Battle of Blood Event & Warrior’s Glory Exchange Event [AFK Arena]

The AFK Arena summer festival continues and Lilith Games is now running the usual War of Wits type of event where you get hero cards and use them in the battle against other players. The event is called Battle of Blood and it rewards you with Beastly Pendants which you can exchange for rewards like Red Emblem Chests and Celestial & Hypogean heroes.

The difference this time is that there are no red emblems chests, only Celestial and Hypogean Heroes, 4-faction Heroes, and rare hero cards (and gold of course).

Stay tuned for updates about the two events which are currently running on the test server.

Battle of Blood & Warrior's Glory Exchange Event Guide

The Battle of Blood event runs for the usual 12 days and uses a variation of the martial rating system:

  • Hero Tier: All heroes used are level 300 with Ascended tier.
  • Gear: The gear is set to Mythic T2 without factional bonuses.
  • Signature Items: All heroes have level 30 signature items.
  • Furniture: All heroes have 9/9 Mythic Exclusive furniture by default.
  • Elder Tree: Level 60 Attribute and abilities for all heroes in the event.
  • Artifacts: Artifact effects and bonus stats cannot be used.
  • Unions: Union attribute bonuses cannot be used.

Players start the event with initial points based on their current campaign progress and the goal is to get as many points as you can by winning card draw battles against opponents.

The event features a uniform hero pool for all players.

Get Beastly Pendants from the event Battle of Blood, which lasts for 12 days, and use them to exchange for rewards from the event Warrior's Glory, which lasts for 14 days.

Best Rewards for F2P Players

  1. 8x 20 Red Emblem Chests = 520 Blood Pendants.
  2. 5x  Artifact Fragment Chest + 5x  20 Red Emblem Chests = 525 Blood Pendants.
  3. Twins/Mehira + 1x 20 Red Emblem Chest = 515 Blood Pendants.
  4. Rare Hero card chests for new Players.

I always go for the Red Emblem Chests in such events.

Battle of Blood Rules

  • After 12 days, free-to-play players need to complete all quests to get 540 in total, the usual number that will get your 20 Red Emblem Chests.
  • Every day, players need to play 3 battles and win at least 1 battle to get all daily rewards.
  • At the beginning of the battle, each player will receive 10 random cards.
  • Then players choose 5 desired heroes from the original 10 to start the battle.
  • The preparation phase consists of 3 turns in which you can place 2 heroes on the first turn, 2 on the second, and one on the final turn to complete your formation.
  • Sparring with friends also counts towards completing the quests.
  • Completing all the daily quests rewards you with 150 Valiant Merits, which you can then use the Warrior's Way, which is a form of battle pass.

Overall, this is a great event to experiment with hero formations, especially if you are a new player. Personally, I experimented with several Zolrath formations, including a Lucretia Cheese where Lucy was the only character to die (xD).

I also tested several Ainz counters featuring Alna and Ferael. Here is a formation I loved.

  • Ezizh
  • Izold
  • Flora
  • Mehira
  • Ferael

How to Get Beastly Pendants in the Battle of Blood Event

The Battle of Blood features both daily quests for 150 Valiant Merits and Challenges to get even more.

If you complete all the challenges you will get 800 Valiant Merits.

So in total, you can get 2600 Valiant Merits for free. You will have to buy the special daily deals to get extra valiant merits and keep unlocking rewards, up to 69000 Valiant Merits.

Apart from the reward ladder and there is a battle pass as an extra, called the Warrior's Way, which you can buy for 15.99 euros in Europe to unlock premium rewards (yes, these events are a complete ripoff).

Best Characters

Let's look at some of the best characters in the event:

  • Alna: If you get her, you win. Suppose the opponent has her, good luck. She makes any composition better.
  • Ainz: He is not as great here as you can't build the appropriate team around him unless you are very lucky.
  • Flora: She is always a massive annoyance for your opponents
  • Oden: A maxed-out Oden is an absolute powerhouse.
  • Zolrath: Second chances are always great.
  • Eluard: Makes every team hard to beat.
  • Peggy: Her shields and summons are massively annoying.
  • Ukyo: Ukyo can really hold his own in PvP.
  • Skriath: Skriath needs the right team comp, but maxed-out he is a real nightmare.

Warrior's Glory Exchange Event

After acquiring Blood Pendants you can exchange them for heroes. The obvious choice is the Twins but personally, I'm very interested in both Orthros and Mehira.

You will find Orthros in the Challenger Store though, so maybe this is a great opportunity to ascend your Mehira or even Mortas (although I'm happy with my E+ Mortas).

Warrior's Glory Event Rewards
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