Another Eden tier list 2022 – The best characters ranked

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In this post, you will find our Another Eden tier list. As one of the most popular RPGs out there, Another Eden takes players on a time-traveling adventure. You can play the field in any way you like with the diverse selection of characters and team compositions available in turn-based battles. Who though are the most effective characters in helping you win? Look no further!

Our Another Eden tier list contains all the best heroes from each attack type and element. 

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However, in Another Eden, each character complements the other and is also affected by specific zones and buffs, so just because a character is not high on our list does not mean they won't work well on your team. 

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How to reroll in Another Eden

Another Eden does not offer an easy way to reroll. The best way to do it is the following:

  1. First, don't link the game to your Facebook account.
  2. Next, go to your phone's Settings > Apps and find Another Eden.
  3. After that, go to the game's storage options and tap Remove Data.
  4. This should return the game to its initial state after installation. You can now relaunch the game and roll for a character once again. If this doesn't work just delete the game and reinstall it. Repeat this process until you get the character you are aiming for.

Here is our Another Eden tier list then!

Another Eden Tier List

Another Eden tier list

Another Eden Tier List - Another Eden Tier List.csv

SNikeh (Another Style)WaterGuiding Light5-star
SCerrine (Another Style)EarthGuiding Light5-star
SRadiAnother StyleFireGuiding Light5-star
SKikyoWindGuiding Light5-star
STiramisuEarthGuiding Light5-star
SNagi (Another Style)EarthLuring Shadow5-star
SCynthiaWindGuiding Light5-star
SMighty (Another Style)WaterGuiding Light5-star
SMyunfaEarthGuiding Light5-star
SBiakaWindLuring Shadow5-star
SAzami (Another Style)WindGuiding Light5-star
SManaNullGuiding Light5-star
SDeirdreEarthLuring Shadow5-star
SHardyFireLuring Shadow5-star
SMarielWindGuiding Light5-star
SRenri (Another Style)FireGuiding Light5-star
SElgaEarthLuring Shadow5-star
SGariyuFireLuring Shadow5-star
SAkane (Another Style)FireGuiding Light5-star
SMyrusEarthGuiding Light5-star
SLokido (Another Style)EarthGuiding Light5-star
SYuna (Another Style)WaterGuiding Light5-star
SHismenaWaterGuiding Light5-star
SShanie (Another Style)WaterGuiding Light5-star
SEwanFireLuring Shadow5-star
SAnabel (Another Style)WaterGuiding Light5-star
SYunaWaterGuiding Light5-star
SShannon (Another Style)WindGuiding Light5-star
SClaudeWindGuiding Light5-star
SShannonWindGuiding Light5-star
SMyrus (Another Style)EarthGuiding Light5-star
SMelinaWaterLuring Shadow5-star
SDeweyWaterGuiding Light5-star
SLaclair (Another Style)WaterGuiding Light5-star
SFelminaWindLuring Shadow5-star
SBertrandEarthGuiding Light5-star
AVeina (Another Style)WindGuiding Light5-star
ASuzette (Another Style)WindGuiding Light5-star
AZeviroWaterLuring Shadow5-star
ASuzetteWindGuiding Light5-star
AYiphaWindGuiding Light5-star
APremayaEarthGuiding Light5-star
AClaude (Another Style)WindGuiding Light5-star
ADunarithWindLuring Shadow5-star
ARenriFireGuiding Light5-star
ATsukihaFireLuring Shadow5-star
AShanieWaterGuiding Light5-star
AMelina (Another Style)WaterLuring Shadow5-star
AFelmina (Another Style)WindLuring Shadow5-star
AIsukaWindGuiding Light5-star
ASophiaWaterLuring Shadow5-star
AGuildnaFireLuring Shadow5-star
ALokidoEarthGuiding Light5-star
AMightyWaterGuiding Light5-star
AShion (Another Style)FireGuiding Light5-star
AMariel (Another Style)WindGuiding Light5-star
ABivetteFireGuiding Light5-star
AShionFireGuiding Light5-star
ACetieFireGuiding Light5-star
ANagiEarthLuring Shadow5-star
AAmy (Another Style)WindGuiding Light5-star
AAnabelWaterGuiding Light5-star
AShigureWaterGuiding Light5-star
ATsubameEarthGuiding Light5-star
ALaclairWaterGuiding Light5-star
ACetie (Another Style)FireGuiding Light5-star
AMorganaWindLuring Shadow5-star
ALovelyFireGuiding Light5-star
AGariyuFireLuring Shadow5-star
ARosettaFireLuring Shadow5-star
BIsuka (Another Style)WindGuiding Light5-star
BRadicaFireLuring Shadow5-star
BAltenaNullLuring Shadow5-star
BSaki (Another Style)WaterGuiding Light5-star
BPhiloWaterGuiding Light5-star
BAldoFireGuiding Light5-star
BCyrusWaterGuiding Light5-star
BToova (Another Style)EarthLuring Shadow5-star
BIluluWindLuring Shadow5-star
BHozukiFireGuiding Light5-star
BElga (Another Style)EarthLuring Shadow5-star
BVeinaWindGuiding Light5-star
BCielEarthGuiding Light5-star
BToovaEarthLuring Shadow5-star
BJokerFireLuring Shadow5-star
BRuina (Another Style)WindLuring Shadow5-star
BStrawboyNullGuiding Light5-star
BLeviaWaterGuiding Light5-star
CFeinneNullLuring Shadow4-star
CMiyuFireGuiding Light5-star
CNopaewWindGuiding Light4-star
CKrervoNullGuiding Light4-star
CChiyoEarthGuiding Light4-star
CErinaNullGuiding Light4-star
CRiicaEarthGuiding Light5-star
CSoiraWindGuiding Light4-star
CPraiNullLuring Shadow4-star
CSakiWaterGuiding Light4-star
CPomNullGuiding Light4-star
CBriaWaterGuiding Light5-star
CHelenaEarthLuring Shadow5-star
CGalliardEarthLuring Shadow4-star
DNikehWaterLuring Shadow4-star
DParisaFireLuring Shadow4-star
DCerrineEarthGuiding Light4-star
DLeleWaterGuiding Light4-star
DSheilaWaterGuiding Light4-star
DAkaneFireGuiding Light4-star
DAmyWindGuiding Light4-star
DAzamiWindGuiding Light4-star
DRavenEarthLuring Shadow4-star
DSevynWindGuiding Light4-star
DMirandaFireGuiding Light4-star
DNeroWaterLuring Shadow4-star
DNonoldNullGuiding Light4-star
DBreenoEarthLuring Shadow4-star
DRuinaWindLuring Shadow4-star
FDennyWaterGuiding Light4-star
FDarunisWindGuiding Light4-star
FRovellaWaterLuring Shadow4-star
FNomarWaterGuiding Light4-star
FSamoraFireGuiding Light4-star
FYazukiWindGuiding Light4-star
FYioEarthGuiding Light4-star
FLingliFireGuiding Light4-star
FLoviniaWindGuiding Light4-star
FForanWaterGuiding Light4-star
FRufusFireGuiding Light4-star
FMyronEarthGuiding Light4-star
FOtohaEarthGuiding Light4-star
FCyucaWindGuiding Light4-star
FGood MackyWindGuiding Light4-star
FZilvaEarthLuring Shadow4-star
FBenedictWindLuring Shadow4-star
FKomachiEarthGuiding Light4-star
FJadeFireLuring Shadow4-star

Another Eden tier list video guides

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Who is the strongest character in Another Eden?

The strongest character in the game is probably Cerrine (Another Style). A combination of her excellent stats and his ability to deal significant damage to a wide area as well as single targets puts her at the top. Because she deals damage of three types, defending against her becomes almost impossible.

You can find Another Eden on the App Store or Google Play and play it for free.