Best Christmas Roblox Games in 2022

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With Christmas just around the corner, let’s have a look at the best Christmas Roblox games to get you in a holiday mood and explore some of the best snowy worlds in the metaverse. Our list of the best Christmas Roblox games contains past classics along with some new additions, as we wait for more Christmas games to pop up on Roblox as we get closer to holiday season.

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Now let’s get on with our list of the top Christmas Roblox games in 2021!

Best Christmas Roblox games 2021 list

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Snowman Simulator by Gunslinger Games

Whenever it snows, I think the first thing most people do is to build a snowman. Don’t you think this is a pretty normal thing to do? The object of Snowman Simulator is to roll enough snow to make a snowman and fight “evil” snowmen and challenging bosses with snowballs launchers. You can compete with your friends to build the biggest snowman ever, rebirth your snowman to earn silver, and even use silver to unlock rare pets.

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Ski Resort by PassiGames

Experience the surreal snowy sights of Ski Resort by boarding the chairlift and taking a ride down it. There is nothing better than bringing a friend along so that both of you can take in the view. The light dusting of the trees or the snowmaking machines that keep the conditions perfect, is, for sure, a dreamy mountain experience. Finish your mountain adventure with a bonfire and tell sweet stories to each other!

THe North Polenbsp Png
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The North Pole by Black Spruce Studio

Isn’t it great if we had a chance to fly to Santa’s workshop straight away? With Black Spruce Studio’s The North Pole you are treated to an all-inclusive Christmas experience as one of Santa’s worker elves. You can make toys, decorate trees, sort letters and possibly the most exciting thing of all? In the barn, you will find reindeer, Santa’s best antlered friends (including Rudolph) can be cleaned, fed, and chilled out.

Little Big Christmas Obby Christmas Roblox gamenbsp f4449f6acf0776945d0f1264d52fdceb

Little Big Christmas! Obby! by ItsaDavee

Little Big Christmas Obby is exactly as the title suggests. There are twenty challenging obstacles course to beat with your brother Ben while you search for Santa. In the meantime, you can enjoy this beautifully-designed minimalistic Christmas world

Saving Christmas 2021 by StoryCraft

Help Santa in his mission to save the Christmas 2021 day in this popular Christmas Roblox game. Save Christmas 2021 is developed by StoryCraft, which describes itself as a maker of story-driven games. It is a bright, colorful story filled with heartwarming characters.

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Winter Night by ScriptMod

Winter Night is definitely one of the best Christmas Roblox games, but a quite different one. This is not a game that follows the cheerful atmosphere of Christmas holidays. Instead, it’s a mystery choices-based story game in which you will have mysteries in a gloomy, snowy atmosphere. Using headphones is highly recommended if you want to experience some suspenseful moments.

Snow Shoveling Simulatornbsp c53a8a19419ff5c4138ea1b1678846d7
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Snow Shoveling Simulator by Virtual Block Studio

Winterville, Frosty’s hometown, is always covered in snow! Help Frosty shovel it all away. As you progress in Snow Shoveling Simulator, you’ll unlock new tools, vehicles, and weapons. But don’t forget the baddies up in Ice Mountain who are trying to destroy Winterville! Fight them to keep them scared and away from the town!

Starting out with a wooden shovel, you can eventually progress to owning a snowplow. Those of us who won’t be seeing any snowflakes over the holidays may find the charming snowy landscape a relaxing escape while still staying in the warmth of our homes. Get ready to fend off some snow and save the town from being buried.

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Best Christmas Roblox games – Conclusion

This concludes our list of the best Christmas Roblox games, but stay tuned as we will keep updating our list with more great games for you to try!

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