Archero Promo Codes: Get Free Coins, Coupons & Shards [June 2022]

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In this post, you will find all the latest Archero promo codes. Archero is one of my favorite mobile games, thanks to its innovative and competitive gameplay. While the game is free and f2p-friendly, meaning you can battle your way through castles full of monsters without spending a penny, the developers also release promo codes that you can redeem for free rewards to boost you in your journey. For some extra help, you can have a look at our Archero tier list to pick the best characters, weapons, and abilities.

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All the Available Archero Promo codes

Make sure to bookmark this page and come back often to check for new codes, as they won’t be available for long. If there are any new working codes make sure to redeem them ASAP!

Working Archero Promo Codes List (Active)

Below you will find all the currently active codes:

  • chris2021archero: Redeem promo code for free rewards.

Expired Archero Promo Codes List (Inactive)

The codes below have already expired:

  • Thx2021Giv1ng: Redeem promo code for free rewards.
  • archerogift: Redeem promo code for free rewards.
  • QuickRaid : Redeem code for 50,000 Coins, x2 Exquisite Coupons, x1 Hero Shard.
  • 2021222: Redeem code for 10 Gems, 5,000 Coins, Gold Key.
  • lovearchero: Redeem code for 214 Coins, 100 Gems, 5 Purple Tickets.
  • 2021: Redeem code for 2,021 Coins and Coupons.
  • archerhi : Redeem code for 10 Gems, 5,000 Coins, and a Gold Key.
  • HTOT : Redeem code for 100 Gems, 1,031 Coins, and Gold key.
  • goodarcher: Redeem code for 20 Gems, 5,000 Coins, and a Gold Key.
  • archeroduo: Redeem code for 20 Gems, 2,000 Coins, and a Wolf Ring.
  • archerogo: Redeem code for 20 Gems, 20 Sapphires, and a bunch of Scrolls.
  • archerofun: Redeem code for 20 Gems, 5,000 Coins, and a Gold Key.
  • archerowin: Redeem code for 20 Gems, 2,000 Coins, and a Bright Robe.
  • archero1: Redeem code for 100 Gems, 2,000 Coins, and an Owl Pet.
  • YOUTH: Redeem code for 61 Gems, 6,100 Coins, and 10x energy.
  • Shari’s Code
  • image: Redeem code for 2,000 Coins, 20 energy and a Chest key.
  • HAPPY: Redeem code for keys and arrows as reward.
  • FRIENDS: Redeem code for an Obsidian Chest, with keys and energy as reward.
  • santahero: Redeem code for an Obsidian Chest, with keys and energy as reward.

What are Archero promo codes?

You can get Gems, Coins, energy, Equipment, and other free stuff by using the new Archero Promo Code. You will be able to make your hero stronger, acquire new equipment, and level up quickly by using these items. Occasionally, none of the codes will be available since they expire very quickly. To keep up with new codes, be sure to stay tuned.

How to redeem codes in Archero

Redeeming Archero promo codes is very simple. Just follow the steps as described below:

  • First of all, launch Archero.
  • Next, press the burger icon on the top left side of your screen. It will pop a bubble with two buttons; Settings and Mail.
Archero Tap Settings Button to redeem promo codesnbsp Screenshot202201201505181cdaafe36f743901d3c55268f6be5b25
  • Tap the Settings button.
  • In the game’s settings you will find multiple buttons that allow you to modify the game’s settings, view the credits, etc.
  • Tap penultimate button, labeled “Insert Promo Code“.
Settings gt Insert Promo COdenbsp Screenshot202201201505291cdaafe36f743901d3c55268f6be5b25
  • A new window will pop allowing you to enter a promo code into a text box.
Archero promo code redemption windownbsp Screenshot202201201505341cdaafe36f743901d3c55268f6be5b25
  • Copy one of the working promo codes to your device’s clipboard and paste it into the text box.
  • Tap Claim to redeem your rewards!

Alternatively, you can use Habby’s promo code redemption page by entering your Game ID and an active Rewards code and clicking/tapping the green Redeem button. You can find your Game ID in the game’s settings.

Archero promo code redemption websitenbsp image15
Image Credit: Habby

Where to Get More Archero Promo Codes

You will be able to get the latest promo codes from the developer’s and the game’s social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. Alternatively, you can back to this page for the latest codes!

You can download Archero from the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Archero Game Description

You are the Lone Archer, the only force able to resist and defeat the oncoming waves of evil. Step up, stack up awesome skills and fight like your life depends on it, for the never-ending waves of enemies will never give up. And remember, once you die… the only way is to start all again! So be careful!

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