's moon, Europa. This multiplayer game demands collaboration and quick thinking from its players as they manage various onboard systems, repair damages, and respond to external threats while navigating the treacherous underwater terrain. A unique twist is that one or more crew members may be traitors, working covertly to undermine the mission and crew's survival.

The game shares some fundamental dynamics with Among Us, as both rely on players' skills in communication, deception, and detection. In both games, players must balance task completion and survival while discerning allies from saboteurs, making each session a unique blend of cooperation, betrayal, and suspense.

3. Town of Salem

Town of Salem is a captivating online multiplayer game that hinges on intrigue, deceit, and social deduction, set against the backdrop of the historical Salem witch trials. In the game, players are randomly assigned roles ranging from the virtuous townsfolk to nefarious villains, each with distinct abilities and objectives.

The game engages players in a tense cycle of day and night, where strategy discussions, accusations, and voting occur during the day while covert activities take place under cover of night.

This setup echoes the dynamics seen in Among Us, with both games emphasizing intrigue and suspicion as players strive to uncover hidden identities. The core challenge in both lies in discerning truth from deception while attempting to fulfill individual or collective goals, making each gameplay session a riveting contest of wits and intuition.

4. Project Winter

Project Winter is a thrilling 8-person multiplayer game that tests survival instincts and strategic communication in an inhospitable, snow-covered landscape. Players are either survivors, working together to gather resources, repair structures, and call for rescue, or traitors, whose objective is to covertly sabotage the survivors' efforts and eliminate them before they escape.

This sub-zero environment is a backdrop for a high-stakes game of trust and deception reminiscent of Among Us. Both games revolve around the premise of hidden identities and sabotage, where communication is the key to survival.

The essence of teamwork, shadowed by the suspicion of betrayal, the need to perform tasks under duress, and the compelling goal of identifying impostors, make both games intriguing exercises in social deduction.

5. Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod is a highly versatile physics sandbox game with virtually no predefined aims or goals, allowing players to manipulate and interact freely with objects and characters within the game's universe. Although the game itself doesn't inherently resemble Among Us, its user-generated game modes such as “Trouble in Terrorist Town” (TTT) share a distinct parallel.

In TTT, players are divided into innocents and traitors, with the latter secretly working to eliminate all innocents while maintaining their disguise, a dynamic similar to the crewmates and impostors of Among Us.

Both games invite players to participate in a complex dance of deception and trust, where the ability to convincingly lie or discern the truth can spell the difference between victory and defeat.

6. Betrayal.io

Betrayal.io is an engaging multiplayer game that places players aboard a spaceship with a crew of individuals, among whom are hidden betrayers aiming to sabotage the mission and eliminate the crew. The non-betrayers, or crew members, must carry out tasks around the spaceship while trying to uncover who among them is the traitor.

This game bears a strong resemblance to Among Us, as both games are built on the foundation of social deduction and subterfuge. Players must engage in strategic communication and detective work to root out the betrayers, all while managing to complete their tasks and maintain the spaceship's functionality.

The element of trust and betrayal, coupled with the challenge of critical thinking under pressure, delivers a compelling gaming experience in both Betrayal.io and Among Us.

7. Enemy on Board

Enemy on Board is a captivating online multiplayer game set in a spaceship, where players must work together to survive while being undermined by hidden aliens in their midst.

With six crew members and two randomly assigned aliens, the game demands strategic communication, intuition, and vigilance from its players. The aliens, while trying to blend in with the crew, secretly sabotage and attack, aiming to take control of the ship.

This dynamic closely parallels that of Among Us. In both games, players must balance task completion and survival, while using their investigative skills to identify the hidden enemies. The thrill of uncertainty and the pressing need for teamwork, interspersed with moments of betrayal, make both games exhilarating experiences in the realm of social deduction gaming.

8. Secret Neighbor

Secret Neighbor is an innovative multiplayer horror game that spins an engaging tale of suspense and trepidation. Set in the universe of the popular game “Hello Neighbor,” the game's plot involves a group of kids attempting to rescue their friend from the ominous neighbor's basement.

However, one of the children is secretly the Neighbor in disguise, whose objective is to gain trust, sow discord, and eliminate the others before they can succeed.

This core premise aligns with the mechanic seen in Among Us. In both games, players are in a constant tug-of-war between trust and suspicion, as they must work together to achieve common goals while concurrently wary of possible deception.

The games drive home the importance of keen observation and intuitive judgment, making each round a compelling mixture of suspense and strategy.

9. Werewolf Online

Werewolf Online is a captivating multiplayer game that brings the classic party game of Werewolf to a digital platform. Players in a village are randomly assigned roles, such as villagers, werewolves, or various special characters, each with their unique abilities and objectives.

During the day, players discuss who they suspect to be a werewolf and vote to eliminate them, while at night, the werewolves secretly choose a player to eliminate.

This game echoes Among Us in its emphasis on social deduction, misdirection, and the need for persuasive communication. Both games involve a group trying to identify the infiltrators amongst them, creating an engaging environment of suspense and strategic play where players need to master the art of deception or develop sharp detection skills to win.

10. Hidden in Plain Sight

Hidden in Plain Sight is a unique multiplayer game that blends stealth and social deduction in a race against other players. Players control characters in a crowd, with goals such as reaching a certain location unnoticed or eliminating other specific characters without giving away their own identity.

While there's no defined ‘impostor' role as in Among Us, both games share the essential element of deception. Players need to act naturally to blend in with AI-controlled characters, akin to how impostors in Among Us must pretend to carry out tasks while secretly sabotaging the crew.

Both games demand subtlety and misdirection, creating a tense atmosphere where players constantly second-guess each other's intentions, making each round an exhilarating mind game.

11. Unfortunate Spacemen

Unfortunate Spacemen is an adrenaline-fueled multiplayer game set in the desolate expanses of space, where players take on the role of Spacemen working to complete objectives while warding off a lethal alien threat known as The Monster, hidden amongst them.

The game is a blend of first-person shooter action, exploration, and deception. In a manner akin to Among Us, one player is secretly selected as The Monster and is tasked with sabotaging the team's efforts and eliminating the Spacemen under the guise of a fellow crewmate.

The crucial mechanics of both games revolve around trust, deception, teamwork, and keen observation, where survival hinges on the ability to discern friend from foe while completing necessary tasks under a looming threat.

12. Werewolves Within

Werewolves Within is a virtual reality adaptation of the classic party game Werewolf, engaging players in a charming yet eerie medieval village setting. The game randomly assigns players different roles – villager or werewolf – with the villagers working together to uncover the werewolf hiding among them.

Much like Among Us, the game hinges on social interaction, deception, and keen observation, as players discuss, debate, and vote on who they suspect is the werewolf. It places a heavy emphasis on communication and the ability to convincingly lie or accurately identify the deceit of others. Both games foster an environment of uncertainty and suspicion that leads to captivating gameplay, highlighting the intriguing interplay of trust and betrayal.

13. Triple Agent

Triple Agent is a mobile-based multiplayer game that revolves around deception, deduction, and strategy. Each player is secretly assigned a role – either a Service agent or a VIRUS agent – and through a series of operations, they gain information, swap allegiances, or spread suspicion to manipulate the game in their favor.

Much like Among Us, the gameplay relies heavily on subterfuge and conversation as players try to figure out who's betraying the group. Both games create a thrilling atmosphere of uncertainty, where clear communication, persuasive arguments, and the ability to interpret others' behavior become vital.

Ultimately, the winning strategy in both Triple Agent and Among Us hinges on the players' capacity to deceive or unveil deception, providing a compelling social deduction experience.

14. Undercover

Undercover is a dynamic mobile-based multiplayer game that puts players' detective skills to the test in an engaging setting.

Participants take on random roles, including civilians, undercover agents, or the mysterious Mr. White. Civilians try to identify the undercover agents by analysing conversation clues, while the agents attempt to stay incognito. Mr. White, who doesn't know the secret word but tries to blend in, adds a unique twist to the gameplay.

This echoes the dynamics seen in Among Us, where players are either crewmates performing tasks or impostors disrupting operations covertly. Both games rest on the pillars of deception, suspicion, and collaboration as players strive to uncover hidden identities. This intertwining of social deduction and subterfuge makes each round in both Undercover and Among Us an exciting mix of teamwork and treachery.

Which is the best game like Among Us for you?

Among Us has been a massive success in becoming one of the most loved social deception games ever. You'll enjoy it for hours. The graphics are amazing, the gameplay is flexible, and it's fun. There are many other options if you're looking for something different to spice things up now and again.

Hopefully, you will find something to play in our list of the top games like Among Us. If you have a favorite game we don't mention, please let us know in the comments below. You might also like to visit our list of the top crafting games, best gacha games, best iOS games, best tanks games, best free games for PC, and best cross-platform gaming games.

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