Among Us character guide: All you need to know

Looking for information about every Among Us character? There have been many questions regarding the story behind the game and everything related to cute little creatures running around saving or sabotaging spaceships, space stations, Mira’s HQ, and not to mention the Airship.

Among Us is a 2018 multiplayer online video game about teamwork and… betrayal, according to its developer Innersloth.  

Who are the Among Us characters?

First of all, the characters in the space-themed social deduction game Among Us are either astronauts or alien imposters.

A single game round in Among Us consists of four to ten players connected online or via LAN. The crewmates will have to work together in order to save the spaceship and return safely. In addition, each round also includes 1-3 alien impostors (aka Impostors) whose aim is to kill every member of the crew. There is the option of holding an emergency meeting and throwing another player out.

Among Us has characters that look identical to one another, except for their uniform colors. The creatures look like humanoids (humans and humanoids), wearing full-body spacesuits and carrying small oxygen tanks that resemble backpacks.

Each crew member performs different tasks, such as throwing out litter, performing a med scan on another crew member, fixing shields, destroying asteroids, aligning engine output, or diverting power to different mechanisms depending on the map.

Among Us Character Abilities

No backstory or names are given to the little humanoids. However, the players can input the names of their characters. Aside from changing a character’s name, Among Us also offers some character customization options.

Changing the color of your character’s space bodysuit or adding cosmetics, such as hats, skins, and pets is possible in the lobby area before starting a game.

Aside from the crew and imposter roles, the only difference is the role of a member of the crew. Additionally, each of the roles gives the character unique abilities.

Crewmate abilitiesImpostor abilities
SecurityShift* (Shapeshifter)
Vent* (Engineers)
* indicates that the character must be alive to perform the action

In Among Us, characters have the same abilities, but players can alter these abilities by tweaking the settings in the game. The settings in the game allow you to choose the number of emergency meetings, enable or disable anonymity, change the time and date of discussion and voting, alter the speed and visibility of crewmates, and set the kill distance and cooldown for the Impostors.

The number of common, short, long, and even visual tasks can be controlled, depending on whether you want to give the crewmates or the impostors an advantage.

All 18 Among Us characters

Among Us characters can only be distinguished by the color of their spacesuits. There are 18 color options for spacesuits. Therefore, there are 18 color options for characters.

Among Us supports 15-player lobbies since the June 15 patch in 2021. Innersloth added six new colors to the original 12′ tan, gray, banana, rose, maroon, and coral to meet the requirement for at least 15 different character colors.

The following 18 characters/colors are currently available:

All Among us character colors

Red Among Us character

Red Among Us character

The red Among Us character is the most popular in the game’s fan base. The red character in Among Us is often considered ‘sus,’ which is likely due to Innersloth’s depiction of the red character as the Impostor in most of its promotional content.

Additionally, people interpret red as a color that signifies danger, which causes them to become alert. When sabotage occurs, or a dead body is reported, Among Us flashes an alert in red, reinforcing the idea that it’s always red.

Red is also featured in the iconic “SHHHHHHH!” logo.

Based on the promotional content released by Innersloth thus far, Red might be the real Impostor in the game’s canon lore.

The roles of crewmates and impostors are assigned at random, so don’t make assumptions based on a character’s color.

Black Among Us character


Black is considered an ominous color, so the black Among Us character is also associated with mischief. It was initially known as “Gray” and was used on vent and sabotage action icons.

The Impostor is frequently used in ” Among Us ” advertising and in the How to Play section.

White Among Us character

White |

Players will see the White Among Us character holding a megaphone in the in-game announcement icon. White is another color associated with innocence, reinforced by the fact that White and Purple can be seen in the How to play section, repairing a reactor meltdown.

Additionally, White was the first character to use the new art style in the game.

Blue Among Us character


The Among Us blue character appears the most ordinary and pedestrian. He does an excellent job at being quite ordinary. Among Us Logic 7 and 13 featured him as a minor character.  

Green Among Us character


One of the promotional posters for Among Us features Green as an impostor. As well, Green is seen as a crewmate in the How to Play section of the game, along with White and Orange. Red, the usual suspect, is seen coming out of one of the ship’s vents, prompting the three of them to call an emergency meeting. Most players hardly use Green.  

Pink Among Us character


In contrast to red, players may view pink as harmless, since we associate pink with everything but murder. In this way, he can act as a silent assassin throughout the game since no one suspects him.  

Orange Among Us character


The orange crewmate seems just another member of Green and Cyan’s crew, but one very close to them. In the “Discuss!” icon, he appears alongside Green after a crewmate calls for an emergency meeting.

Orange is also shown as a victim of impersonators who use door sabotage to trap him in Security. In the end, they are all killed by an impostor.

Yellow Among Us character


The yellow Among Us character’s icon represents the players in the Admin map as it is used to anonymize them. Once, Yellow appeared with a robot and Mini crewmate in a promotional poster for Among Us pets.

A Christmas promotional poster also shows Yellow wearing an elf hat and flying around with a jetpack. The dead boy also appears on pages 6 and 7 of How to Play.

Purple Among Us character


As one of the less suspected crew members, Purple has appeared in three promotional images for the game. In promotional material for Among Us, Purple has been shown as a dead body, an innocent fixer, and a suspect character.

Purple also appears as a dead body in the Vanteline’s day promotional image, in which Lime appears as an impostor through one of the spaceship’s vents.

Brown Among Us character


Brown ranks 11th on the popularity charts, so he isn’t among the most popular characters. As a result, he doesn’t often appear in promotional videos. On the other hand, Victoria Tran, Innersloth’s community director, is often depicted as the Dum sticky note wearing Brown in promotional content.

Brown is sometimes friendly, sometimes logical, and other times toxic.

Cyan Among Us character


Cyan is one of the most popular characters in promotional content. As all three characters appear in the player’s wallet along with an ID card when they swipe, Cyan might be the child or younger brother, or sister of Orange and Green. Cyan is significantly smaller than the others.  

Some people call Cyan light blue or teal to distinguish them.

Lime Among Us character


As soon as one stops being the imposter, Lime Among Us leaves the game in rage. Lime has appeared only twice so far in the game’s promotional content. While the dummy Crewmates in Freeplay cannot become Lime, since that is one of the colors later introduced in a game update.  

Maroon Among Us character


We don’t know much about the Maroon character, but he appears in promotional artwork with a slightly different color than its in-game color.

Rose Among Us character


Rose was announced in May 2021 and added to the game on June 15, 2021. We know very little about him/her.

Banana Among Us character


Banana was announced in May 2021 and added to the game on June 15, 2021. We know very little about him/her.

Gray Among Us character


Gray was announced in May 2021 and added to the game on June 15, 2021. We know very little about him/her.

Tan Among Us character


Tan was part of the original colors during the game’s development but was removed at launch. Now it’s back in the lineup since the June 15 update in 2021, but according to Innersloth, it is the least popular color among players.

Coral Among Us character


As part of the June 15th update in 2021, Innersloth gave players the chance to vote on whether Coral or Olive would be the final color added. Coral won, making it the 18th color added to Among Us. In the official Discord server, Coral’s emote was :winner:, while Olive’s emote was :loser: due to the results of the vote. In order to match the rest of Coral’s in-game colors, Coral’s emote has been changed to :crewmate_coral:.

In-game character appearance and animations

Firstly, the names of all Crewmates will be displayed in white above their heads if they are Crewmates. Whenever the player is chosen by RNG as an Impostor, the names of other Impostors (including their own) will be colored red while their crewmates will be white. Players can choose their character names in the lobby before the game begins.

As a bonus, players will turn into ghosts if they are eliminated by normal gameplay. The ghost looks like a living character but has a ghost tail instead of legs, which is transparent. They won’t be able to see their current skin color or cosmetics.

The only thing that will remain at the scene of a murder is a decapitated corpse if the player is murdered. As a result, the corpse will mainly consist of the bottom of the body and the spine protruding from it.

Other hats and skins can also be worn by the characters. Some of these are free, while others cost money. Some even come in bundles. Additionally, you can customize Among Us character hats and skins.

Among Us character lore

We’re going to explore a few things about Among Us that you might not have known.  

Among Us imposters lore

According to the developers, the imposters are parasitic, shapeshifting aliens. After sabotaging the lights of a game map, they also seem to see in the dark. They either don’t need oxygen or are willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of killing the Among Us crewmates, as they win a round if they cut off the oxygen supply. 

Before the crewmates went to MIRA HQ or the Polus research base, the imposters gained entry to the Skeld ship.

They head to Mira HQ and Polus in hopes of avoiding imposters, as described in the DLC costume descriptions.

Among Us crewmates lore

Each of the Among Us crew members works for MIRA, which we visit on the MIRA HQ map. Additionally, all crewmates were listed as 3’6″ and 94 lbs. when they submitted their scans. 

Each task contains files such as specimen_data.tiff, minerals_data.dat, and mining_finances.png. All of them seem to be biologists and geologists examining alien geology and life forms and mining on different planets.

The crewmates need to escape the imposters and return to civilization to accomplish their goal in the game. Other items seen in other tasks include bones, animal fossils, and gems.

Among Us character FAQ

Are Among Us characters humans or aliens?

Among Us is a game that features characters that are shaped like humans; however, all of the characters are devoid of arms. It remains to be seen whether that is just part of the aesthetics of the game, or there is a deeper meaning behind this design choice.

How do I change my Among Us character?

When you join an Among Us game in the pre-game lobby, you will find a laptop that allows you to change and customize your character’s appearance. You can select any color not used by someone else and decide which cosmetic items you want to dress your character with. That’s the only way to do change your character’s looks.

Although the characters seem armless, they can perform various tasks that require humanoid skills and hands. Although their hands are invisible when they’re not in use, certain situations will see them floating in mid-air and even appearing and disappearing at will. However, animations work in this way.

These creatures are, to my mind, just humans. This question is similar to whether Super Mario is human or dwarf. I don’t think the developers intended to go that far.

Can I always be the Impostor in Among Us?

This decision is not under your control. However, there is a theory that states that by constantly changing character colors until the game begins, you can increase your odds.  

What are among us crewmates called?

There are no individual names for crewmates other than what the players selected before the game begins. The crew is referred to collectively as “the Crew.”

Is it possible to create your own character for Among Us?

There is no such thing, but you can create your own avatars to use both in-game and outside of it by using the Among Us avatar creator website.

What is the Among Us crewmate symbol?

Here is the Among Us crewmate and character symbol: ඞ

What is the height of the characters in Among Us?

The little humanoids stand 3 feet and 6 inches tall, according to InnerSloth.


  “Among Us” popularity continues to spike among multiplayer games, so there is definitely potential for new characters to appear in the game, so keep an eye out. We’ll keep you updated with everything we learn about everyone’s favorite social deduction game!