The best free YouTube to MP3 converters [April 2023]

This post will unveil our list of the best free YouTube to MP3 converters. Whether you want to listen to music from a video offline whenever you like or turn your favorite YouTube channel into a podcast you can enjoy while working, here you will find the best YouTube to MP3 converters for this task.

Some of these tools are simple-to-use free choices, but you will also find premium choices with more advanced features like 4k and 8k resolution support (most of these tools are both YouTube to MP3 converters and YouTube downloaders).

I keep repeating this in all my posts related to YouTube downloaders and converters, but, once more, keep in mind that YouTube's terms of service explicitly prohibit unauthorized downloading. Respect content creators and only download video and audio you are allowed to.

Now let's see each converter's roundup and pros and cons.

Best free YouTube to MP3 converters – Our top picks

videproc converter youtube to mp3 converter
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1. VideoProc Converter

The best free YouTube to MP3 converter and YouTube video downloader currently available on Windows & Mac.

Operating systems: Windows, macOS

  • VideoPro Converter supports batch downloading and can even download full playlist and channels from YouTube.
  • Supports M4A, MP3, and Webm audio formats.
  • An all-in-one solution for YouTube to MP3 and YouTube video downloads. You can download videos in high resolutions like 1080p, 720p, 4K, and 8K, and it even supports 360 and VR videos.
  • You can extract YouTube subtitles and save them in SRT format in over 50 languages.
  • Provides a 30 day money-back guarantee on product license purchase.

VideoProc Converter has stood out as our top pick for the best YouTube to MP3 converter and video downloader. You will not find a more feature-rich piece of software in this field. VideoPro converter can convert videos from YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, Flickr, Facebook Watch, Instagram, DailyMotion, Naver TV, Likee, and Tumblr. It can also download streams from Twitch and YouTube Gaming.

4K Video downloader

2. 4K Video Downloader

Arguably the best free YouTube to MP3 converter and YouTube video downloader.

Operating systems: Windows, Linux, macOS


  • 4K Video Downloader offers batch downloading and can even download full playlist and channels from YouTube.
  • You can download high-resolution videos like 1080p, 720p, 4K, and 8K, and it even supports 360 and VR videos.
  • You can extract YouTube subtitles and save them in SRT format in over 50 languages.
  • Provides a 14-day money-back guarantee on product license purchase.

4K Video Downloader can download videos, playlists, channels, sub-titles, and more from multiple sites, including YouTube. You will need a license, as the free version is limited to five downloads per channel for full access.

This powerful tool can handle any video and supports YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, SoundCloud, Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, DailyMotion, Naver TV, Likee, and Tumblr. It can also download streams from Twitch and YouTube Gaming.

It can also download 3D and 360 Youtube videos in MP4, MKV, FLV, 3GP, and other formats.

You can activate “Smart Mode” and apply your preferred settings (output format, resolution, bitrate) to download future videos and songs with a single click.


  • Bundle offer for all of 4k Video Downloader products starting at only $25 (Goes up to $65 for Pro Bundle).
  • Pro offer for only $45.
  • Personal offer for only $15.

3. Wondershare UniConverter

Operating system: Windows, macOS

wondershare uniconverter
Wondershare UniConverter


  • Supports a plethora of UGC platforms Vimeo, Dailymotion, YouTube, Facebook, and more.
  • Easy to use interface with a premium feel.
  • Offers image and gif conversion.
  • You can create and edit DVD and Blu-ray, while it also provides multiple DVD templates.
  • Provides a 30-day refund policy with free lifetime updates.


  • Blu-Ray editing is only compatible with Windows systems. Quite limiting, but still, this is a feature you won't find in many YouTube downloaders and converters.

Wondershare offers among the best audio and video software you can get your hands to and the UniConverter is no exception to this rule.

UniConverter is available on Windows and macOS. Wondershare UniConverter is among the fastest downloaders and converters, it supports a heap of video and audio formats and offers a built-in video editor. It is also not limited to just YouTube, so you can download videos from many other sites like Vimeo, Facebook, and DailyMotion.

You can also perform video compression and video and audio recordings with UniConverter.

This is not all though. This tool is a complete video and audio editing suite. It also includes a subtitle editor, an image converter, a GIF maker, a metadata editor, a cd burner and a cd ripper and even a VR converter. This is a spectacular toolchain.

You can also easily transfer videos to your mobile device with the UniConverters and stream your videos from Windows or Mac OS to other devices, including Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, or Playstation.


Wondershare's UniConverter has two pricing plans, and of course, the perpetual plan is a much better option here as you will make a one-time lifetime purchase for just $10 more.

  • Perpetual plan for $69.95 (one-time purchase).
  • Annual plan for $59.95 billed yearly.

4. SnapDownloader YouTube to Mp3.

Operating system: Windows, macOS

snapdownloader youtube to mp3
SnapDownloader YouTube to MP3

SnapDownloader is one of the most popular and powerful YouTube downloaders. This is another tool that can handle 8k video downloads, like 4K Video Downloader.

It also has a feature similar to 4K Video Downloader's smart mode, where you can set your preferred output format and quality and paste the link you want to download.

Even better, it instantly downloads both the video and audio files. SnapDownloader is available on Windows and macOS, and it supports a ton of video-hosting websites, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, and Tik Tok.

The tool can download and convert video and audio to more than 7 output formats, including MP4, MP3, AVI, AAC, M4A, WAV, and AIFF.


  • Support video resolution goes up to 8k.
  • 24/7 customer support that you contact with any issue, no matter what.
  • Supports batch downloads of YouTube playlists and channels.


  • SnapDownloader is not a free product.


SnapDownloader offers four different pricing tiers.

  • The “Family Edition” lifetime offer gives you license for three computers for only $54.99.
  • The “Personal Edition” lifetime offer gives you one license for one computer for only $29.99.
  • The “Annual Subscription” offer gives you one license for one computer for $19.99 per year.
  • The “Monthly Subscription” offer gives you one license for one computer for $3.99 per month.

SnapDownloader has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if it doesn't suit your needs as a YouTube to MP3 converter, you can easily get a refund by contacting their 24/7 support.

5. Free YouTube to MP3 Converter (DVDVideoSoft)

Operating system: Windows, macOS

free youtube to mp3 converter
DVDVideoSoft Free YouTube to MP3 Converter


  • Very simple to use and well-designed interface.
  • You can merge a list of videos in one file.
  • You can bulk download YouTube playlists.
  • Available on Android.
  • Exports to iTunes.


  • Limited to just YouTube videos.

One of the oldest tools in the industry and a household name. This is a pretty solid and simple tool and if you are interested in just YouTube videos it will have you covered.

These are some of the features the tool offers:

  • Convert YouTube to MP3 and get Insane and Extreme 320kbps MP3 hi-fi files!
  • Convert to AAC, OGG, M4A, FLAC, and WAV lossless audio.
  • Download original audio quality files without conversion.
  • Convert any YouTube playlist to MP3.
  • Available for Mac, PC, and Android. 100% clean and safe.


This is another free tool with a paid plan that offers more features.

6. ClipGrab

Operating system: Windows, macOS, Linux, and more.



  • One-click downloads
  • Integrated video search
  • Supports many video sites, including YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Facebook, and more.


  • ClipGrab can only output Full HD resolution for both video and audio.
  • No control over bitrate.

ClipGrab is probably the most straightforward tool on this list. You can use the search to search for a video or just paste the YouTube video URL. Then you select the format – Original, MPEG4, WMV, OGG Theora, MP3 (audio only), OGG Vorbis (audio only), Original (audio only).

As you can see, the quality is limited to up to 1080p, even for 4K recorded videos.

Then you press “Grab this clip!” and you are ready

clipgrab interface


ClipGrab is completely free.

7. Any Video Converter Free

any video converter free

Operating system: Windows


  • Excellent format options
  • Extra filters and effects
  • Profiles for different devices


  • Bundled extra software

If you're looking for a fast, flexible YouTube to MP3 converter, this is the tool for you Any Video Converter will probably cover your needs.

YouTube to MP3 conversion is not the program's sole purpose; it has many more features than what you might need, including converting DVDs and ISO images, recording and capturing from other devices, and creating customized DVD menus. Regardless, ensure you don't install any adware when you perform the installation.

Downloading MP3s with Any Video Downloader is as simple as pasting in the URL of a YouTube video and waiting for the download to complete. You can select MP3 as the output format and hit the Convert Now button. There is no one-click option, so you must be content with two or three.

What to Look for in YouTube to Mp3 Converters

When looking for a YouTube to MP3 converter, one of the first things to consider is how many videos you want to convert. If you're only going to be doing it once or twice, it might be worth considering an online tool, but for anything more, it's worth downloading a dedicated desktop application.

The desktop software will also be faster because the data isn't processed on a remote server. Finally, some converters can also process multiple YouTube videos to MP3 format at once.

Online Video Converters to MP3

I cannot ignore this option due to its simplicity. Just type YouTube into Mp3 and search for it on Google. The first site you find will be an online YouTube to Mp3 converter (unless you get this post to the first page on Google). You will first see a page with a field to paste a YouTube video URL and process/convert. However, if you are looking for the best YouTube to MP3 converters or a solution that supports other formats and lossless transcoding, you should use a premium tool.

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