Among US pods: What are MIRA, Polus, Airship and the other pods?

Are your wondering what pods are in Among Us. Pods were introduced in Among Us in version 2021.11.9 along with Stars and Beans.

What are Pods in Among Us?

Pods are an in-game currency in Among Us used to buy cosmetics from Cosmicubes. Each Cosmicube requires a different type of Pod that matches its content. So far there have been the following 9 pairs of Pods and Cosmicubes in Among Us:

  1. Airship Cosmicube – Airship Pods
  2. Arcane Cosmicube – Arcane Pods
  3. MIRA Cosmicube – MIRA Pods
  4. Polus Cosmicube – Polus Pods
  5. Treat Cosmicube – Tread Pods
  6. Trick Cosmicube – Trick Pods
  7. Innersloth Cosmicube – Innersloth Pods
  8. Snowflake Cosmicube – Snowflake Pods
  9. Snowbean Cosmicube – Snowbean Pods

The use of Pods is restricted to their matching Cosmicube so you can’t transfer them and use them for cosmetics in other Cosmicubes.

How to earn Pods in Among Us?

To earn Pods you will first have to purchase a Cosmicube from the item shop. Once you have the Cosmicube you will be able to activate and earn its matching pods just by playing the game. The Cosmicube itself is a form of Battle Pass with which you can unlock more and more rewards by collecting its matching currency.

Completing tasks, sabotaging, and increasing your player level will boost your efforts as it will earn you bonus multipliers for the Pods you have received.

Just make sure you have the correct Cosmicube activated before you start a game to collect the correct type of Pods.

Where to use Pods

You can use Pods to unlock branches in their matching Cosmicube and earn cosmetic rewards including skins and hats for your character.