All Star Tower Update Log & Patch Notes

The complete All Star Tower Defense Update Log and Patch Notes.

All Star Tower Defense Huge Update - Stardust Patch Notes & Update Log

This post will provide the full Roblox All Star Tower Defense update log and patch notes for past and new updates of the game.

While you are here, don't forget to check for the latest All Star Tower Defense codes for new codes released with each All Star Tower Defense Update. You can also find the patch notes on the official ASTD Discord server.

January 14th, 2023 Patch Notes

TOWER MODE (Located In World 1) [Will Be Resettable Like Infinite Leaderboard/Can Get Rewards Again After Reset]
-Rewards For Completing All 100 Floors:
20700 Gems
1100 Stardust
Floor 100 Unit Reward: Exotic Rex 

Gem Rewards Per Floor:
Floor 1-20: 150 Gems Each
Floor 21-40: 175 Gems Each
Floor 41-75: 200 Gems Each
Floor 76-99: 300 Gems Each

Stardust Rewards Per Floor:
Floor 10: 20 Stardust On Clear
Floor 20: 40 Stardust On Clear
Floor 30: 60 Stardust On Clear
Floor 40: 80 Stardust On Clear
Floor 50: 100 Stardust On Clear
Floor 60: 120 Stardust On Clear
Floor 70: 140 Stardust On Clear
Floor 80: 160 Stardust On Clear
Floor 90: 180 Stardust On Clear
Floor 100: 200 Stardust On Clear

-Leaderboard For Most Cleared Floors

-Nezichi 6 Star (Z Banner)
-Kriffin 5-6 Star (Z Banner)
-Exotic Units (Behind Summon Area)
-Blue Gem Units (Behind Summon Area)
-Added Yamamoto blessing 
-New Solo Infinite Mode
-New Solo Leaderboard
-Exp Raid Mode
-3x Speed Gamepass
-Added Loading Screens 
-Tower Mode Addition
-New Code

-fixed leaderboard in w2 not appearing
-fixed category search
-fixed can evolve search
-removed grounds from air mode
-extensions for future events in world 1 lobby added
-removed Christmas stuff and turned infinite maps to normal 
-revamped regular infinite map 
-revamped category infinite map 
-revamped double path infinite map 
-revamped air infinite map 
-changed mission clear ui
-fixed nezuki 
-fixed w2 infinite
-fixed Illusiva 
-fixed doing solo infintie with others
-fixed ground units in air
-Added big bass event
-reset solo leaderboard

December 22nd, 2022 Patch Notes

Update Log:
-World 3 Added (Level Requirement 115+)
-Orb Forge System Added
-Orb Attunement/New Orbs
-New Banner In World 3
-New Story Missions With Rewards In World 3
-2 New Stardust Banners
-New Blessing Save Feature (You lock your blessings so they stay even when you switch loadouts)
-New Shutdown Screen and it saves your 2x Speed and Banner1 and Banner2 Pity
-Particles Hidden on LowGFX
-Priority Backend Altered
-Fixed some Unit Outfits
-Certain Story Missions Nerfed

-Improved Spam Clicking to skip on Special Banner
-New Z Banner Unit
-Ui Revamped
-3 New 7 Stars
-20+ New Units 
-Soul Raid Added
-New Mounts
-Damage Task Increased
-Cost Reduction Orb Now Total Cost
-Skip Limit Increased
-Fixed Missing Clothes Units
-Bugs Fixed
-Anime Tags For Units That Were Previously Stunned
-World 2 Less Lag
-Shirtless Devil Blessing 
-New Infinite Double Path Leaderboard Reward 
-Old Will Blessing Coming Soon

December 5th, 2022 Patch Notes

-Winterfell Presents Added
-Winterfell Raid In W2 Added

How To Obtain Presents:
Winterfell Present III - Beat WinterFell Raid
Winterfell Present II - Z Banner
Winterfell Present I - Gold Banner/Complete Daily Task

**PRESENTS WILL NOT OPEN TILL LATER** (Works Like Last Years Presents)

December 3rd, 2022 Patch Notes

winter start

Restore System;

Type /e restore in roblox chat to get tower pass units back, you can only do it once every few hours.

Some units [mostly battle pass units] no longer give XP

if you bought BP tiers and didn't get it you should see it now, you might need to rejoin twice

christmas infinite maps

star pass extended

added christmas gifts
;if you buy gifts you can only use it to gift to other people **YOU CANT OPEN THE ONES YOU BUY**
;you can only open gifts that are given to you 
;you can open them on christmas
;there is level requirement to buy gifts

made it so people can't block the gift shop opener

November 27th, 2022 Patch Notes

Mini Update Log:
-Two New 6 Stars
-One New 6 Star From Raid
-One New 5 Star
-New Mist Raid
-Skip Limit Increased
-New Blessings (More To Come)
-Misc Bugs Fixed

November 8th, 2022 Patch Notes

-2 New Banners
-14 New Stardust Units
-2 New Banner Z Units
-Restored all decent units that you fed away in the past 2 weeks because a lot of people accidentally fed starpass units and think they lost the unit so it was given back to you, but now that there is locking feature use it so you don't accidentally feed unit 
-Add unit locking [These units can't be feed, used as evolution material (unless its the main unit), traded or consumed] 
-Banner Z Pity 
-new capsule (5 legendaries, 2 epics)
-three new evolution raids
-one new challenge raid
-change lb reward from 1000 gems to 250 stardust 
-add new universal orb obtainable by beating raid 3 extreme 20% chance 
-removed mollu
fixed koku alternative evolution
fixed people who can't load in properly
fixed /e evolve
fixed Second Hand II weighing you down
second hand II and map tping fixed in new servers
buffed beast controllable hit range
fixed lock and feed visuals
fixed a dungeon reward bug when killing boss with a summoned unit

All Star Tower Defense Huge Update Log

-Leader Skills
     -Added a new system where the first slot on your loadout has the "Leader" icon, the unit placed in this slot will boost the rest of the team if they fit the Leaders conditions of being "Category" specific
    -Added a new system where each unit is placed into a set amount of "categories" depending on who they are. The goal is for you to find the right category for you to take advantage off with the new "Leader" system. In order to do this you must set a unit with a "Leader Skill" as your first slot. The leader skill for example could boost "Prodigies" category, and then you could form a team with the new filtering system and make a team made up of units of that category to form a boosted team.
-Added New Special Banners
-Added Featured Units
-When evolving characters, able to see where you obtain the materials by clicking the requirement 
-Raised Max Inventory Space from 600 to 800
-Removed Emeralds 
-Transfered Emeralds to Gems (Check your giftbox)
-EXP gives more based off the star your feeding, dupe units give even more xp 
-UI revamp
-Added New Story Missions 
-Added Event Tasks 
-Added Mystery Unit Boss Rush 
-Added Giftbox 
-Upgraded Sorting Capabilities 
-New functionality to mid-match upgrade menu (The Info Symbol on the Character Preview)
-Removed Treasure Cart Mission 
-Pvp Season Reset (Rewards in giftbox)
-Feed Auto Select EXP Units
-Auto Use Active Skills Checkbox 
-less inventory lag 
-New Capsule 
-Hatched Another Egg
-Replay/Return now works for all maps [Except Dungeons]
-Removed daily wheel
-New model for Star Pass
-You can no longer pay to restore tickets 
-Emerald Capsule Removed
-Skip Tickets Transfered to Stardust 
-Removed XP Boosts from Star Pass 
-Remove Skip tickets from Star Pass
-Added stardust to battle pass [DONE]
-Added Tickets to Star Pass
-New infinite mode type
-Transfered EXP Boosts to gems 
-Handed out Team rewards (Check Giftbox)
-World 2 Map optimized 
-Fixed a Rare Glitch that caused people's items to be duped in trading 
-Fixed a lot of other Bugs and Broken Unit Visuals
-Enemy Dialogue should Translate Properly
-Fixed Black Enchant and White Enchant
-The Path Added to Banner 3
-New Banner Units

-First Wood Bender Blessing Added & Has Been Retired From Leaderboard
-First Wood Bender No Longer Obtainable As Of 9/25/2022. 
-Regular Infinite Map Altered 
-New Infinite Regular Leaderboard Reward
-NEW Blackstache (Timeskip) 6 Orb Obtainable From Fodd
-Yoshaga Kiryu Orb Added To Orb Shop

Lex 6 - Yellow Enchant
Sound-O-Sonic 6 - Blue Enchant
Crow (After) 6 - Red Enchant 
Golden Supreme- Leader 6 - Yellow 
Ice Queen (B) 6 - Blue
Jokato Koju IV 6 - Green 
Kosuke (Full Samurai) 6 - Red
Mikato (Beast Cloak) 6 - Yellow
Ruffy (Snake SSS) 6 - White
Star Boy (Requiem) 6 - Yellow
The Path 6 - Green
Whitestache (Final) 6 - White

New Units Made Tradeable:
Bike Leader Dungeon Unit Is Now Tradeable
Ultra Koku Black Is Now Tradeable
The Shogun Is Now Tradeable
Blonde Chain Tradeable
Handsome-Jo Tradeable
Spider 11 Is Now Tradeable
Green Huntress Is Now Tradeable
Ex-Captian Is Now Tradeable

Ikki (Dark) 6 Spa: 11 -> 8
Buffed Tokens 6
Buffed Zaruto (Path) 6
Buffed King Of Heroes 6
Buffed Hirito (Omega) 6
Buffed Super God Koku 6
Buffed Organs (OUTRAGE) 6 + Bleed Removed
Buffed Oob (Fusion) 6
Buffed The Pharaoh 6
Buffed The Boys 6
Balanced Legendary Leader 6
Balanced Kosuke (Full Samurai) 6
Balanced ZIO (Ascended) 6
Buffed Flower Trainer 6
Balanced Baby Vegu I
Balanced Baby Vegu II
Buffed Baby Vegu III
Balanced Red Servant (Final) 6
Balanced Jujutsu Master 6
Balanced Underwater God 6
Balanced Yoshaga Kiryu (Eat The Dirt) 6
Balanced Card Collector, Ci 6
Buffed Elite Warrior 6
Buffed The Strongest Curse 6 + Poison Added
Buffed Flaming Tiger (JUSTICE) 6
Buffed The Big G. 6
Buffed The Grappler]
Balanced Universal Justice #1 6
Balanced Fiend Siblings 6
Balanced Zorro (Serious) 6
Balanced Night Guy (8) 6
Balanced Aqua Koku 6
Balanced Blue Satan 6
Balanced Red Eye Warrior Path 6
Balanced Godus 6
Balanced Large Mother 6
Balanced Flimflam (Overheated) 6
Balanced God Black Fusion 6
Balanced Mag (Bless) 6
Balanced Killer S+ 6
Balanced Sorcerer Evil 6
Balanced Whitestache (Prime) 6
Balanced Pirate King 6
Balanced Worl (Ultra) 6
Balanced Divine Pride (PEAK) 6
Buffed Zazashi (PERFECTION) 6 
Balanced Kura (Darkness) 6 
Balanced Death 6
Buffed Veguko (FUSED) 6

Infinite Mechanic/Ability Changes:
Red Servant (Final) 6 → Ability Buffed
ZIO (Ascended) 6 → Timestop 20 Seconds -> 30 Seconds
Skeleton 6 Ability: ??? → 250% Dmg Buff + 25% Range Buff
Onwin 5: 200% → 200% Dmg Buff
Metallic King 5: ??? → 250% Dmg Buff
Flower Magus 4: 30% → 40% Range Buff | Stun Removed
Freeze Mechanic (Universal) 2 Seconds → 3 Seconds
Exodia: 77 Million → 20 Billion Damage
Large Mother 6: Rewind ??? → ???
Mag (Bless) 6: Ability Reworked
Killer S+ 6 Cooldown Increased, Money Wish 10,000 → 1,000,000
Whitestache (Prime) 6: Ability Reworked
Zazashi (PERFECTION) 6: Buffed

Story Mechanic/Ability Changes:
Jokato 6: Cost Reduced, Timestop Length/Range Increased
Enchant Damage: 2x -> 3x

Story Changes:
Balanced Gen 6
Buffed Mikato (Beast Cloak) 6
Buffed Uru 6
Buffed Golden Supreme Leader 6
Buffed The Path 6
Buffed Limila 6 
Buffed Ice Queen (B)  6
Buffed Ruffy (Snake SSS) 6
Buffed Masked Monster 6
Buffed Planter 6
Buffed Whitestache (Final) 6
Soul The Boy (Elite) 6
Balanced Crow (After) 6 For Story
Buffed Dimensional Alien (Strong) 6
Buffed Sky God 
Buffed Anti Hero

ZYZZ Fixed
Fixed God of Lightning
Fixed Event task Text
You can skip through the summons a bit faster now
Fixed a glitch where you can spam summon button
Made some of the new raids easier maybe still too hard
Fixed some lag in new servers
Fixed up some raids and black hole orb

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