Among Us logos and drawing guide

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In this guide, we’ll gather the most iconic Among Us logos and provide links to tutorials so you can create them yourself. In 2020-2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the popularity of the computer game Among Us skyrocketed.

Anyone can copy or create similar artwork based on the Among Us logo, which is relatively simple. Marcus Bromander and Amy Liu designed each variant of the Among Us logo for Innersloth, the game’s developer. They are also responsible for creating the Among Us characters.

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Among Us text logo variants

It appears that the text logo itself is written in a variant of the Rearview Mirror font similar to Lazy Morning, Rearview Mirror, and similar font styles.

It is important to note that the first letter of the alphabet, “A”, is not actually a character, but instead based on the shape of an Among Us crewmate.

Among Us Logo default
Among Us inverted logo
Among Us inverted logo with shadowsnbsp Among Us inverted logo with shadows

The Among Us logo for the PC version is the text logo itself, the only difference being that it’s written in white.

Nine among us crewmates lost in a space background
Image Credit: Innersloth
Among Us android and ios logo mobile devices. The red crewmate in a yellow background
Image Credit: Innersloth

The game’s logo on mobile devices (iOS and Android) is a simple drawing of the red crewmate against a yellow background. It’s perhaps the easiest to recreate yourself.

The shush logo from Among Us with the red crewmate holding a finger up to their mouth indicating us to stay silent
Image Credit: Innersloth

The SHHH artwork is not really a logo, as it appears in the game’s loading screen. Nevertheless, it is one of the most iconic artworks of Among Us and essentially an “unofficial” logo.

Among Us logo video guides

Among Us artwork is stylish and distinctive on its own, but it’s not overly challenging to create yourself. You will find many YouTube tutorials that show how to draw all Among Us logo variants.

Here is a list of tutorials for the most popular logos:

How to draw the Among Us text logo (YouTube Tutorial)

How to draw the Among Us Mobile Logo (YouTube Tutorial)

How to draw the Among Us Shhhh Logo (Youtube Tutorial)

How to draw the Among Us shhhhh logo
Image Credit: Art Land on YouTube