Among Us Pets: All the companions you can carry around in space

Last Updated on January 30, 2022 by Anastasios Antoniadis

Pets are cosmetics added to Among Us In Version 2019.6.7. Pets will follow their owners around until death or when the game is over. Pets will also react to their owner being killed during a kill animation.

How to Get Pets in Among Us

Unlike regular clothes, you will need real-world cash to purchase the pets in Among Us. They each cost $2.99 and can be purchased on mobile or PC. Cross-save is not supported by Among Us so your pet will remain locked to the platform you purchased it on. 

Pets are sold in bundles priced at $2.99 from the in-game store. Each bundle comes with a pair of two pets. The store can be accessed by clicking the dollar icon at the bottom right or the laptop located in the lobby.

After you purchase your pet, it will be necessary to be in-game to equip it on your character. Once you start a match you will find the laptop located on a table in the middle of the lobby. You can interact by approaching it. You will be able to customize the menu and equip your pet and any skins or hats you own.

List of Among Us Pets

Here is the list of all the currently available pets in Among Us, the bundles they are a part of, and their in-game IDs:

Bedcrab Pet BundleSquigpet_Squig Squignbsp Squig
Bedcrabpet_Bedcrab Bedcrabnbsp Bedcrab
Brainslug Pet BundleHeadslugpet_Alien Headslugnbsp Headslug
Animal Pet BundleDoggypet_Doggy Doggynbsp Doggy
Hamptonpet_Hamster Hamptonnbsp Hampton
Crewmate Pet BundleMini Crewmatepet_Crewmate Mini Crewmate Petnbsp Mini Crewmate
Ro-Botpet_Robot RoBotnbsp RoBot
Stickmin Pet BundleH. Stickminpet_Stickmin H Stickmin	nbsp H Stickmin
E. Rosepet_Ellie E Rosenbsp E Rose
Twitch Rivals bundleGlitch Petpet_test Glitch Pet Twitchnbsp Glitch Pet Twitch
MIRA CosmicubeBushfriendpet_Bush Bushfriendnbsp Bushfriend
Polus CosmicubeMagmatepet_Lava Magmatenbsp Magmate
Snowballpet_Snow Snowballnbsp Snowball
Airship CosmicubeCharles Chopperpet_Charles Charles Choppernbsp Charles Chopper
Toppat Chopperpet_Charles_Red Toppat Choppernbsp Toppat Chopper
Arcane CosmicubeHeimerdinger’s Poropet_poro Heimerdingers Poronbsp Heimerdingers Poro
Trick CosmicubeFrankendogpet_frankendog Frankendognbsp Frankendog
Innersloth CosmicubeDeitied Guypet_Cube Deitied Guynbsp Deitied Guy
N/A (PlayStation-exclusive)Clank petTBA Clank Petnbsp Clank Pet
Among Us Pets List

This concludes the list of all Among Us pets and the ways to obtain them. Make sure to check the rest of our Among Us guides!

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