All Personalities in Shuudan: Shuudan Personality Guide

In Roblox's Shuudan, personalities can impact your build, as they can buff certain stats of your player or provide them with unique abilities. Our Shuudan Personalities guide features all personalities available to roll for in Shuudan and will help you figure out the best personality for your player build.

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All Shuudan Personalities

Below are all 9 player personalities currently available in Shuudan, taken from the game's Trello board. Some personalities seem to only have cosmetic and animation impact on the player.


“A strong desire to do or to achieve something” Ambition can be good for any build in the game. Usually, meaning they have the desire to Win. The developers have not mentioned what effect Ambition has on your player's stats.


“Disagreement, typically when prolonged, public, and heated. ” Ways of passing/ Shooting are bizarre.


“Intense and selfish desire for something. ” Gives the player the ability to steal from teammates. This personality can be useful in certain scenarios.

Lone Wolf

“A very independent or solitary person ” Depending on the category of your build, it will buff that specific stat. One of the best all-around personalities, as it works for any build.


“Persuasion, influence, or intimidation to make someone do something. ” Suitable for defensive builds, can block shots right before a shooter. One of the best personalities for defenders.

Rational Thinker

“Considers the variables of a situation before concluding” Buffs up control stat a little.

Sore Loser

“One who is easily angered by losing a game or contest.” Losing a game would gradually increase stats for some time.


“Fair and generous behavior or treatment of others, especially in a sports contest. ” Pass power / Accuracy is buffed a little. A solid personality if you are trying to play the pivot role.


“The tendency to behave angrily or emotionally. ” Good for aggressive defensive builds.

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