Fortnite Best Box Fight Codes – Best Creative Map Codes [October 2023]

Fortnite, it keeps us busy during these troubling times, doesn't it? The constant updates and changes that developers throw at us make Fornite one of the most popular and ever-changing games.

If you're still on the lookout for something new, Creative mode might be worth a try. There are many maps you can access with codes.

If you're feeling the need to fight, which is likely if Fortnite is your favorite game, we have compiled a list with some of the most popular maps that you can access. Some are relatively new, but some have held up well over time.

How to use Fortnite's Creative Code

It's easy to use Fortnite's Creative Code. You first need to go into Fortnite and select ‘Creative” from the menu on the home screen.

Select ‘Play' from the next menu, and then select ‘Create' on the one below. You can create custom maps by visiting the Orange Rift.

If you need more information, take a look at the Fortnite Creative Section of the website.

Best Fornite Fighting Map Codes

Boxfighting – 7992-4476-2682

This code map allows you to join a box fight with six other players. Follow the instructions above and use this code to see why this map's worth playing.

Clix Box Fighting Map – 7620-0771-9529

Pandvil originally created this map to allow Clix to have a box fight map during his streams. But, the impact of his work has been much greater. This is the best box fighting map you will ever see, despite being one of the oldest.

KMIKAZ Building Fighting – 4905-3477-7536

This map has a new reset system that allows for great 1v1 combat. Invite a friend and get ready for a battle with a stranger.

Yerk's Fortnite 1v1 / 2v2 Box Fighting Map – 4419-3271-4192

Yerk's Creative box fight map is actually a fully automated and dynamic multi-featured map. Instead of having one box fighting arena as most maps, you can have different dimensions depending on how many players you are playing with.

Pleasant House Fighting 9504-8581-9196

This map is for two to four players.

Faze Flea's Fortnite Box Fighting Map – 9672-5345-9703

The 5x4x2 arena design is what makes this map stand out. It measures five wide, four long and two high. The map has a neon aesthetic, which is becoming increasingly popular in Fortnite Creative. However, it's not as overused as it is in many other Fortnite Creative maps.

This map is my favorite for casual gaming with friends. The simplicity of the arena allows for casual gaming, even though I might share the floor with them all the time.

Fighting Games – 0077-1295-3930

This game is open to two-eight players and has nine game modes. Rounds last less than four minutes. There is so much to do and it is fast-paced!

Fighting Town 9210-1332-5744-995

We love the name of this place – it was built for fighting! This game has one goal: defeat your friends and show that you are a better fighter.

SaladrianF1'S Boxfight and Buildfight 2-in-1. – 4195-5233-859

This map isn't strictly Fortnite box-fighting map. It's actually a hybrid map that offers both box fighting and build fighting. These are two essential skills you must improve your gameplay. This map is a must-have for any player looking to improve.

Sponges Boxfighting arena – 8907-8116-2047

This map was created by iv-sponge. It is not a place to fight in a spongey arena. This is a terrible thing, but it's also a map you can play 1v1 on.

SaldrianF1S Box Fight & Battle Training Map v3 (6698-8756-5900

This map is my favorite Fortnite box fight map out of all the ones I have seen. Salrdian delivers another map that will help you improve your skills, not just provide a great playing experience.

Fighting in the Giant Tower – (6908-0089-4755)

Although this one isn't new, it is still great to play. You can play up to 16 people at once, so you're sure to get into a lot of fights.

Fighting in Sandbar – 5064-0262-0801

Another map that is popular and has been around for a while is Fighting in Sandbar. This map specializes in close-quarter fighting. You will need to be able to anticipate deadly fast strokes.

Havoc Boxfighting – 7098-6247-5987

You can fight in a 1v1 or up to 4v4 match. You can also jump in with one to seven friends.

Red Boxfighting map – 8696-8938-4649

4v4 Fighting is the name here and it's a great map for anyone who wants to test their skills against friends or strangers.

You can find more Fortnite-related content in our Fortnite section. You can find more map codes in our Best 1v1 Fortnite Codes. It was updated in March 2022.

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