Among Us Impostor Guide: 20+ Proven Tricks to Win 

Thanks to its unique blend of strategy and social deduction, Among Us has quickly become one of the most popular online games.?

During the game, players must work together to complete tasks on a spaceship while one or more impostors try to sabotage them. However, being an impostor isn't as easy as it seems. To win, impostors must be cunning, devious, and above all else, believable.??

In this Among Us Impostor guide, you'll learn everything you need to know about becoming an effective impostor. You will soon be on the road to victory if you know how to choose the right moments to strike and when to keep your cool.? ?

Here's a comprehensive guide if you're looking to up your game and become an impostor yourself.

20+ Tips That You Can't Neglect as an Imposter!

1. Venting Skills are your Winning Skills

To succeed in Among Us as an impostor, you have to be very careful not to get caught. Venting is a tool that helps impostors to run away in no time after committing crimes.?

?Venting allows an imposter to “teleport” to another room, where they are safe from being caught by the real crewmates. An impostor can use this ability to escape after completing a task or killing someone quickly.??

The Skeld and Polus (maps) allow limited accessibility for venting. You can only travel between a restricted number of 2-3 rooms, usually at a given time.?

On the other hand, the third map, Mira HQ, allows players to navigate through the entire vent network without coming out of the vent. Consequently, venting is more beneficial at Mira HQ.

What To Consider When Venting:

  • Be vigilant when going in or coming out of vents. Look for crewmates and security cameras around. You don't want other team members to be skeptical of you being the imposter.
  • If other teammates had seen you entering a room prior to venting, use that room to exit instead of utilizing another room to avoid any suspicion.
  • Don't forget to close the doors before venting. It will help you hide your identity and you can safely get away with venting.
  • You cannot use the sabotage and kill button cool-down timers while you are hiding in vents. So, you have to come out ultimately to complete the mission.

Overall, venting is a powerful tool that can help impostors get away quickly or reach areas they otherwise wouldn't be able to. If used correctly, it can be the difference between winning and losing the game.

2.You Miss – I Hit 

The moment you Miss a convo is the moment you will receive sus! Pay attention to the discussion and contribute when appropriate.

Keeping quiet or not taking part can cause suspicion among other players, especially if only a few are talking. As an impostor, you will have to pretend to be just as committed to the meeting as the rest of the participants.? ?

For this reason, it's important to be active and contribute to the conversation. This doesn't mean that you have to be the loudest person in the room, but you should try to participate in the discussion and offer your opinion on topics. 

Otherwise, people may start to suspect that you are up to something. If you can strike the right balance, you should be able to avoid suspicion and complete your objectives without raising any red flags.

Further, you should pay attention to what other players say and look for opportunities to cast suspicion on them. Active participation in meetings can deflect suspicion and make it more difficult for others to vote you out.??

3. Lies Are Not Always Good!

One of the most important things to remember as an impostor in Among Us is not to utilize the hard lie in the beginning. This means that you shouldn't try to trick people from the beginning but rather wait until only a few people are left.?

If you're caught in a lie, you'll have fewer people to get rid of. For instance, when there are only 3 players left, you can quickly run to the red button and blame one of the remaining players for venting. These lies are usually called hard lies and can quickly get the other player kicked off.

However, when the last crewmate finds this lie, you've only one player to kill to get the job done.

Additionally, it's essential to be careful about who you accuse. You don't want to accuse someone innocent, as this will make people suspicious of you. Finally, always be ready to blame someone else tactfully if you're caught in a lie. This way, you can keep people off your back and maintain your innocence.?

4. Don't Kill Players Who Have Used Emergency Meetings!

Yes, you heard it right! Players who have thoroughly utilized their emergency meetings are less dangerous than those with emergency meetings.?


Because they'll not be able to gather everyone when they find a body around, this can be helpful for you as there'll be fewer chances of you being voted out as a result.

When you intentionally spare players in this way, they'll consider you clean and wouldn't doubt you. However, you have to track who has thoroughly utilized his emergency meetings to benefit from this tactic.?

Otherwise, it'll be a complete waste if you spare players with some emergency meetings available.

5. The Secret to Win “Emergency Meeting”

Emergency meetings are a powerful tool that impostors can use to their advantage. By calling one, you can quickly gather all of the crewmates in one place and anonymously accuse someone of being the impostor.

You need to consider the following two things in this regard:

  • Don't use all of the meetings at once. Save one meeting for the big hard lie we discussed earlier. Using this strategy can help you win the final round.
  • An impostor can plant some false evidence or frame someone during an emergency meeting because they are usually called when something fishy is happening.?

6. Admins Maps are Highly Underrated Tools

The next point to consider when trying to win as an impostor is to use the admin map wisely. An admin map is a great tool that can help you keep track of where everyone is and what they are doing. 

The admin map will help you avoid being caught off guard and make sure that you are always in a strong position to win. Aside from that, the admin map can also help you find less populated areas of the map, making it easier for you to kill without being noticed.? ?

So, if you want to take your impostor game to the next level, be sure to use the admin map.

7. Strike the Balance Between Self-Reporting and Walk-Aways!

When it comes to reporting dead bodies as an impostor in Among Us, it is best to utilize a mix of self-reports and walkaways. Self-reporting is when the impostor reports their own kills to the crewmates. 

However, you cannot report every killing as other crewmates will have every right to doubt you if you are the one who reports the dead bodies around every time.

Walkaways are when the impostor leaves their victim's body in an area where another player will find it. This can be done by simply walking away from the body after killing the player.??

Using these methods together will ensure that the body is found and that the impostor is not suspected.

8. Utilize Popular Kill Zones Strategically

One of the easiest ways to get caught as an impostor is to frequently head for popular kill zones. These are places on the map where crewmates are likely to congregate, making them prime targets for impostors looking for an easy kill.?

The most popular kill zones are usually near tasks that take a long time to complete, such as the reactor or scanner. However, they can also be found near vent exits and other high-traffic areas.?

To avoid being caught, impostors should exercise caution when choosing their targets. If possible, try to blend in with the crowd and pick off victims who are isolated from the group. Remember, the less attention you attract, the better your chances of getting away with murder.

9. Don't Roam Around Without Any Objective

Completing tasks is one of the key ways to prove your innocence in Among Us. As an impostor, it is important to be able to fake these tasks convincingly. One way to do this is to choose a simple task and pretend to start working on it.?

For example, if you are tasked with fixing the wiring, you can approach it and pretend to start working. Another helpful tip is to choose a task that requires you to leave the room. This will give you more opportunities to commit sabotage without being caught.?

Finally, remember that other players are watching your every move. If you seem suspicious, it will only be a matter of time before you are caught. Be smart and stay calm to ensure that you make it to the end.

10. Sabotaging Is The Only Skill You Need!

As an impostor, your main goal is to sabotage the ship and kill as many crewmates as possible. When it comes to sabotaging, you need to keep a few key things in mind.?

  • First, always be aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to where the other crewmates are and what they're doing. This will help you know when it's safe to sabotage and when it's not.?
  • Second, learn all the different sabotaging tasks and practice them beforehand.

Impostors have to be careful about how they go about sabotaging the ship. The other players will quickly catch on and vote them out if they're too obvious. However, if they're too subtle, they may not significantly impact the game. The key is to find a balance between the two.

11. Have a Plan in Place to Deflect Accusers

Among Us is a game of deception and suspicion, so it's no surprise that impostors often find themselves on the receiving end of accusatory fingers. 

If you're an impostor who's been accused, your first instinct might be to defend yourself – but that's not always the best course of action. It can be more effective to turn the tables and accuse your accuser in some cases.?

This will not only throw them off balance, but it may also force them to reveal their true colors. Of course, you should only use this tactic if you're confident in proving your innocence. Otherwise, you risk setting yourself up for an even bigger fall.

12. Team Up With Other Imposters

One key tip for all impostors out there is to remember that you are not alone in your quest to deceive and murder your crewmates. You can have up to 3 imposters in the game.

One of the best ways to succeed as an impostor is to work with other impostors. You can more easily take out targets and avoid suspicion by teaming up.

Of course, this isn't always possible – sometimes you may find yourself pitted against another impostor. In these cases, it's important to be extra careful and pay attention to your fellow players' behavior. 

If someone seems oddly eager to vote out another player, they may be trying to frame them – and they could be the real impostor. As always, use your best judgment and trust your gut.

13. Learn the Art of Playing With Lights

The impostor's main goal is to kill all the crewmates before they can complete their tasks. One way to do this is by playing with the lights. When the lights are off, the impostor can move around undetected and strike when least expected. 

If a body is found, the impostor can use the darkness to their advantage and hide the body before it is discovered. 

Additionally, playing with the lights can create confusion and chaos among the crewmates, making it easier for the impostor to slip away unnoticed. Thus, manipulating the lights is a key strategy for impostors looking to secure a victory.

14. Utilize Doors Carefully!

When playing as an impostor in Among Us, one of your most powerful techniques is how you sabotage the door. No other teammate can enter or leave the room for 10 seconds when you do it.

This can allow you to control traffic flow and direct suspicious players to where you want them to go. You can also use doors to create distractions or block off areas you don't want suspects to access.

For example, you may conveniently kill a member who identifies you as an impostor by closing the emergency meeting room door. However, you might not be able to apply this technique if you are on a Polus map where players can unlock the door with a short task.

15. Get Rid of Immune Players at the Earliest!

As an impostor, one of your primary goals should be to kill any players who are immune to being voted off. Immune players are the members who have completed their visual tasks in front of others. 

As an imposter, you cannot accuse them of any killing. However, if they accuse you of anything, you are done! These players can quickly turn the game's tide if they're not dealt with swiftly, so it's important to take them out as soon as possible.?

If you know which players are immune, you can simply target them for elimination. This is usually the best course of action, as it allows you to take out a key player without alerting the others to your presence.

16. Alibis Are Your Best Friends!

When you're the impostor, it's important to have an alibi for any suspicious activity you might be accused of. 

The best way to do this is to ensure you're always seen with at least one other person. If someone accuses you of something, you can point to the other person and say you were with them the whole time.

Of course, this isn't always possible. If you're ever caught alone with a dead body, you'll need to come up with a convincing explanation for why you're there.?

This is where having a good alibi comes in handy. If you can provide a plausible explanation for your presence, it will go a long way towards convincing the other players that you're not the impostor.

17. Be Careful With the Nominations!

When you are an impostor, it is important to choose your nominees wisely. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • First, consider who is most likely to be voted off. If there is someone who is already on the chopping block, nominating them will only make it easier for the other players to vote them out.
  • Second, think about who is the most suspicious. If there is someone who is constantly being accused of being the impostor, nominating them may help to prove your innocence.
  • Finally, consider your own safety. If you are nominated, you will be put under scrutiny by the other players. Choose someone who you think will be less likely to draw suspicion to you

18. Initiatives Can Go a Long Way

As an impostor, it is important to take the initiative and be the one to make the first move. This will put you in a position of power and make the other players more likely to trust you.?

As an impostor, your goal is to deceive the other players and make them think that you are one of them. The best way to do this is to be proactive and take charge when no one else is doing so.?

For example, if there is a dead body that needs to be reported, be the one to report it. Or, if there is a task that needs to be done, volunteer to do it. By taking the initiative, you will gain the trust of the other players and will be in a better position to carry out your deception.?

19. Build Credibility

It is vital to establish your credibility with the other players as an impostor.?

  • One way to do this is to act as if you are one of the first to arrive on the scene of a crime. This will help to set you up as a reliable witness and make it more difficult for others to question your account of events. 
  • Additionally, try to be one of the first responders to tasks that need to be completed. This will show that you are eager to work and not just looking for an opportunity to sabotage the ship. 
  • Finally, be sure to point out any suspicious behavior that you see. By acting as a vigilant member of the crew, you will gain the trust of your fellow players and increase your chances of winning the game.

20. Go for Crowd Kill in the Beginning

One of the best ways to get a kill as an impostor is to perform a “crowd kill” early on in the game. To do this, wait for all of the crewmates, or at least four, to group up together and then kill one in plain sight.?

The other players will be so focused on figuring out who the killer is as it is pretty difficult to point the killer in the crowd. It will be up to your chances of getting away with the crime, but it will also sow confusion and chaos among the remaining players.?

Just be sure to keep your cool and act like one of the grieving crewmates until you can make your escape successfully.

21. Beware of Cameras in the skeld and Polus Maps

One of the most important things to keep in mind is to be aware of the cameras around the map. In the Skeld and Polus maps, security cameras are strategically positioned to help crewmates catch an impostor in the act.?

As an impostor, it is important to be aware of these cameras' locations and avoid being caught on camera.?

  • One way to do this is to stay out of sight of the cameras when possible and to only commit your crimes when there is no chance of being caught on camera. 
  • Another way to deal with cameras is to sabotage them using your impostor skills. This will disable the camera temporarily, giving you a window of opportunity to commit your crimes without being caught on camera.

If you are caught on camera as an impostor, it is crucial to have a good alibi ready. If you can convincingly pretend to be a crewmate who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, you may be able to avoid suspicion.?

Wrapping Up

While it may seem like the deck is stacked against you, impostors can and do succeed. Remember that it's not about faking it until you make it but rather learning to own your imposter status. Be willing to work hard and put in the effort required to become an expert impostor.?

And finally, don't forget to have a little fun with this too ? after all, if we didn't enjoy what we did, we wouldn't be successful impostors in the first place! How will you use these tips to help you win as an imposter?

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