Among Us Kill Animations: All the Ways to Take Down Crewmates

Not only does Among Us bring rather unique gameplay with its social deduction mechanics, but it also comes with a multitude of weapons impostors can take down innocent crewmates. Regardless of whether you are a crewmate or an impostor, Among Us kill animations really stand out and are the source for many memes on the Internet.

So, in this post, we have compiled the list of all the possible Among Us kill animation visuals that pop up every time you take down another cute little spacebean. We have not selected any particular order to showcase the animation, as they all have their merits and each player has a different favorite. However, this is where you will find all of them.

All Among Us Kill Animations

At the moment there are 5 unique kill animations in Among Us, with one of them requiring the impostor to wear a specific skin to be performed. Let's see them all:

Neck Snap

Neck Snap Kill Animation

Although it's the least violent killing animation, surprise neck snaps are no joke. Because the murder occurred so quickly that the uninformed Crewmate is unable to process what just happened it is the least violent kill animation in the game. The sound of the neck-breaking being broken is more disturbing to the player than it is to an unaware Crewmate.


Knife Kill Animation

Arguably the most iconic kill animation in Among Us, as it fully encapsulates the spirit of the game. How better to show the trickery and deception of Among Us than a simple knife to your back? The whole role of impostors in Among Us is to trick, deceive, and backstab crewmates. Blend in, move through the vents and shadows take them down with a sneak attack behind their back.

Gun Shot

Pistol Kill Animation

The gun-shot-kill animation is quite uncharacteristic as it implies a lot of gun noise. The Impostor pushes the Crewmate over from behind their back, and they are left helpless on the ground trying to make sense of the situation. Then the impostor just executes the crewmate with a shot to the head. While it's hard to see this type of kill making its way to the VR version unless a silencer is involved, it definitely is one that stands out.

It's a Beam! Straight to the face

Laser Kill Animation

This one requires you to have the Right Hand Man skin equipped as the impostor and fires a laser beam through the impostor's left eye. The hit is instantaneous and there is not much time for the crewmate to even react, while all the left standing are the crewmate's legs while the upper body disintegrates thanks to the immense power of the shot. Definitely the most visually outstanding kill animation in the game!

Projectile Throat Saber aka Needle through the Brain

Tongue Kill animation pierce brain

This one gives vibes of Steve Irwin's, the Crocodile Hunter's death as a stingray pierces his heart with its tail. In Among Us, we have the alien impostor using its tongue as a thorn or a needle to pierce the innocent crewmate's brain, leading to an instant kill. The impostor also reveals two rows of sharp teeth, fueling the theory that we have to deal with an Alien parasite invasion as crewmates.

This covers all the ways to get rid of crewmates as an impostor in Among Us. Looking for more games to play? Check our list of the best cross-platform games and the best gacha games!

Anastasios Antoniadis

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