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Borderpolar Symptoms? Look No Further

Since you are reading this post, you are probably searching for borderpolar symptoms. Is there a “borderpolar test”? Well, look no further then, as this post aims to address exactly that. First of all, “borderpolar” is not an official term, and it does not describe a mental illness. Instead, it is an unofficial term that …

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I got shadowbanned by Instagram

The Instagram shadowban – What it is and how to avoid or remove it

If you are here, then you probably wonder whether Instagram has placed a shadowban on your account. Typically, if you are wondering about it, it has probably happened. So what is an Instagram shadowban, and what can you do to get Instagram to unban your account? What behaviors lead to getting a ban, and what …

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What is a borderpolar? Has psychiatric research abandoned us?

So, borderpolar. After all, this is what this blog is, or better was, all about. In simple words, borderpolar is the comorbidity of bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder. The article would basically stop here, or this blog would not even exist, if the definition was all that mattered. Both disorders have been researched to quite a significant extend after all. What this article focuses on is the impact of this dual diagnosis on a patient’s life and the lack of optimal borderpolar treatment.

Personal Story of Borderpolar From @borderpolarpunk

My search for other borderpolars has started coming into fruition and I am so proud of this post! A few days ago a fellow borderpolar, @borderpolarpunk, reached out to me on Borderpolar Central’s Facebook page. She is the first to join the cause and she was willing to share her personal story. So this blog has started heading towards the direction I wanted it to. Sharing the personal stories of borderpolars and other people with mental illness. I’m really happy about this fact.

World suicide prevention day: Let’s talk about suicide by Ali

September 10, 2020, was the World Suicide Prevention Day. While I have left suicidal thoughts behind — hopefully for good — the importance and the sensitivity of the topic will always keep me interested and involved. We need to talk more about suicide and understand the reason behind it better. I’ve been searching for personal …

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