Among Us hats list—How to create custom hats in Among Us

Characters in Among Us can wear hats as cosmetics. Skins from Among Us decorate the bottom part of the astronauts’ bodies, and they accessorize or cover their tops. You can make your otherwise ordinary character stand out from the crowd by wearing a hat, regardless of its color. As a result, they are very popular among players since everyone wants to look good, whether they are crewmates or imposters.

How to equip a hat while playing Among Us

Before the game starts, players can change the color of their character. To change the skin or hat, you will have to access the laptop in the waiting room. To activate the laptop, press the Customize button.

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Among Us hat cost

Changing the color of your character can be done using the same computer you use to access the skin store. You can access the cosmetics shop by going to the Skin tab and clicking the $ icon.

In the Among Us item shop, standalone hats cost $0.99/£0.89, while hats sold as part of a skin cost $1.99/£1.89

The cost of entire cosmetic bundles will be $2.99/£2.79 for now.

How to create custom Among Us hats

  1. Firstly, download and extract the Among Us Assets Bundle from DerPopo’s GitHub repo. Make sure to select the correct version for your processor (32-bit or 64-bit).
  2. Next, Launch the program AssetBundleExtractor in the folder you previously extracted from the zip file. 
  3. Select Open at the top left and navigate to the folder Among Us_Data in your Among Us installation location.
  4. Scroll down and select sharedassets7.assets and select Open.
  5. The AssetBundleExtractor will ask you what type of database you want to use. Scroll down and choose the most recent version. 
  6. In the Assets info window, sort the list by type and select all of the Texture2D files at once. 
  7. Click on Plugins and Export to .png so that you can have all the game’s 2D textures available in a new folder (let’s call it Among-Us-2D-textures).
  8. Open the new folder and open whichever 2D texture you want to edit. In this case, you want to edit hat textures.
  9. Now you can use any image editing software to edit the 2D hat texture image.
  10. Next, export the modified file as a PNG file to the folder you created with the exported textures
  11. After this, head back to the AssetBundleExtractor and select all the Texture2D files again from the Among-Us-2D-textures folder.
  12. Now, click Plugins and select Batch Import, then select the folder with all your edited files (Among-Us-2D-Textures). This way you will have a snapshot that will have the original hat textures for the hats you did not edit and your creations will replace the ones you edited. 
  13. You are almost done. Next, select Save from the drop-down menu in the top left of the AssetsBundleExtractor. This will produce two files, sharedassets0, and globalgamemanager.
  14. Finally, copy and paste the two files into the Among Us_Data folder of your Among Us installation. This will replace the default hats & skins with the edited versions you created.
  15. You can launch Among Us and select whichever skin or hat you edited from the customize menu on the laptop in the game’s lobby.

The video guides below will help you better understand the process.

All Among Us hats list

Hat NameHow to get & CostHat Picture
A Real Wiz (Wizard’s Hat)Airship Bundle (20 stars)A Real Wiz.png
Abominal HeadPolus Cosmicube (150 Pods at the shop)Abominal Head.png
Aquatic Apparatus (Underwater Mask)Free (all platforms)Aquatic Apparatus.png
Arrow’dTrick Cosmicube (100 Pods at the shop)Arrow'd.png
Batbean (Bat Bean aka Black Cat)Free on Halloween event
Treat Comsicube (100 Pods per color at the shop)
Batty (Bat)Treat Comsicube (100 Pods per color at the shop)Batty.png
BeanieShop (150 Beans)Beanie.png
Bein Cheesy (Cheese Hat)Free (all platforms)Bein Cheesy.png
Bighead (Top Hat)Airship Bundle (Cost: 20 stars)Bighead.png
BlondieFree (all platforms)Blondie.png
C4Free (all platforms)C4.png
Caitlyn’s CapArcane Comsicube (100 Pods per color at the shop)Caitlyn's Cap.png
Can’tdy Cane (Candy Canes Hat)Free on Christmas event
Snowflake Comsicube (100 Pods per color at the shop)
Can'tdy Cane.png
CandycornyTrick Cosmicube (100 Pods at the shop)Candycorny.png
Cap-tain (Captain’s Cap)Free (all platforms)Cap-tain.png
Cherry on TopFree (all platforms)Cherry on Top.png
Chocolate ScoopFree (all platforms)Chocolate Scoop.png
ChomperArcane Comsicube (100 Pods per color at the shop)Chomper.png
Chop-chop (Stricken by Sword)Halloween event – free (all platforms)Chop-chop.png
Claggor’s GogglesArcane Comsicube (100 Pods per color at the shop)Claggor's Goggles.png
CloggedFree (all platforms)
250 per color on the item shop
Clown TownTrick Cosmicube (100 Pods)Clown Town.png
Cold OnePolus Bundle
20 Pods per color on the Polus Cosmicube
Cold One.png
Comfy PomSnowbean Cosmicube (100 Pods at the shop)Comfy Pom
Cool KatieAirship Cosmicube (100 Pods at the shop)Cool Katie.png
Corrupted OfficialAirship Cosmicube (100 Pods at the shop)Corrupted Official.png
Crane OperatorSnowbean Cosmicube (100 Pods at the shop)Crane Operator.png
Crewmate SuitFree (all platforms)Crewmate Suit.png
Crowned (Crown)Free (all platforms)Crowned.png
Daisy Me Rollin’Free (all platforms)Daisy Me Rollin'.png
Deck The HallsSnowbean Cosmicube (100 Pods at the shop)Deck The Halls
Digging HelmetInnersloth Cosmicube (100 Pods at the shop)Digging Helmet.png
Done DFree (all platforms)Done D.png
DrillInnersloth Cosmicube (100 Pods at the shop)Drill.png
EggscellentFree (all platforms)Eggscellent.png
Enforcer HelmetArcane Comsicube (100 Pods per color at the shop)Enforcer Helmet.png
Eruptive (Volcano Hat)Polus Cosmicube (100 Pods at the shop)Eruptive.png
Evergreen (Christmas Tree Hat)Free on Christmas Event (all platforms)Evergreen.png
Exotic FlowerMira Cosmicube (100 Pods at the shop)Exotic Flower.png
Fairy Flutters (Fairy Wings)Trick Cosmicube (100 Pods at the shop)Fairy Flutters.png
FedorableFree (all platforms)Fedorable.png
Fez upFree (all platforms)Fez up.png
Fish HedTrick Cosmicube (100 Pods at the shop)Fish Hed.png
Floaty FlamingoFree (all platforms)Floaty Flamingo.png
FoldedFree (all platforms)
150 Beans per color variation in the shop
Franken’s SpouseTrick Cosmicube (100 Pods)Franken's Spouse.png
Frankenbolts (Frankestein Hat)Trick Cosmicube (100 Pods)Frankenbolts.png
Freshly Showered (Towel Hat)Free (all platforms)Freshly Showered.png
Frosted (Snowman Hat)Free on Christmas Event (all platforms)
100 Pods per color variation in Snowflake Cosmicube
Funky FusionAirship Bundle (20 stars)Funky Fusion.png
GartnerFree (all platforms)Gartner.png
Generally Speaking (General’s Cap)Free (all platforms)Generally Speaking.png
Gift WrappedFree on Christmas Event (all platforms)
100 Pods per color variation in Snowflake Cosmicube
Gift Wrapped.png
Goggles Up (Pilot’s Googles)Free (all platforms)
150 Beans per color variation in the shop
Goggles Up.png
Greatest HeadsetAirship Cosmicube (100 Pods at the shop)Greatest Headset Airship.png
Greatest HeadsetMIRA Bundle
100 Pods per color variation in the MIRA Cosmicube
Greatest Headset MIRA.png
GrehFree (all platforms)
150 Beans per color variation in the shop
Haunted Hotel HatInnersloth Cosmicube (100 Pods at the shop)Haunted Hotel Hat.png
Head in the Clouds (Cloud Hat)MIRA Cosmicube (100 Pods at the shop)Head in the Clouds.png
Header (Soccer Ball/Football)Innersloth Cosmicube (100 Pods at the shop)Header.png
HeadslugFree (all platforms)
250 Beans per color variation in the shop
Headslug hat.png
Heimerdinger’s HairArcane Cosmicube (100 Pods at the shop)Heimerdinger's Hair.png
Hole in One (Basketball)Innersloth Cosmicube (100 Pods at the shop)Hole in One.png
Hooded FigureFree (all platforms)
200 Beans per color variation in the shop
Hooded Figure.png
I heart uFree (all platforms)I heart u.png
I’m BurtAirship Bundle (20 stars)I'm Burt.png
Ice CapAirship Bundle (20 stars)Ice Cap.png
Imp-ressive (Imp’s Horns)Free on Halloween event
Treat Comsicube (100 Pods per color)
Important DocumentsMIRA Cosmicube (100 Pods in the shop)Important Documents.png
Innocence (Angel Halo)Free (all platforms)Innocence.png
Jayce’s HairArcane Comsicube (100 Pods in the shop)Jayce's Hair.png
Jinx’s HairArcane Comsicube (100 Pods in the shop)Jinx's Hair.png
Knighted (Knight’s Helm)Free on Halloween eventKnighted.png
Lit Up (Christmas Decorations Hat)Free on Christmas Event (all platforms)
100 Pods per color variation in Snowflake Cosmicube
Lit Up.png
Magical ‘CornFree (all platforms)Magical 'Corn.png
Mask, the Monster Mask (Paper Monster Hat)Free on Halloween event
Treat Comsicube (100 Pods per color)
Mask, the Monster Mask.png
Militant (Military Hat)Free on Halloween eventMilitant military.png
Militant (Policeman Hat)Free on Halloween eventMilitant police.png
MilitantFree (all platforms)Militant desert.png
Miner SetbackPolus Bundle (20 stars)
100 Pods per color variant in the shop
Miner Setback.png
Mini Crewmate HatCrewmate Pet Bundle (30 stars at the shop)Mini Crewmate hat.gif
MoRawkFree on Halloween event
Treat Comsicube (100 Pods per color)
Mr. MacbethAirship Bundle (20 stars)Mr. Macbeth.png
MuensterAirship Bundle (20 stars)Muenster.png
Muffs for the EarsPolus Cosmicube (100 Pods)
100 Pods per color in the Polus Cosmicube
Muffs for the Ears.png
Mummy MoodPolus Cosmicube (100 Pods)Mummy Mood.png
Museum SecurityAirship Bundle (20 stars)Museum Security.png
My Name Chef (Chef’s Hat)Free (all platforms)My Name Chef.png
Mysterious VagabondFree (all platforms)Mysterious Vagabond.png
New Year’s Eve 2019 (2019 Yellow Party Hat)Free (all platforms)New Years 2019.png
NimrodFree (all platforms)Nimrod.png
Noire EveningFree (all platforms)Noire Evening.png
OSHA CompliantFree (all platforms)
150 Beans per variant in the shop
OSHA Compliant.png
Oh Dear, Rain (Deer Antlers Hat)Free on Christmas Event (all platforms)Oh Dear, Rain.png
One in the HandMIRA Cosmicube (100 Pods)One in the Hand.png
P Hat (Party Hat)Free (all platforms)P Hat.png
Peach Drink (Juice Carton Hat)MIRA Cosmicube (100 Pods)Peach Drink.png
Peeled (Banana Hat)Free (all platforms)Peeled.png
PlaguedFree (all platforms)Plagued hat.png
Plague Doctor’s Maskplague doctor's mask
Planted (Flower Hat)Free (all platforms)Planted.png
Pompous PompadourFree (all platforms)Pompous Pompadour.png
Poor ReceptionFree (all platforms)
150 Beans per color variant in the shop
Poor Reception.png
Presents Dude (Santa Hat)Free on Christmas Event (all platforms)
100 Pods per color variation in Snowflake Cosmicube
Presents Dude.png
Prototype HelmetAirship Cosmicube (100 Pods)Prototype Helmet.png
Punkin HatFree on Halloween EventPunkin.png
RIP in Pieces (Tombstone Hat)Trick Cosmicube (100 Pods)RIP in Pieces.png
Rammed (Ram’s Horns)Free (all platforms)
150 Beans per color variant in the shop
Ratchet earsFree on PlaystationRatchet ears.png
Records RecorderAirship Cosmicube (100 Pods)Records Recorder.png
Recruited EllieAirship Bundle (Cost: 20 stars)Recruited Ellie.png
Recruited HenryAirship Bundle (Cost: 20 stars)Recruited Henry.png
Red-headed OutlawAirship Bundle (Cost: 20 stars)Red-headed Outlaw.png
RupertAirship Cosmicube (100 Pods)Rupert.png
Safety SecondFree (all platforms)Safety Second.png
Serengetti Outta HereFree (all platforms)Serengetti Outta Here.png
Shrine to the DeitiesInnersloth Cosmicube (100 Pods)Shrine to the Deities.png
Siberia JamesPolus Bundle (20 stars)Siberia James.png
Sir Wilford IVAirship Cosmicube (100 Pods)Sir Wilford IV.png
Slippery When Wet Sign HatFree (all platforms)
100 Pods per color variant at the MIRA Cosmicube
Slippery When Wet.png
Snowmate (Crewmate Snowman)Free (all platforms)Snowmate.png
Spacewalk (Austronaut’s Helm)Free (all platforms)Spacewalk.png
Spiked (Volleyball)Innersloth Cosmicube (100 Pods)Spiked.png
Splitting HeadacheTrick Cosmicube (100 Pods)Splitting Headache.png
Stickmin BrowsFree (all platforms)Stickmin Brows.png
Stickmin RiderFree (all platforms)Stickmin Rider.png
StrikeInnersloth Cosmicube (100 pods)Strike.png
Surveillance JoeTrick Cosmicube (100 Pods)Surveillance Joe.png
Sven SvenssonAirship Bundle (Cost: 20 stars)Sven Svensson.png
SwarshburgalorFree (all platforms)
150 Beans per color variation in the shop
Take CoverFree (all platforms)
100 Beans per color variation in the shop
Take Cover.png
Ten GallonsFree (all platforms)
250 Beans per color variation in the shop
Ten Gallons.png
The Last WipeFree (all platforms)The Last Wipe.png
The New ChiefFree (all platforms)The New Chief.png
The Ol’ Ball GameFree (all platforms)
150 Beans per color variation in the shop
The Ol' Ball Game.png
The Wall CapFree (all platforms)The Wall Cap.png
They Do NothingThey Do Nothing black.png
Third Eye (Eyeball Lamp Hat)Free (all platforms)Third Eye.png
Thomas TopAirship Bundle (20 stars)Thomas Top.png
Tightened SecurityMIRA Bundle (20 stars)Tightened Security.png
Tiny JimFree (all platforms)Tiny Jim.png
Toppat Chief (Double Top Hat)Free (all platforms)Toppat Chief.png
Toppat GruntFree (all platforms)Toppat Grunt.png
Toppat White EditionFree (all platforms)Toppat White Edition.png
Toy DudeFree on Christmas Event (all platforms)
100 Pods per color variant in the shop
Toy Dude.png
Traffic Jam – Purple Party HatTwitch dropTraffic Jam - Purple.png
Traffic Jam Party Hat150 Beans per color variant in the shopTraffic Jam.png
Two Eggs in a NestFree (all platforms)Two Eggs in a Nest.png
UnbearableFree (all platforms)Unbearable.png
Unique SpeciminMIRA Cosmicube (100 Pods)Unique Specimin.png
Up All Night RavingTrick Cosmicube (100 Pods)Up All Night Raving.png
Vi King (Viking’s Helm)Free (all platforms)Vi King.png
Vi’s HairArcane Cosmicube (100 Pods)Vi's Hair.png
Vine just VineMIRA Cosmicube (100 Pods)Vine just Vine.png
Visor HatInnersloth (100 Pods)Visor Hat.png
Walk the Plank (Pirate Captain Hat)Free on Halloween Event (all platforms)Walk the Plank.png
Wall UshankaFree (all platforms)Wall Ushanka.png
We All Float HereFree (all platforms)We All Float Here.png
Wearwolf (Werewolf Ears Hat)Free on Halloween Event (all platforms)
100 Pods per color variant in the Treat Cosmicube
What is up, Doc? (Doctor’s Head Mirror Hat)Free (all platforms)
150 Beans per color variant
What is up, Doc?.png
Winter ArrivesPolus Cosmicube (100 Pods)
100 Pods per color variation in the Polus Cosmicube
Winter Arrives.png
Witch OneFree on Halloween Event (all platforms)
100 Pods per color variant in the Treat Cosmicube
Witch One.png
You Glove to See it (Glove Hat)Free (all platforms)You Glove to See it.png
You’re BonedTrick Cosmicube (100 Pods)You're Boned.png
You’re Out!Innersloth (100 Pods)You're Out!.png
Young SproutFree (all platforms)Young Sprout.png
Yule Need to Log inSnowbean Cosmicube (100 Pods)Yule Need to Log in
Among Us hats list and hat pictures