Among Us version 2022.3.29 patch notes

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Written By Anastasios Antoniadis

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The latest update for Among Us was released on March 29 with the version id 2022.3.29. It features the addition of a Friends List feature and collaborations with Scream, Halo, and Ratchet & Clank.

The full patch notes for Among Us version 2022.3.29, according to Innersloth, are as follows:

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Friends List 

Here are all the Friends List features you can expect from this free update, v2022.3.29, on all platforms: 

  • A unique friend code  
  • Ability to send and receive friend requests (duh)  
  • Invite friends to your own lobby  
  • See who you recently played with  
  • Ability to block players 
  • Ability to show/hide your Friend Code (good for anyone streaming!) 
  • Ability to turn off/on lobby invite notifications (toggle this in the game Settings)

Notes about the Friends List: 

  • No offline/online status for friends yet  
  • You can turn on/off lobby notifications  
  • Child accounts will need additional permissions from their parent/guardian to access their Friend’s List 

But that’s not it! Here are some other things you can expect with this update: 

  • Removed the ability to link/unlink existing accounts – this is temporary! We need to fix up the system here since we’ve heard it can be a confusing process, so for now we are turning this feature off until the next update. 
  • Screen Shake option can now be toggled On and Off (PC) 
  • Cosmetics are arranged in a different order 

New Items 

You’ve waited, and they’re finally here – new collab cosmetics just dropped!  You claim the following cosmetics for free by simply logging in!

Ghostface Cosmetics (all platforms until April 30th)

  • Scream Mask 
  • Scream Robes 
Ghostface Skin Promo Among Us

Halo Cosmetics (exclusive to Xbox and Microsoft Store players)

  • Spartan Armor 
  • Spartan Helmet 
  • Guilty Spark Pet

Ratchet & Clank Cosmetics (exclusive to PlayStation players) 

  • Ratchet’s Hat 
  • Ratchet’s Outfit 
  • Clank Pet
Among Us Ratchet & Clank cosmetics promo

Reminder that the ability to link existing accounts is currently disabled for this update while we improve it. So you won’t be able to link your different platforms for now, but this is good! We want to make sure people don’t accidentally lose and erase their data. Account linking will be back soon.


Here is the trailer of the new update: