14 Best Among Us Alternatives: Top Games Like Among Us

If you are looking for the best games like Among us to play our top list has you covered with 14 amazing choices!

best games like among us

Looking for games like Among Us? Among Us is a multiplayer game that focuses on strategy and deception. This simple but top-rated game requires players to maintain a spaceship by performing basic tasks. But here's the catch.

One of your colorful crewmates is a saboteur/Impostor. They are committed to destroying your work, causing a disaster, and killing your team. It would be best if you kept the ship afloat while also deciding who is a murderous villain.

Among Us's success has prompted a massive demand for similar multiplayer games. It was a hit with its fast-paced action, fun graphics, and unique social elements. There are many great alternatives. These are our top picks in the rising social deduction and deceit genre.

1. Deceit

One of the most appealing games like Among Us on the market today, Deceit, is a beautiful game available on various consoles.

Though the gameplay differs slightly from Among Us, the overall purpose is the same. You're still responsible for deceiving innocent players and killing them off.

With Deceit, you're the carrier of an aggressive virus that transforms you into a saboteur. You can infect other players to get them on your team or kill them outright. The action-packed game also comes with first-person shooter elements, so you can defend yourself more than you would in something like Among Us. Up to 6 players can get together at once, and the graphics are great.

2. Barotrauma

​Barotrauma, a survival game with co-op that is highly complex, has more than a hint of horror. Essentially this game is a submarine and crisis-management simulator in space. Your submarine crew is tasked to complete a challenging mission. They must work together to survive Jupiter's moon's hostile depths. Each session is unique, and each one has a different plot. The tasks are complex and can go wrong in many ways.

Barotrauma isn't like the other games on this list. You can set the traitors to ‘yes, ‘no,' or ‘maybe' when you create a multiplayer game. This makes for some intense games where you don't know if anyone's out to get you. However, you still have to look out for non-human hazards that are out to get you!

3. Town of Salem

A little closer to Among Us in terms of visual appeal, Town of Salem is one of the older social deduction games on this list. It already has a huge player base of more than 8 million users. Plus, you can play in a group of up to 15 people, which makes finding “suss” players even harder.

With Town of Salem, there are 33 different character types to choose from, each with its job. You can be a standard town member, a serial killer, an arsonist, or a member of the mafia. As a town member, your job is to protect the other good people in your town.

As a potential murderer, your job is generally to wreak havoc and pick off the other players. It's a lot of fun and great for playing with other online fans, which you may not feel as guilty about murdering.

4. Project Winter

Project Winter, a multiplayer 8-player game widely considered a survival game, is based on trust and betrayal. Project Winter is an excellent game like Among Us. It focuses on finding the murderer. You'll need to fix structures, collect resources, and perform various tasks.

Traitors may spread lies about their teammates to get survivors to fight between themselves. There are many other threats to be aware of in the wild. An integrated voice chat feature will help you identify who may be plotting against you and your team members.

You'll need to improve your communication skills to survive Project Winter. This game has some very unique visuals.

5. Garry's Mod

Since its inception, Garry's Mod's Trouble in Terrorist Town has been the most popular Garry's Mod gamemode. It works like this: In each round, 62.5% are declared innocent, 12.5% become detectives, and 25% become traitors. This means that there are one detective and two traitors per eight players. However, like all things in GMOD, You can alter the game mechanics to your hearts' content.

As you can see, the Traitor is responsible for removing the Innocents. They also work with Detectives to identify the guilty party so they can be taken down before it is too late. Nothing is more painful than the moment when your trusted ally shoots you in your face. The dead can't talk, so nobody will be able to identify your body until they do.

You can purchase special equipment from a traitor, but you don't want your Detective to be caught with a weapon only for traitors. The Detective can access extra information and receive additional information from the bodies. However, they must be careful as they are a prime target for murder.

6. Betrayal.io

If you're looking for a game like Among Us, perfect for a range of platforms and devices, Betrayal.io is an excellent pick. Available on smartphones, desktop browsers, and more, the title feels very similar to Among Us in many ways. However, there are some unique challenges to this game intended to put your skills to the test.

Rather than just being assigned to the group of betrayers or innocent bystanders, you can choose how to act yourself. You can become a betrayer and work alongside the other malicious individuals in your team. Or you can complete tasks to keep your base running.

Like with Among Us, you'll be able to call meetings to vote enemies out of your area, which means you're constantly fighting for survival.

7. Enemy on Board

For a while, “Among Us” fans have been raving over Enemy on Board. Both games offer a very similar experience. The experience is very similar in both environments. You will even be on a spaceship, so you can still have an “extraterrestrial” theme. There will be up to 8 players in your team, 6 of which are crew members and two who are alien imposters.

Like Among Us, Enemy on Board's imposters test their skills by picking off standard crew members one at a time. You must figure out who is trying to kill you if you are a survivor. You will need to accomplish many tasks to survive in deep space.

This game is ideal for friends who want to improve their sabotage skills. However, the game doesn't have many characters or locations.

8. Secret Neighbor

Secret Neighbor may be familiar to Xbox gamers. This cartoonish game shows six characters sneaking into the neighbor's home. One character will assume the role of neighbor. You'll be the lucky one. Before you trap them in your house, you will need to get along with the rest of the team members and gain their trust.

You'll also be trying to stop your team members from breaking into the basement you keep their friends.

It's an excellent game for a fun evening of shouting at friends. Graphics are also great. If you've ever played “Hello Neighbor,” you will be more familiar with them.

9. Werewolf Online

Another fun and fast-paced game similar to Among Us, Werewolf Online, is brimming with fun components for you and your friends. The game allows users to collect resources and defend a village from evil forces, but you'll also have liars living among you, planning to destroy your team.

Throughout the gameplay, it's up to you to find the liar in your ranks and save your village. You can have up to 16 players in the same game. There are also multiple villages and teams in one game, making the whole experience much more challenging.

If you're the last group standing to eject all of the traitors from your village, you win the round. It's a great alternative to simply playing with your friends and has almost a “Battle Royale” feel.

10. Hidden in Plain Sight

Hidden gems are likely to be high on your list of best games, such as Among Us. You can play with up to 2 players in a local multiplayer setting. You must complete tasks in retro-style gaming environments without being too noticeable. You can blend in with many AI characters to help you get the job done.

The game's main objective is to sneak around and eliminate others from the crowd. Other people won't be able to see what you are doing. You can also explore other game modes like “Elimination” and “Death Race.”

This could be a great alternative to Among Us but still with the same underlying theme. It is available only on Steam.

11. Unfortunate Spacemen

After Among Us rose in popularity, this is one of the best games to look out for. You're on a spaceship and the graphics look much more accurate than what you would expect from the other game. You can also expect some “jump scares” throughout the experience.

Unfortunately, Spaceman allows up to 16 players to play together. You'll be responsible for completing projects and other tasks as you progress through the game. To help you plan your strategy, you can hide and listen in on other players.

You have to defeat many threats in this game. And you know that someone in your group may be trying to kill or maim you. Voice chat is a great way to talk with other players about potentially “sus” characters.

12. Werewolves Within

You might be able to get more out of your VR headset by trying “Werewolves Within.” You can play this game on VR or PS4, so there are a few options. Although the game was not widely praised initially, many people have returned to it in recent months.

In many ways, the title is very similar to Among Us. While living in a medieval village, you and your teammates can choose to be good guys or traitors. You will need to be a survivor in this situation, as werewolves have already started to wreak havoc on the village.

You may also end up as a werewolf, meaning your job is to kill your friends and the townsfolk in your vicinity.

13. Triple Agent

Something a little different from the standard selection of the best games like Among Us, Triple Agent is a mobile party game with the option to play with a handful of up to 9 players. Each game comprises 10 minutes of fast-paced action, where you'll be responsible for playing a specific role. You're either a member of “The Service” or a double agent.

The great thing about this game is you don't have to worry about the matches lasting for hours. Everything is designed to move along as quickly as possible, pushing you to think hard about who might be lying to you and how you can bluff your way out of tight spots.

Players vote at the end of each game to determine who they think the Traitor might be. While the game might not be as action-packed as Among Us, the overall experience is similar. It's a good choice if you like some fun mobile gaming.

14. Undercover

Also known as “The Forgetful Spy,” Undercover can be played online or offline with friends or strangers. To get started, you only need a smartphone and a few people. This game is all about speed. It aims to get players to discover other gamers' hidden identities as quickly as possible.

Each player will be assigned a role right from the beginning. You can choose to be Mr. You can be “Mr. You will have different tasks depending on your role.

While it isn't as complex as others on our list of options, this game are excellent if you want quick and easy fun from your phone.

Which is the best game like Among Us for you?

Among Us has been a massive success in becoming one of the most loved social deception games ever. You'll enjoy it for hours. The graphics are amazing, the gameplay is flexible, and it's fun. There are many other options if you're looking for something different to spice things up now and again.

Hopefully, you will find something to play in our list of the top games like Among Us. If you have a favorite game we don't mention, please let us know in the comments below. You might also like to visit our list of the top crafting games, best gacha games, best iOS games, best tanks games, best free games for PC, and best cross-platform gaming games.

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