Among Us Mira Map Guide [Proven Tricks To Win]

The second map in Among Us, MIRA HQ, takes place in the atmosphere of Earth. Innersloth revealed a second map with the first 2019 update, a map filter. They later claimed the map would be in Crewmates HQ and provided concept images on Discord.

The map and Henry Stickmin Collection update were announced on August 3, 2019. On August 9, a trailer was released. Initially, hosting a game on MIRA HQ cost money, although joining was free. Later, everyone played for free.

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Why Mira Map Is Unique?

To be a good interloper in Among Us, you must know your way around each map. MIRA HQ has a smaller layout than The Skeld and Polus, so it can be challenging for a big group to get away with murder there. In the Communications room, players can track other crew members, but there is no camera system. The door log here is constantly updated with where every player is, so it can still be hard to peek around.

Wow! No Security Cameras

1. No Cameras |

The security cameras at Mira HQ are one thing you’ll never have to worry about. Vent connections, on the other hand, are used much more often. Here, too, you can only see three tasks, so make sure to write them down. This map also stands out because it only has ONE visual task.

The MIRA HQ map is the only one that doesn’t have security cameras. Instead, it uses something called “door logs” to keep track of people who come and go. Crewmates can scroll through these to see how other players move around the station. Once you know the map well, you’ll be able to tell if someone is moving strangely. This could be an Imposter by using Vents to get around the ship.

Door logs

2. Door logs |

You can only find the Doorlog on the Mira HQ map. It is in the room for communications. There are three detectors at the three-way intersection just north of the café. When a player wanders across the sensor line, they will be recorded in the door log.

In the Communications room, you can look at the door logs, but if the imposter messes with the communications, all the door logs will be lost. Don’t forget that the imposter can’t even lock the doors on this map.

Mira Map Only Has One Visual Task

3. Mira Map Only Has One Visual Task |

There is only one lengthy visual task at MIRA HQ, making it harder to figure out who the imposter is. You can observe the scanning process if another player uses the scanner to finish the Submit Scan task in MedBay. If you see a green outline at the end, you know your friend is honest and can attest to the fact for them at the next session to pin down the list of possible impostors.

Unique Vents Networking       

4. Unique Vent Networking |

Regarding vents, MIRA HQ is pretty unique because the whole network is linked. On this map, there is a sum of eleven vents that you can consume to get anywhere. This helps make it much simpler to get away, but be careful because when you come out of one of these holes, it’s easy to be seen. The Decontamination doorway midpoint of the map is the last big surprise.

If you go in, both doors will lock for a short time, capturing anyone inside until the doors unlock. Use this to your benefit to split up teams or catch someone who doesn’t know what’s happening. All MIRA HQ vents are shown below in red, and the pathways they lead to are shown in green.

Decontamination Hallway

5. Decontamination Hallway |

The Decontamination doorway at MIRA HQ is another thing that makes it stand out. If you go into the Decontamination corridor near the middle of the map, both doors will be locked for a short time. This is an excellent way to catch someone who doesn’t know what’s happening and kill them quickly or split up groups and leave others vulnerable.

Sabotage locations

6. Sabotage locations |

The three places where sabotage can happen are on the right side of the map and in the middle. When it comes to the left and bottom right sectors, an Impostor can quickly draw a Crewmate away from them. On this map, there are no doors to lock.

Much Easier Tracking

7. Much Easier Tracking |

MIRA isn’t the most prominent Among Us map, but it’s more fun than Skeld, in our opinion. Crewmates feel safe because the 12 locations are close to each other, and it’s relatively easy to find a player in MIRA HQ using the door log in the Admin room.

All of this makes things harder for the Impostor, but MIRA’s venting network gives the Impostor a significant advantage.

Location Of Vents

8. Location of Vents |

Most MIRA HQ rooms have vents, except for the Locker Room, Communications Room, Storage Room, and Cafeteria. Even so, a few vents in the hallways make up for this. On The Skeld, the vents are in different areas, but on this map, they are all connected in one big loop. This makes things more straightforward to move quickly on the map without being seen.

How To Do Tasks In Among Us Mira Map?

There are 19 different tasks you can do at Mira HQ, and each one falls into one of three different groups. Some of them are harder than others, and some are much more common than others. We’ve set up this guide to tell you what to do in the three areas listed below.

Long Tasks

1. Long Tasks |

Make the player do something and then wait a certain amount of time before they can do the rest of the task. They could also be called long because they have more than one part. Below are some long tasks to perform in Mira HQ:

  • Divert Power
  • Start Reactors
  • Water Plants

Short Tasks

2. Short Task |

Things that can be done all at once or in just a few seconds. Below is the list of short tasks in Mira HQ:

  • Assemble Artefact
  • Buy Beverage
  • Submit Scan
  • Unlock manifolds
  • Chart Course
  • Empty Garbage
  • Clean O2
  • Clean vent
  • Fuel Engines
  • Measure Weather
  • Prime Shields 
  • Process Data
  • Run Diagnostics
  • Sort Samples

Common Tasks

3. Common Tasks |

Tasks that everyone in the game has to do. The fact that all players, rather than just one for the duration of the match, are responsible for completing these chores is what gives them the name “common.” If one player has a job, they all have to do it. If even one player doesn’t have one of these, no one else does either.

Here’s the list of common tasks in Mira HQ:

  • Enter the ID code
  • Fix Wiring

Unique Tasks In Mira Map

MIRA HQ has no cameras, and all vents are linked, making it one of the most challenging maps for the crew. Most of the functions at MIRA HQ are close to each other, but there are some exceptions.

Run Diagnostics On Launchpad

1. Run Diagnostic |

This endeavor can be broken down into two distinct parts. The process of diagnosing a problem begins after the initial step, which is to press a button. Simply using the panel and clicking on the spacebar will start the diagnostics process. 

After the initial 90 seconds have passed, you will need to return to the panel to click on the red circle representing the anomaly.

Sort Samples In The Laboratory

2. Sort Samples |

Samples must be dragged and dropped into the appropriate boxes from the bottom of each screen. By gazing at the samples, you can tell where each one should go. If you don’t freak out and stay calm, this mission and the “Assemble Artifact” task can be done immediately.

Buy Beverages In The Cafeteria

3. Buy beverages in Cafeteria |

After interacting with the vending machine, you’ll need to enter the code for the product seen in the bottom right of the illustration. After you get your drink, you’ll finish the task.

To finish this task, the player must order the right thing from the vending machine. Under the keypad, on the lower right, there is a picture of the right drink. To complete this task, find the right drink and enter its code.

Measure Weather On The Balcony

4. MEasure Weather |

You must use the panel and select the “begin” button to initiate the process. The task will be done after 5 seconds.

Clean O2 Filter

5. Clean Co2 Filter |

The O2 filter must be cleaned by pulling and dropping the floating leaves on the vent on the left. Throwing them toward the hole will save you time, but you can drag them all the way. To finish this task, pull the leaves into the trash.

5 Tips To Win In Mira Map As An Imposters

Avoid Killing In Decontamination

1. Avoid Killing In Decontamination |

The Decontamination section of MIRA HQ appeals to impostors who want to kill people. It’s a hallway where more than one person can go, and the doors on both ends will close. In the room, there is also a vent that people who kill there can use to try to get out without being caught with the body.

But this is a big trap because players could be arriving from either direction and even if player vents, other players may have seen the imposter go into the hallway before the kill. On the map as a whole, there are better ways to kill.

Launchpad Is Your Best Place To Get A Kill!

2. Launchpad Is Your Best Place To Get A Kill |

Launchpad is the one room at MIRA HQ that doesn’t get much attention. All players start their game in this room. There are several tasks in this room that most players do right away. “Run Diagnostics” requires players to complete the first stage, then leave and return.

So, whenever you visit this room, you’ll find someone doing some tasks. This is the time when you can easily get a kill, and run away using vents. No one is going to come here only to report a body!

Alibi Can Save You A Life!

In terms of the social aspects of Among Us, a fake crew member must be prepared to fit in and act like the real ones. Due to the size and shape of the MIRA HQ map, it is significant for imposters to convince people that they are not doing anything wrong.

By spending time with other people, they could build a sense of trust that would help them in meetings. This might not seem like a good idea if the imposter is alone, but even a tiny amount of time spent building trust could go a long way.

Thanks to Doorlogs, an imposter could be caught if they cross an area without entering it first. Still, it’s more probable that the imposters can use the vents to clean their hands after a kill.

Get the Most Out Of the Friendly Vent System

4. Get the Most Out Of the Friendly Vent System |

Unlike the other two maps, MIRA HQ features an integrated vent system. This could make things a little unfair for crew members. So, a fake person could go into a vent in the Launchpad and come out in the Greenhouse. Imposters have access to nearly every chamber on the map at any given time, which could both help them fool their fellow crew members and get them in trouble.

Make A Fake ID Card

5. Fake ID |

Having a general knowledge of the game’s common duties is essential for imposters if they are approached by players who know the game well. People often get the ID Card as a common task from MIRA HQ.

The task is in the Admin room and requires players to type in a number from their ID card. If it’s a common task, it’s important for a faker to not only fake the task but also move ahead with a different value that sounds good in case crewmates ask.

5 Tips To Win In Mira Map As Crewmates

MIRA HQ is a challenging map for impostors because there aren’t many places for them to hide from their targets. So, as an impostor, you’ll need to use the map’s ventilation system to move quickly around the area until you find someone wandering alone. 

But what if you were a crewmate? What Strategies you might need to win on this map? Well, below are some time-tested tactics that can help you win the game.

Don’t Forget To Use Admin Room Table

1. Dont Forget To Use Admin Room Table |

Utilizing the table within the administration area is yet another strategy that can be used to keep track of the individuals in the headquarters. The Skeld and Polus both have tables that let players know how many other players are in a particular room, and this one does the same thing.

This is a very important tool for players on a map such as MIRA HQ, where it’s challenging to get from one room to the next because there’s only one hallway and entrance to each room. Because of this, it can be helpful for crewmates to have at least an idea of who is in the room at a particular time.

Watch Out For The Decontamination Room

2. Watch Out For The Decontamination Room |

The room for decontamination is extensive, and you have to open a second door to get in. There is also a vent. This is enough to put anyone on the ship on edge. It is a lonely spot on the map with no security camera. So, crew members, be aware of the threat.

Stay in Pairs

3. Stay in Pairs |

The crew members should always work in pairs or big groups when possible. This makes it harder for the fakes to kill players unless they are all on top of each other. In the same way, as The Skeld does, the medical scan task in the MedBay will demonstrate to everyone that you are not an imposter. Reap the benefits of this and only do this task when a lot of people are viewing.

If you do this, no one will be suspicious of you, and you’ll have more power in the debates. Try to go into Decontamination with at least three other people or with someone you know is a crewmate to decrease the chances that the imposter will kill you.

Monitor Reactors

4. Monitor Reactors |

MIRA HQ is like The Skeld in that O2, and the Reactors are two of the sabotages that are spread out on the map. In light of the length of time required to move around the map, it is essential to maintain attention concerning both of them. Stop and go fix it if either goes off. If you don’t pay attention to it, fake players could win with a simple trick instead of a kill.

If a crewmate hasn’t already entered the area, getting there fast while dealing with Decontamination can make the issue even more stressful.

When You Play Mira HQ With 200 IQ

5. When You Play Mira HQ With 200 IQ |

The optimal place to stand in Mira HQ when playing Among Us is near the right walls of communication or Medbay. Thus, you will be able to watch a wave when an impostor murders a crew member on the opposite side. You can readily discover the impostor by rushing to the canteen.

Additionally, being close to the appropriate barriers will allow you to see the impostor’s motion more clearly, making it simpler to catch them in the act.

Simply maintain vigilance and be on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary. With enough practice, you’ll be prepared to identify impostors with confidence and assist your team in winning the game.

Final Thoughts

Due to Mira HQ being the smallest of the currently playable maps, it is somewhat more difficult for a false player to disrupt without being detected. The unusual features of this map’s admin room, which essentially maintains track of every player’s location, make it a good map for impostors to win.

Before entering, crew members should complete all their duties outside these hazardous zones. Whether an imposter or a team member, you must be familiar with the specifics of each map. This will significantly simplify the gameplay.