Anime Adventures Update Log & Patch Notes

Everything you need to know about the latest Anime Adventures updates. The complete Roblox Anime Adventures Update Log & Patch notes! New content, bug fixes, balance fixes, and improvements!

Updated: November 26, 2022 @ 21:11
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This post will provide the complete Anime Adventures update log and patch notes. Anime Adventures is a tower defense simulator game on Roblox developed by the Gomu group. In the game, you will have the chance to venture into numerous different worlds and stages and position tower units to fend off waves of enemies and bosses.

The complete log and patch notes can also be found on the Anime Adventures official Discord Server.

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Event: Karakora Town – Hollow Invasion – November 26th, 2022

- Event: Karakora Town - Hollow Invasion!
- New Legend Stages!
- Aizo has returned, and is making his move to wipe out Karakora Town for his own plans! But Ichi and the Soul Society Captains are ready to face him just as he steps out into the living world. The rest of the top Aranca and their soldiers meet the Shinigami head on, leading to a major clash around the city!
- New Units and Relics!
- New Limited-Time Event Units!
- New Event Quests!
- Ichi and the Shinigami need your help! Help them prepare to face Aizo when he inevitably arrives...
- Craft powerful Relics to greatly increase your damage against certain enemies!
- Balance changes + bug fixes!

Balance changes:
-  Buffed Ulquiro and Ulquiro (Resurrección) damage by 30%, Ulquiro (Resurrección) now hits flying enemies on all attacks

Update 7.5: Clover Kingdom: Legend Stage 3 – November 18th, 2022

- Clover Kingdom: Legend Stage 3 Unlocked!
  - Deal the most damage in your team for 3x drops! (Only for Legend Stage 3)
- New Units and Relics!
- New Feature: Teams!
  - Quickly save and load your teams for different situations!
- New Daily Challenge Gamemode!
  - Complete a challenging level for rewards! (Refreshes daily)
- UI improvements!
- Raid/Dungeon daily quest removed
- Balance changes + bug fixes!
- And much more coming very soon... 😳!

Balance changes:
- Armein damaged buffed +100%, casttime now instant
- Akano and Fleet Admiral Akano AOE radius on 1st and 2nd attacks buffed 

Update 7: Clover Kingdom – November 11th, 2022

- New World: Clover Kingdom! 😈
- Brand new unique units to collect, upgrade, and evolve! ✨
- New Special Banner with 2x Mythic chance!
  - Featured Units have a much higher chance to be pulled! Banner refreshes every hour!
- 4x Daily Quest rewards and Daily Infinite revamp!
  - Three worlds are chosen daily for triple the normal rewards!
- New Feature: Damage Styles!
  - All units now have special affinity towards certain Damage Styles! Some units have more than one affinity!
- New Feature: Relics!
  - Craft, collect, and equip Relics to enhance your units!
  - Speak with Gilgamesh beside the Gold Shop for more details!
- New Feature: Fusing! Fuse units with others to quickly gain XP!
- New Feature: Gold Shop! Spend extra gold in the lobby for valuable materials!
  - Shop restocks daily!
- New Leaderboard rewards!
- New Infinity Castle season and season rewards!
  - New Infinity Castle rank rewards! See how you perform against all other players!
- New Event Quests!
  - Star Golem boss has a chance to spawn in the latest Infinite map!
- New enemy types and mechanics!
- Balance changes + bug fixes!
- Ice enemies nerfed
- And much more coming very soon... 😳!

New event dungeon: Cursed Academy – Cursed Parade – October 15th, 2022

- New event dungeon: Cursed Academy - Cursed Parade!
- Take on the challenging dungeon with friends for exclusive rewards!
- New Event units!
- Deal the most damage in your team for one extra drop!
- Earn enough materials to unlock unique evolutions!
- Complete the dungeon for a chance at obtaining an exclusive secret unit!
- Made Cursed Parade dungeon slightly easier

The King of Curses has arrived... Somewhere. Obtain his Cursed Fingers from Cursed Academy infinite mode to discover his secrets, if you dare...

Update 6: Cursed Academy – October 9th, 2022

- New world: Cursed Academy! ⛩️
- Brand new units to collect, upgrade, and evolve! ✨
- New Gamemode: Infinity Castle!
  - Reach deeper Rooms to gain more gems and rewards!
  - Reach Room 100 for an exclusive reward!
- New feature: Trading!
  - Trade skins with friends and strangers!
  - Trading for some units is coming soon!
- New special unit evolution mechanics!
- New event quests!
- And much more coming very soon... 😳!
- All Force - Buffed Damage by 75%, Buffed Range by about 25%
- Whitehair - Buffed Damage by 50%
- Eta - Buffed Damage by 30%

Raid: Android Attack – October 2nd, 2022

- New Raid: Android Attack
- Added +50% Mission Jewels Event!
- Brulo/Legendary Brulo - Saiyan Rage now hits Flying enemies, Buffed damage by 15%
- Marada/Marada (Founder) - Buffed damage
- Diavoro - Time Erase: Reduced SPA 120s -> 90s, Global damage amplification increased 30% -> 50%
- Ulquiro/Ulquiro (Resurrección) - Buffed Damage by 20%
- Armein - Buffed Damage by 50%
- Noruto (Beast Cloak) - Buffed Damage by 50%

Update 5: Magic Town – September 21st, 2022

- New world: Magic Town! ✨
- Brand new units to collect! ✨
- Unit level cap -> 100
- New Limited-time event currency and shop!
- Complete missions to earn exclusive rewards!
- New exclusive limited unit added!
- New skins feature!
- Autosell feature added!
- New Event quests!
- New enemy types and unique unit mechanics!
- And much more coming very soon... 😳!

Update 4 – September 14th, 2022

- Fixed all issues with claiming daily quests, use code QUESTFIX for some free gems
- Fixed slight discrepancy with infinite mode gem rewards. Infinite mode rewards were not nerfed in this update, gem rewards function the exact same way
- Removed clown boss from ghoul infinite
- Added target flying priority option for hill units and units with hybrid attacks
- Diavolo time skip now affects flying enemies
- Fixed issues with new secret boss drops, will work in new games
- Nerfed Officer Ant HP in new world
- Fixed Akainu damage
- Needed to shut down all game servers due to a bug with existing games and to prevent unfair leaderboard runs. Use code SERVERFIX for some free gems and gold 

Update 3: – August 19th, 2022

Update 3 Log:
- Brand new units to collect! ✨
- Unit level cap -> 80
- New Event Quests!
- Exclusive limited unit added!
- New secret questline added!
- New leaderboard unit reward and leaderboard reset!
- Infinite mode now automatically saves gems and wave progress!
- Added ability to lock units!
- New star remnant challenge added!
- And much more coming very soon... 😳!

- Infinite mode will reward you gems and wave progress (for leaderboard) even if you get disconnected. Infinite rewards were not nerfed!
- Locked units cannot be sold
- Yoruichi gives a daily quest during this event
- Several hill units were buffed
- Leaderboard rewards were for players who reached the leaderboards before the shutdown only

Update 2: – August 9th, 2022

- Increased raid frequency
- Decreased raid ticket gold cost from 2500 to 1500
- Increase shards from raid stars by 2x
- Fixed levi damage on first attack
- Fixed akaza compass needle not stacking with erwin/other damage buffs

Update 1.5: – July 25th, 2022

- Increased infinite mode gems reward (scales based off wave completed)
- Bug fixes
- Made Namak 2 easier
- Two new challenging raids added!
- Increased Time Machine rewards
- Increased Infinite rewards above wave 15
- Bug fixes
- New raid units, and evolutions!
- Raids are scheduled randomly during the day
- Banner Tiers Added (Tier 0: Can't summon secrets or shinies, Tier 1: Can summon Shinies but not Secrets, Tier 2: Can summon secrets and shinies!)
- Added ability to remove shiny from your shiny units 
- More bug fixes + balance changes and improvements.
- New world coming soon..

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