Best Deathblade Lost Ark Build And Class Guide

Which Deathblade build is the most popular? It may be Deathblade's cool appearance that draws so many players to her despite her flaws. After all, how often do you get to use three swords at once in your life?

There are few bad characters in Lost Ark. Deathblade, like all other classes, can be a joy to play with the right build. This page will give you an overview of Deathblade's abilities, as well as which class and general engravings you should choose once you reach the endgame.

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Best Deathblade Lost Ark Build: Class Identity Overview

The Deathblade's weapon collection consists of three swords: a pair of short daggers, and a longsword. But unlike Gunner character classes you won't have to manually switch between them. Deathblade's identity skill is the Death Orb.

Three Death Orbs are carried by the Deathblade. They re-charge during combat. The Deathblade Arts skill effect activates when a Death Orb is consumed. It does the following:

  • Lowers the cooldown for all skills.
  • Increases movement power, attack speed, and speed;
  • A unique burst attack that causes a lot of damage.

A Death Orb's base duration is 10 seconds. However, if you activate multiple orbs at once, all effects (barring speed increases) will stack for that combined duration.

The main benefit of the Deathblade class is her ability to be very fun. Although the lack of manual weapon switching may be a problem if you are into micromanaging in battle. The fact that you don't have to worry about weapon selection allows you to enjoy satisfying hack-and-slash combat. The downside to this class is the low base attack power when she's not under the effect of Death Orb. This leaves much to be desired. Her impressive attack speed and quick cooldown times make her an excellent choice for PvP. This makes up for the PvE weaknesses.

Lost Ark's Deathblade Gameplay
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Best Deathblade Lost Ark Build: PVP And PVE Skills Overview

The Deathblade is primarily focused on offensive attacks as her normal skills. You can't switch between her longsword and double daggers at will so skill selection allows you to choose which weapon you prefer.

You should have 250 skill points by the time you reach level 50. This is enough to build a balanced normal skill building to get your character to the endgame. We recommend that you choose a few of your favorite skills and focus on their enhancements for the Deathblade.

Best PvE skills for Deathblade

Skill NameFirst TripodSecond TripodThird Tripod
Blitz RushVital Point StrikeCharge EnhancementShadow Rush
Dark AxelSwift FingersTenacityHigh Axel
Moonlight SonicFist of DarknessQuick PreparationShade Sonic
Soul AbsorberSwift FingersFist of DarknessHalve
MaelstromOrb Control:Dark Order
SpincutterOpen Weakness

Best PvP skills for Deathblade  

SkillFirst TripodSecond TripodThird Tripod
Blitz RushVital Point StrikeCharge EnhancementShadow Rush
Dark AxelSwift FingersTenacityHigh Axel
Moonlight SonicFist of DarknessSustain EnhancementShade Sonic
Upper SlashSwift FingersLarge TwisterTenacity
Surprise AttackWide-Angle AttackExcellent Mobility
SpincutterSwift Fingers

The Lost Ark characters begin with a good set of early-game abilities. As you level up, new skills are often available. You can earn XP by leveling up and earning skill points. These skill points can be used to improve your skill levels or unlock “tripods”. Tripods can be used to enhance skills at skill levels 4, 7, or 10. They give that skill an additional function. There are three options available for each tripod.

You can only customize a Lost Ark character's build up to Level 50. Once they reach that level, you will be able to access endgame engravings and awakening skills (see below). The path taken by each class will remain relatively linear until that point. Until then, you can customize your character's build to your liking by selecting your normal skills and their enhancements.

Best Deathblade Lost Ark Build: Awakening Skills Overview

Awakening Skills are available to Lost Ark characters once they have reached level 50. There are two choices, but it is not an either/or proposition like Engravings. You can unlock both Awakening Skills, but you can only equip one at a time.

The Deathblade's Awakening Skills are:

  • Blade Assault: Inflicts damage along a straight line, while moving forward and pulling in enemies. You can hit the Perfect Damage Zone with a follow-up QTE. If you are successful, you will target your enemies and throw swords to inflict more damage, knocking them away, and propelling them into the air.
  • Flash Blink: Move forward 12 meters, slashing your swords (somehow), inflicting damage, and throwing enemies into the air.

These Awakening skills can be so strong that it is difficult to choose which one to keep. Blade Assault can be used for PvP, but Flash Blink is better suited for PvE. The Hotbar you choose to keep should depend on what type of combat you are engaging in.

Lost Ark Deathblade Best Skils
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Best Deathblade Lost Ark Build: Engravings In A Nutshell

Engravings can be applied to Lost Ark characters once they reach Level 50. Engravings can be applied to Lost Ark characters as part of their endgame content. They allow you to add a variety of buffs and boosts that will customize your character's set. Every class also has two unique engravings that are not available for all characters. These allow you to pick a subclass in which they can specialize.

The Engravings of the Deathblade class include Remaining Energy and Surge, and include the following bonuses:

  • The Remaining energy effectively increases the Deathblade Arts duration by two seconds. This bonus is not available until the second Death Orb has been activated. The Deathblade Arts burst attack gives additional 30-second boost to attack speed, movement speed, and attack power.
  • Surge grants you a stack Surge Enhancement whenever your Deathblade hits with an attack. The maximum stack size is 20. Each stack increases outgoing damages by 7.5%. At higher levels, attack power can increase by up to 1 per stack. Each Surge Enhancement replenishes the Death Orb with 5 %.

Both are excellent choices. However, Surge's complexity and the PvE benefits of Remaining Energy make it the preferred choice for most players. Surge is much easier to use than it sounds. Once you are comfortable with it, it can deal the most damage that the Deathblade can in one attack, making it an excellent choice for PvE combat late game.

The number of engravings that you can equip varies depending on how many slots you have. Learned Engraving slots are required for class-specific bonus engravings. These slots can be obtained by reading the books that you have collected throughout your adventures in Arkesia.

The two “generic” engraving types, which can be used by all classes (damage boosters and utility buffs), are available depending on how many engraving points your character has. The number of engraving points you have is determined by the combination of all your accessories (e.g., necklaces, earrings, and rings). You can also purchase their Ability stones as loot, or buy them from merchants. Once you have maxed your engravings points at 35, you will be able to equip three generic engravings along with your class bonus.

These engravings complement a Deathblade skill especially well:

  • Master of Ambush: Base attack damage can be up to 25% higher. This is the best choice for those who are disappointed by the low base damage of Assassin character classes.
  • Super Charge can increase the charging speed of charged skills by up to 40%. This makes it an excellent engraving option for Deathblade's best skills, which often require charging. The damage can be increased by as much as 20 %.
  • Grudge Increases damage by up to 20% when you fight Boss level monsters.
  • Cursed doll increases attack strength by up to 16% but reduces healing by -25% (not counting natural passive health recovery).

That's everything you need to get started with Deathblade in Lost Ark's endgame! If you're still wondering which class you should pick, check out our tier list for some ideas. Every class has strengths and quirks of its own, so don't sweat it too much. Once you've made your decision, our guides can help you prepare for the end-game.

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