Anime Squad Simulator Update 2 Patch Notes & Update Log

Last Updated: August 15, 2022 @ 18:56
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The new Update 2 for Roblox Anime Squad Simulator was released on August 8th, 2022! The update introduces new content, balance changes, fixes, and quality of life changes, so check them in the official update log below.

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Anime Squad Simulator Update 2 Log

UPDATE 2.0.0

- World 5: Whale Island is now available!
- Golden and Rainbow fusing machines, pick up to 5 characters and fuse them for a chance to get a stronger one
- Huge balancing changes, progression recalculation most noticeable in character strength, cost and reward values
- Increased level cap to 30, adjusted stats
- Recruits are now sorted by their absolute strength instead of rarity
- Added special codes that you can redeem for in-game rewards
- Slightly lowered the spawn chances for Legendary and Ultimate tier spawns
- Bug fixes and error catching

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