Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Should you kill or spare Charles? 

There are many options for Assassin's Creed Valhalla: The Siege of Paris, but this is the biggest. While we've faced many difficult choices about who to install as leaders across England already, Eivor must make some critical decisions in the Siege of Paris as he faces the armies of Charles the Fat. Still, this time, the outcomes are less obvious.

Let's take a look at some of the big decisions you'll be making, as well as whether you should kill or spare Charles in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

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AC Valhalla The Siege of Paris choices: How to get the best ending 

There are three major story decisions to make to get what I'd call the ‘best”‘ ending, but it's worth noting that the outcome is left intentionally ambiguous. I assume that your choice will become relevant in later updates, but that remains to be seen. Most of the decisions Eivor must make are superficial at best and don't impact the story, so don't worry about it until you reach the siege mission.

What to do with Sigfred 

After fighting with Count Odo, Charles the Fat will ask you to return Bernard to him. Whatever you choose here is irrelevant, but it highlights one possible ending: Charles and his son will be reunited against Richardis' wishes. You'll then return to Melun, where you'll join in a celebration with Sigfred, who storms off after an argument.

This is when you'll encounter the first decision that will impact the story. Sigfred will challenge you to a holmgang, which presents you with two options: persevere trying to talk him down or fight him to the death. Ultimately, you'll be forced to kill him in a fight should you choose to, or you can persuade him to leave. Sigfred hands the clan over to Toka and departs for new pastures by making him see reason, which opens up a more diplomatic route for Eivor.

Odo will then inform Eivor that Charles has captured Richardis and must speak with her urgently. In this second significant choice, he asks you to kill Charles for him to become king. You can either commit to him or dismiss him, but nothing is set in stone.

Richardis will ask you later not to kill him, begging for mercy for her husband. She requests that you spare him so she can take him away for treatment while preparing Bernard to rule. However you choose to talk to her, the choice isn't necessarily fixed, but you must back Odo or Bernard at this point.

assassin's creed valhalla decision kill or spare charles

AC Valhalla: Should you kill or spare Charles? 

Find the two keys inside the palace using Odin's Sight after speaking with Richardis. Before heading in, make sure you loot any rations or arrows you find and use any unused skill points. Regardless of who you've sided with up to this point, you still have to face Charles. You'll need to keep the braziers lit around the room because you'll be throwing him into the fire.

Keep hitting him until the stun attack prompt appears, then push him towards the braziers. You'll deal the most damage when he falls into the fire as you continue to do this. You can also use Fire-based abilities or flaming arrows to damage him further.

Go to the sealed doorway first if you want to save Charles. 

On the left side of the door, look for a lever under a torch. By interacting with it, you'll be able to open the shrine door, which Charles must enter. You need to burn Charles twice with a brazier before pushing him into the shrine room.

Then you can interact with the lever to trap Charles inside the shrine room.

Richardis will enter the room regardless of the outcome of the fight. Although Charles attempted to kill her, she will feel betrayed if you killed him. If you spared him, she will thank you and promise to prepare Bernard accordingly while protecting Charles.

While it is unclear if Odo can be trusted, he will declare an alliance between Toka's clan and Paris, as he does with Ravensthorpe. Randvi congratulates you for forging an alliance and keeping the Franks out by giving a friendship bracelet to Toka.

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