Among Us [Video Game; 2018]: Available on PC and Mobile

Among Us is an online multiplayer social deduction game developed and published by American game studio Innersloth LLC. In June 2018, it was released for iOS and Android devices, and in November 2018, it was released for Windows devices.

The game is among the editors' choices both on Google Play and the App Store, which is to be expected considering the amazing popularity levels it has hit since 202

Players can play Among Us on PC or mobile. You can play with 4-15 players online or via local WiFi.

How to download Among Us

You can buy Among Us on Steam and the Epic Games Store or play the game for free on your PC using an Android emulator like Bluestacks. If you already have Among Us installed and you don't know how to update the game, you can read our guide on how to update Among Us on all devices.

There are several editions of the game available some of which offer exclusive skins, pets, and other unique rewards upon purchase.

Among Us Online Edition

You can also play the online edition of Among us in your browser:

  • Among Us Online Edition
  • Among Us Online v3
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Key Features

Crewmate life: Do all your tasks to prepare your spaceship for departure, but beware of impostors! Report the dead bodies and call an emergency meeting to vote out the impostors bent on killing you and your innocent crewmates.

Become an Impostor: Spy on innocent bystanders, cause chaos, and frame them! If you want to win, you must kill off every crew member. Pretend to complete crewmate tasks to blend in and avoid getting caught.

Adapt your game to your preferences: You can add impostors, tasks and decrease visibility. Stylish apparel, outfits, and hats let you customize your theme.

Cross-platform: Play the game with your friends on PC, Android, and iOS!

Game Objectives

You can win by completing tasks, repairing your ship, or discovering the impostors and voting to expel them. That is unless you are an impostor yourself! It's up to you to hide, destroy the ship's components one by one, or use violence to kill the crew members without getting caught. Make sure to use the vents to quickly move from one room to another while staying hidden from crewmates.

You can also find everything you need to know about all the latest Among Us updates and what's coming next to the 2020 video game phenomenon. The game has never been better, with new content, new characters, and game modes. Test out the new map, earn achievements by completing objectives, and try playing Hide n' Seek, a brand-new role and way to play. Now you can play wherever and whenever you want, thanks to the ability to link accounts across platforms!

Is Among Us safe for kids?

With Among Us, kids can interact with their friends in a fun and engaging manner. The social deduction and cooperative part of the game can definitely be used in an educational manner. According to the Apple Store, Among Us is suitable for kids aged nine and up due to the infrequent cartoon violence and horror themes.

Will there be an Among Us 2 game?

Based on what we know, no. Among Us 2 was canceled in late September 2020 as PuffballsUnited, co-founder of Innersloth announced. Instead, Innersloth will spend its efforts on making Among Us an even better game.

How to play Among us?

Among Us is a survival mafia party game in which you must vote off all imposters and complete all the tasks, and the imposter must kill your crewmates or prevent them from completing the tasks to win. As an Impostor though, you will have to kill all the crewmates or successfully sabotage the ship/base to survive, while not getting kicked in emergency meetings.

If you want to jump into the game you can read our complete guide.

Meanwhile, there is news that the little crewmates will receive some Arcane-theme accessories as part of a collaboration between Innerlosth and Riot Games.

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