Best 1v1 Fortnite Codes – 1v1 Maps [April 2023]

Out Fortnite 1v1 Codes, lists the most popular and best ways to practice against other players within a structured environment. Playing against one player is a great way for you to improve your solo play. We'll be discussing the best current codes for Chapter 3: Season 2.

1v1 maps can be a great way to practice for in-game situations. These maps allow you to focus on the areas of your game that are weak. Edit and aim courses can be useful for warm-ups but there is nothing better than playing against other players.

Best Fortnite 1v1 Maps Codes

We have compiled a list of Fortnite's Top 1v1 Codes:

  • Clean Rings 1v1/FFA: 9004-8520-0572
  • Aesthetic 1v1s: 3927-8422-7996
  • OG Tilted Towers 1v1: 8623-1134-1826
  • Pandvil Build Fights (1v1/FFA): 7555-7193-2726
  • 1v1 Mythic Fights: 2218-1990-0030
  • 1 v 1 Chapter 3 Weapons: 5771-9792-3669
  • Galaxy 1v1 – Zero Delay: 0179-3963-3193
  • G6T 1v1 High FPS + Less Delay: 5872-7302-0536
  • Tsar's Realistic 1v1: 8722-5489-4768
  • 1v1 Ultimate Training Battle: 0566-7238-1470
  • ICE Private 1v1: 1932-9415-6973

Clean Rings 1v1/FFA

This set of maps follows the same pattern, but uses different colors schemes and variatons. These maps have a very modern look and a trap vibe. Standard extras include access to the latest weapons, and the ability to change the color aura of your character. This map is unique in that you can pick the color you wish to use on the map.

  • Red Map: 6993-9503-4324
  • Pink Map: 9004-8520-0572
  • Purple Map: 6918-1928-5986
  • Blue Map: 8811-3583-7826
  • Teal Map: 6542-7870-8718
  • Yellow Map: 5515-3616-4704

Aesthetic 1v1s

Aesthetic 1v1s will suit you if you want your 1v1 maps to look cleaner and have no need for fancy mechanics. This map has been updated to include Chapter 3 weapons. It's ideal for anyone who wants to play 1v1 without feeling overwhelmed by the options. Or for anyone who just wants to jump straight in. Simply put, this map is great. It has no delays and makes 1v1 easy and fun.

Code: 3927-8422-7996

OG Tilted Towers 1v1

Tilted Towers is back, and it's more intense than ever. This remake of Tilted Towers will please those who played the original map. It pits you against another player in each area. This match is 1v1 and changes your Tilted location every round. You and your friend can have a lot of fun playing Fortnite together in Chapter 1.

Code: 8623-1134-1826

Pandvil Build Fighting (1v1/FFA)

Vanilla+ could be used to describe this map. It has all the standard features of a 1v1 map but more functionality without being overwhelming. You can customize the map as you wish, so it is easy to keep things fresh and not be overwhelmed by all the changes. You can switch between FFA and 1v1 on this map. Additionally, Chapter 3 has all the weapons you need. You can also switch between Fortnite's classic visuals mode or change the background to make it easier to spot your opponent.

Code: 7555-7193-2726

1v1 Mythic Fighting

Mythic Fights is a game for those who want to only play with the very best weapons. You can do maximum damage and experiment with all Mythic weapons, even those from previous seasons. This is a simple approach to 1v1, with zero input lag. Match start is an automated process that does not require input by the user. You only need to change your loadout or reset the builds.

Code: 2218-1990-0030

1v1 Chapter 3 Weapons

It's as easy as Chapter 3's name suggests, and the map will do exactly what you need for 1v1. Choose from the available Chapter 3 weapons and then hop to the middle of your board with a friend. There are no frills, whistles or bells. Vanilla 1v1 has never looked better.

Code: 5771-9792-3669

Galaxy 1v1 – Zero Delay

This map proves that simplicity can be the best option. The map is simple and easy to modify, match, and design. It also gives players a stunning view of the starry sky background. This map is great for players to come together and practice some rounds before entering the competition.

Code: 0179-3963-3193

G6T 1v1 High FPS + Less Delay

Although the name may not be an attractive selling point, it accurately describes the map. We tested this map and found no glitches or hiccups during loading. The map allows each player to reset the build. After every round, the map automatically resets player positions. You can also use the convenient matchmaking board to match you up with someone you like if you have been waiting for a match for too long.

Code: 5872-7302-0536

Tsar's Realistic 1v1

Although Tsar is a newcomer to map-making, you would think that this map was created by an experienced mapmaker. There are over 10 maps available to play, and the description highlights the realistic 1v1 scenario it provides. This is a great map for anyone looking for variety and variety that won't get boring.

Code: 8722-5489-4768

1v1 Ultimate Training Battle

The original release of this map was in 2019, but it has been gaining popularity again. This map is considered one of the most popular 1v1 maps. It doesn't only pit you against another player, but also offers multiple levels and challenges to both players. Fortnite is a game where shooting is not the only thing that matters.

Code: 0566-7238-1470

ICE Private 1v1

Another simple map with a winter theme. You can make basic changes to the map or erase the board and start over. This map can only be used by two people and is great for friends who want to have a few duels while enjoying the winter holidays.

Code: 1932-9415-6973

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