Among Us wallpapers for your desktop & smartphone

Looking for Among Us wallpapers for your PC desktop, tablet, iPhone, or Android Smartphone? With Among Us remaining very high in the popularity chars, it's not surprising that gamers are looking for the Among Us pictures and fan art to decorate their devices.

If that's the case with you too, we have you covered with some of the best Among Us wallpapers featuring Innersloth's cute little space bean characters who struggle to survive the attacks of impostors on their spaceship.

The best Among Us wallpapers

Among Us all 12 characters wallpaper

This Among Us wallpaper features the game's original 12 characters, one next to another.

Among Us space wallpaper for computer

One of the most popular Among Us wallpapers features the original 12 characters in space with their spaceship shown over yonder.

Among Us christmas wallpaper for laptop

A Christmas-themed seasonal wallpaper featuring Among Us characters wearing their Christmas hats and costumes. The Pink Among Us character is building a snowman, while the white one is hidden inside an igloo, and the brown is decorating the Christmas tree. Meanwhile, the Red is throwing snowballs at the orange.

This one features the Red Among Us character running for his life while an impostor is chasing Pink and is about to perform a tongue-kill animation. The Yellow character watches stunned. Will he open the door?

Among Us wallpaper

Another wallpaper that has Among Us cosmetics at full display. In this one we see 9 crewmates wearing different hats. A quite dark one too.

Not one, not two, but three. A wallpaper showcasing ten crewmates with three impostors among them just like when a round starts in the game.

Among Us characters in space

A wallpaper ideal for Android and iOS smartphone users, featuring the Among Us characters in space, in both living and dead form after a kill.

Among Us characters sitting on a couch

A wallpaper featuring the characters sitting on a couch or on the floor playing on their smartphones, Windows tablets, and iPads.

Among Us lab

A very science-oriented wallpaper showing the Pink, Purple, White, and Orange crewmates conducting experiments in the spaceship's lab.

Portrait of red among us Character

A portrait of the red Among Us character, somewhat agitated in space. It's hard to tell what's going on in his mind, but his look is definitely concerning.

And that's all with our list of the best Among Us wallpapers. Don't forget to have a look at our Among Us memes article and our Among Us guide!

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