All Specialties in Shuudan: Shuudan Specialty Guide

In Roblox's Shuudan, specialties can impact your build, as they can buff certain stats of your player or provide them with unique abilities. Our Shuudan Specialties guide features all specialties available to roll for in Shuudan and will help you figure out the best personality for your player build.

All Shuudan Specialties

Below are all 7 player specialties currently available in Shuudan, taken from the game's Trello board.

Bird Eye

The user can see other people's Stamina Bars. A very good specialty when attacking as you can pick the defenders to attack.


Coming in Update 3.

Hawk Eye

The user can see other users' Stamina and Flow Bar; in Flow, they can see the enemy team's pass indicator. This is probably the current best specialty in Shuudan, as it gives a clear edge when in flow.

Power Shoot

Increases the user's Power. Ideal for forwards.


Increases the user's Speed. Probably best for attackers, although it can benefit defenders by allowing the better position themselves in time.


Increases the user's Stamina. Probably best for backs and halfs.

Upper Power

Increases the user's Jump Height. Seems like a waste, even for forwards, but I may be wrong.

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