All Clans & Rarities in Slayers Unleashed

Slayers Unleashed is a Roblox anime RPG based on the popular anime and manga Demon Slayer. In Slayers Unleashed you take upon the path of Demon Slayer, Demon or even a Hybrid. A key element of your character in all Demon Slayer-inspired games on Roblox, such as Demonfall, Project Slayers, Wisteria, Slayer RPG 2, and more, is that of clans.

Combining a strong Breathing with the matching Clan for it and the matching Slayer Mark will give you a huge boost in the game.

Players can use spins or rolls to be randomly assigned a Clan, and depending on the clan they were assigned to they will receive different stat bonuses and other buffs. Clans come will different rarities or roll chances and, typically, the higher the rarity the better stat bonuses and buffs the Clan provides.

For instance, the Kamado Clan, which is among the rarest in the game, gives you 100% chance to acquire Sun Breathing. That doesn't mean other Clans cannot get it Sun Breathing, just that it will be harder to get as it has a 10% Drop Chance.

The Kibutsuji Clan is the only one that can buff Muzan BDA, while other clans, Like Tokito and Tsugikuni have increased chances to acquire Moon Breathing.

Slayers Unleashed Clans, Rarities, Stat Bonuses & Buffs

Here are all the currently available Clans in Slayers Unleashed, along with their Roll Chances and the buffs and bonuses they provide:

  • Kibutsuji Clan (1% Roll Chance)
    • Double EXP
    • Increases health regeneration by 30%
    • Increases Muzan Blood Demon Art damage by 20%
  • Himejima Clan (1% Roll Chance)
    • Double EXP
    • Boosts Stone Breathing damage by 15%
    • Increases Health regeneration by 25%
  • Kamado Clan (1% Roll Chance)
    • Double EXP
    • 10% overall damage buff
    • 100% chance to obtain Sun Breathing Upon defeating Yoriichi
  • Tsugikuni Clan (1% Roll Chance)
    • Double EXP
    • 10% overall damage buff
    • 85% Chance to get Moon Breathing
  • Tokito Clan (2% Roll Chance)
    • 1.3x Damage Boost on Mist Breathing moves
    • Increased speed and stamina
    • 50% Chance to get Moon Breathing
  • Shinazugawa Clan(2% Roll Chance)
    • 1.3x Damage Boost on Wind Breathing moves
    • +10% Sword Damage
  • Rengoku Clan(5% Roll Chance)
    • 1.3x Damage Boost on Flame Breathing moves
    • +10% on health
  • Iguro Clan(5% Roll Chance)
    • Increases DoT Venom duration by 25%
  • Tsuyuri Clan(5% Roll Chance)
    • Buffs Flower Breathing Damage
  • Kanroji Clan (5% Roll Chance)
    • 15-20% Damage boost to Love Breathing moves.
  • Uzui Clan(6% Roll Chance)
    • 1.3x Damage Boost on Sound Breathing moves
  • Hashibira Clan (10% Roll Chance)
    • 1.3x Damage Boost on Beast moves
    • +5% on stamina
  • Kocho Clan (15% Roll Chance)
    • 1.6x Damage Boost on Insect Breathing moves
    • Halves sword and normal combat damage
  • Agatsuma Clan(20% Roll Chance)
    • 1.3x Damage Boost on Thunder Breathing moves
  • Urokodaki Clan (40% Roll Chance)
    • Free Tengu Mask
  • Tomioka Clan (60% Roll Chance)
    • 1.2x Damage Boost on Water Breathing moves


This is everything you need to know about Clans in Slayers Unleashed. Don't forget to check our Slayers Unleashed codes for free Clan Rerolls and other freebies.

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