Among Us Character Guide: Lore, Pictures, How to Draw

Who are the Among Us characters, and what are their playable roles and backstory? An introduction to the cute humanoid space explorers.

among us characters in space landscape

In this article, you will find information about every character released so far in Among Us. The popularity of Among Us keeps rising and many questions are being asked about the story and the Among Us characters. These are the adorable little creatures running around to save or sabotage their spaceships, space stations, Mira's HQ, and last but not least, the Airship. Among Us is a 2018 online multiplayer video game about teamwork and… betrayal, according to its developer Innersloth.  

Who are the Among Us characters?

The characters in the space-themed social deduction game Among Us are either crew members of a spaceship or alien imposters masquerading as crew members.

The game rounds in Among Us consist of four to ten players connected via the Internet or LAN. During each round, the crewmates attempt to save the spaceship and ensure that it returns to Earth safely. Additionally, each round includes 1-4 alien imposters (aka Impostors), whose goal is to kill all crew members. In an emergency meeting, players may vote to expel another player from the ship.

There is only one difference between the characters in Among Us, and that is their uniform color. In addition to wearing full-body spacesuits and carrying small oxygen tanks that look like backpacks, they are seemingly humanoid creatures (humanoids and alienoids).

Crewmembers' tasks vary according to the map, including throwing out the spaceship's garbage, performing a medical scan on another member of the crew, repairing shields, destroying asteroids, fixing electrical wiring, aligning the engine output, or diverting power from one mechanism to another.

Characters and their abilities

No backstory or names have been given to the little humanoids. However, players can enter the names of their characters. Among Us also offers some character customization features in addition to changing a character's name.

Before starting a game, you can change the color of your character's bodysuit or add cosmetic items, such as hats, skins, and pets.

Among Us distinguishes only between the crew and the imposter(s). Furthermore, each specific role provides the individual character with different abilities.

Crewmate abilitiesImpostor abilities
SecurityShift* (Shapeshifter)
Vent* (Engineers) 
* indicates that the character must be alive to perform the action

* indicates that the character must be alive to perform the action

Although the Among Us character abilities remain the same, players can alter the game's settings to change their effect. Changing the game's settings allows you to control the number of emergency meetings, enable or disable anonymous voting, change the discussion and voting times, adjust character speed and crewmate vision, as well as delay the Impostors' kill distance and kill time.

Whether you wish to give an advantage to crewmates or impostors, you can control the number of common, short, long, or even visual tasks.

All 18 Among Us characters

The only way to distinguish Among Us characters is the color of their spacesuits. Since there are 18 available spacesuit colors, there are 18 character colors.

Since the June 15 patch in 2021, Among us has supported 15-player lobbies. To cover the requirement for at least 15 different character colors, Innersloth added 6 new colors to the original 12′ tan, gray, banana, rose, maroon, and coral.

Here is the list of the 18 characters/colors available right now:

All Among us character colors

Learn more about the Among Us characters

Red Among Us character

red among us character

The red Among us character is the most popular among the game's fanbase. At the same, the Among us red character is very often considered ‘sus‘ and that might have something to do with Innersloth often portraying red as the Impostor in much of its game-promoting content.

Another factor is the fact that people interpret red as a color that signifies danger and it puts them on alert. Among Us flashes red alerts when sabotage occurs or a dead body is reported, so the notion that red is always sus is reinforced.

Red might be the real Impostor in the game's canon lore based on the promotional content released by Innersloth so far.

Remember that the crewmates' and impostors' roles are assigned randomly, so you should avoid making deductions based on character color.

Blue Among Us character

Blue among us character

The blue Among Us character appears to be among the most ordinary and pedestrian. Blue excels at being very normal. He is a minor character that appeared in Among Us Logic 7 and 13.

Green Among Us character

Green Among Us Character

Green has appeared as an impostor in one of Among Us promotional posters. At the same time, in the How to Play section of the game, Green is seen as a crewmate, along with White and Orange. The three of them are shown calling an emergency meeting after seeing Red, the usual suspect, coming out of one of the spaceship's vents. Green is an infrequently used character by most players.

Pink Among Us character


Contrary to red, the pink Among Us character may be interpreted by other players as harmless, as we associate pink with anything but murder. This can allow him to work as a silent assassin since no one suspects pink throughout the game.

Orange Among Us character

Orange Among Us character

Orange seems to be just another crewmate, but one very close to Green and Cyan. He appears alongside Green in the “Discuss!” icon after an emergency meeting is called by a crewmate.

Orange is also depicted as trapped in Security by an Impostor using door sabotage. Later on, they are killed by the Impostor.

Yellow Among Us character

yellow among us character

The yellow Among Us character's icon represents the players in the Admin map as it is used to anonymize them. Yellow was also seen in a promotional poster for Among Us pets once, along with a robot and Mini crewmate.

Yellow also appears wearing an elf hat and flying around with a jetpack in a Christmas promotional poster. He also appears as a dead boy on pages 6 and 7 of How to Play.

Black Among Us character

Black Among Us character

The black Among Us character is another one associated with mischief, as black is considered an ominous color. Black is used for both the vent and sabotage action icons and was initially called “Gray”.

The character is often used as The Impostor in Among Us advertising and the How to play section.

White Among Us character

White Among Us character

The White Among Us character is used in the in-game announcement icon, holding a megaphone to signify a public service announcement for the players. White is another color associated with innocence, reinforced by the fact that White is shown in the How to play section along with Purple, fixing a reactor meltdown.

White was also the first character showcased when the redrawn art style was introduced in the game.

Purple Among Us character

Purple Among Us character

Purple has appeared in three promotional game images and is often among the less suspected crewmates. Purple has been shown as a dead body, an innocent fixer, and a suspect character in Among Us promotional content.

Purple is also shown as a dead body in the Vanteline's day promotional image, in which Lime shows up as an impostor from one of the spaceship's vents.

Brown Among Us character

Brown Among Us character

Brown is not among the most popular characters as he ranks 11th in the popularity charts. That is probably why Brown often does not make appearances in promotional content. However, Victoria Tran, Innersloth's community director is often depicted as Brown wearing the Dum sticky note in promotional content.

You will find Brown sometimes acting friendly, other times logical, and others toxic.

Cyan Among Us character

Cyan among us character

Cyan is among the most used characters in promotional content. The Cyan Among Us character is probably the child or younger sibling of Orange and Green as all three of them appear in a family picture in the player's wallet when they swipe an ID card, with Cyan being significantly smaller than the other two.

Some people call Cyan light blue or teal to distinguish them.

Lime Among Us character

Lime Among Us character

The Lime Among Us character appears to leave the game in rage when they are not the imposter. Lime is the least featured color in the game's promotional content, having appeared only two times so far. Meanwhile, the dummy Crewmates in Freeplay cannot become Lime, as it is one of the colors later introduced in a game update.

Maroon Among Us character


We don't know much about the Maroon character, but he appears in promotional artwork with a slightly different color than its in-game color.

Rose Among Us character


Rose was announced in May 2021 and added to the game on June 15, 2021. There is not much trivia and lore about these three.

Banana Among Us character


Banana was announced in May 2021 and added to the game on June 15, 2021. There is not much trivia and lore about these three.

Gray Among Us character


Gray was announced in May 2021 and added to the game on June 15, 2021. There is not much trivia and lore about these three.

Tan Among Us character

Tan among us character color

Tan was part of the original colors during the game's development but was removed at launch. Now it's back in the lineup since the June 15 update in 2021, but according to Innersloth, it is the least popular color among players.

Coral Among Us character

Coral among us character new color

Innersloth gave the opportunity to players to vote whether Coral or Olive would be the final color to be added in the June 15th update in 2021. Coral won the vote making the 18th color in Among Us. For a while Coral emote was :winner: in the official Discord server, while Olive's emote was :loser: due to the results of the vote. Since then Coral's emote has been changed to :crewmate_coral: to match the rest of the in-game character colors.

In-game character appearance and animations

Firstly, if the character is a Crewmate, all characters will display their names in white above their heads. If the player is chosen as an Impostor by RNG, then other Impostors will see their names (including their own) as colored red while crewmates will see them as white. Players can pick character names before the game starts in the lobby.

Additionally, if a player is eliminated by normal gameplay, they will turn into a ghost. Ghosts look the same as living characters, with a ghost tail instead of legs, transparent. Also, their currently chosen skin and cosmetics will not be visible.

On the other hand, if a player is murdered, all that will be left behind at the scene of the murder will be a decapitated corpse. In particular, the corpse will feature only the bottom part of the body and the spine sticking out of it.

The characters can also be dressed in different hats and skins. Some of these are free and others are paid and even come in bundles. You can also create your own custom Among Us character hats and skins.

Among Us character lore

Going beyond the Among Us characters, let's discuss a few things about Among Us that you possibly were not aware of until now.

Among Us imposters lore

The imposters are shapeshifting, parasitic aliens according to the developers. They also seem to be able to see in the dark after sabotaging a game map's lights. The imposters either don't need oxygen or are willing to sacrifice themselves to kill the Among Us crewmates, as they win a round if they cut off the oxygen supply. 

The imposters infiltrated the Skeld ship at some point before the crewmates went to MIRA HQ or the Polus research base.

According to the DLC costume descriptions, the crewmates head to Mira HQ and Polus in the hope they are free of imposters.

Among Us crewmates lore

All the Among Us crewmates work for an organization called MIRA, which we visit in the MIRA HQ map. Additionally, the Submit Scan task indicates that all crewmates are 3'6″ and 92 lbs. 

They all seem to be biologists and geologists studying alien geology and lifeforms, as well as mining on different planets. The Upload Data and Process Data tasks include files such as specimen_data.tiffminerals_data.dat, and mining_finances.png.

Artifacts and samples seen in other tasks include bones, plant and animal fossils, and gems. Finally, crewmates' goal in the game is to escape the imposters and “return back to civilization.”

How to draw Among Us characters?

Just like the Among Us logos which are very simplistic, the characters in Among Us are also very easy to draw. Here are the basic steps you will need to execute draw an Among Us character outline and then fill it with details.

You will also find some Among Us character drawing video guides:

You will also find some amazing character artwork on Pinterest and Twitter.

How to draw among us characters crewmates and impostors
Image Credit:

How to draw Among Us characters in a few simple steps:

  1. Firstly, draw a large upside down U.
  2. Next, add the character's lowe boy (legs and waist) just like in picture 2 & 3.
  3. The next step is to draw the oval facemask of the spacesuit.
  4. After that, make sure to remove the part of the upside down U that is within the facemask's area, like in step 5.
  5. You can now draw a backpack on the crewmate or impostor's back.
  6. Then, you can add some very light shadow lines to the character's body.
  7. You can now press the outlines of the body with a thick market (picture 8)
  8. Finally, you can color the character with two different shades of the same color, as shown in picture 9. The darker shade should cover the lower part of the crewmate or impostor's body for the drawing to look more realistic.
among us character drawing guide final steps: shading, thickening, and colorization
Image Credit:

Among Us characters as humans [Drawing Guide]

Among Us characters are probably not humans as they stand at 3 feet and 6 inches tall. However, a lot of content creators and gamers want to draw the characters in human form. The guide below will definitely help you do it!

Among us character faq

The simplistic design of Among Us has raised a ton of questions about the characters and the game's lore.

Are Among Us characters humans or aliens?

The characters in Among Us are designed as humanoids, but they are missing arms in all their appearances. Whether that is just part of aesthetics and the game's fans read too much it, or there is a story behind this design choice remains to be seen.

Despite appearing to be armless, a lot of the tasks each character can perform imply humanoid abilities and the use of hands. While their hands are not visible when not in use, they show up in certain scenarios, floating mid-air, and can even appear and disappear at will. On the other hand, that's just how animations work.

Personally, I believe these creatures are just humans or were meant to be, designed this way for simplicity and cuteness (win-win). This is a question similar to whether Super Mario is a human or a dwarf, and I don't believe the developers originally expected to dig that deep.

However, many official Twitter posts from Among Us developers debase the theory that Crewmates are humans. Riding the buzz?

How do I change my Among Us character?

When you join an Among Us game in the pre-game lobby, you will find a laptop that allows you to change and customize your character's appearance. You can select any color not used by someone else and decide which cosmetic items you want to dress your character with. That's the only way to change your character's looks.

Can I always be the Impostor in Among Us?

No, you cannot control this decision. However, there is a theory that you can increase the odds by constantly changing character colors until the game starts.

What are among us crewmates called?

The crewmates don't have individual names other than the ones selected by players before the game starts. They are collectively referred to as “the Crew.”

Can you make your own Among Us character?

No, but you can use the Among Us avatar creator website to create unique avatars to use in the game and beyond it.

What is the Among Us crewmate symbol?

Here is the Among Us crewmate and character symbol: ඞ

Is Among Us available on both mobile and desktop?

Yes, Among Us is available on mobile devices for free. Desktop users will have to buy the game from Steam, or wait for another Epic Games free game offer.

How tall are Among Us characters?

According to InnerSloth, the little humanoid creatures are 3 feet and 6 inches tall.

Among Us character popularity rankings [Original 12 Colors]

Time for some popularity rankings, which include the original colors as the introduction of extra 6 is relatively fresh at this point. So, here are the most popular characters in Among Us. It comes as no surprise that the Among Us red character is the most popular in the social deduction game:

  1. Red
  2. Black
  3. White
  4. Cyan
  5. Yellow
  6. Blue
  7. Pink
  8. Purple
  9. Orange
  10. Lime
  11. Brown
  12. Green

Among Us character lore video

Game Theory: Among Us Lore, You Will ALWAYS Lose! by The Game Theorists
Video by Crewmate


With “Among Us” popularity still spiking among multiplayer games, there is definitely potential for the appearance of new characters in the game, so stay tuned for more. We will keep you up to date with everything new we learn about everyone's favorite social deduction game!

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