B7 Boneyard Bunker Code – How to Open the B7 Vault [COD: Warzone]

In this post, you will find the bunker codes for the currently accessible Boneyard bunkers in COD: Warzone. Bunker locations in Call of Duty: Warzone are known for housing great loot that can drastically alter the battle advantage. But doors with access codes block them!

With each COD: Warzone new season, access to Boneyard Bunkers changes. In Season 5, you can access the B7 Boneyard bunker you can access the B7 Boneyard Bunker on the southwestern side of the map. However, you will find the vault doors locked there, and you will have to use an access code to get in.

Let's get down to how to do all this and open the B7 Bunker then!

B7 Bunker Code call of duty warzone

B7 Boneyard Bunker Code in Call of Duty: Warzone

To the west of the southern tip of the Boneyard, past the road, is the B7 Boneyard Bunker. Its code is 97264138. You must first go to building no. 7 in the B7 Bunker to enter the code. 

There are two large vault doors there. Right next to these doors, you will find a little keypad. You will be prompted to enter the code in a pop-up once you interact with it. 

You can enter the vault once you enter the eight-digit code.

To access the B7 Boneyard Bunker, you must first visit Verdansk. The grid ‘B7' is located on the left side of the map. You can find a road diagonally across this grid block to the right. Continue down this path, and you will eventually reach the Bunker. The tallest building is the one you must enter.

Access to the B7 Boneyard Bunker is required for the Tighten the Noose mission. 

To complete this mission, you will need to find a total of seven intel files. The Bunker's vault contains two of the seven files you need to open. 

Besides the files at the B7 Bunker, you will have to collect the other five files beforehand.

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