All Races in Project Slayers: Human, Demon Slayer, Demon & Hybrid

Roblox Project Slayers is on of the most popular anime-inspired fighting games on the platform. The game is inspired by Demon Slayer, so you will find a lot of elements inspired by Demon Slayer canon in it, along with several new ideas. In this post, we will discuss the four races in Project Slayers, three of which are available now, while the last one will be released in a future game update.

Project Slayers Races

Below you will find all the information you need about the three currently available races in Project Slayers and speculation about the upcoming Hybrid race.


All players in Project Slayers start out as Humans. You will maintain this race at least until level 15 when you can become a Demon Slayer or Demon. There is nothing particularly special about humans, but they can wield Katanas and learn Breathing at level 12.

Demon Slayer

To become a Demon Slayer you must complete the Final Selection once you are level 15 or higher. Demon Slayers can wear Slayer Corps uniforms, use the Kasugai Crow from their HotBar to get new quests, and rise through the Demon Slayer Corps' ranks.


To become a Demon you must find Muzan at night and complete a questline so that you can get Muzan's blood. Demons can feed on the souls of humans and Demon Slayers they kill. They can also use Blood Demon Arts, while they can only use Claws as weapons, not Katanas. Demons will die if they are exposed to sunlight. To avoid this you must either be a member of the Kamado Clan, which is the rarest in Project Slayers, or wear a hat.

Both Demon Slayers and Demons can increase their Breathing or Demon Power by completing Gourd Training.


Hybrids don't exist in Demon Slayer canon. However, they are a fan made concept that was used in the Roblox game Demonfall. In Demonfall, Hybrids are former Demon Slayers that became Demons. This allows them to maintain their Breathing while also mastering Blood Demon Arts.

We don't if Hybrids in Project Slayers will follow a similar concept as they are not introduced into the game yet. If they do though, Hybrids will probably a superior race that is available a higher levels just like in Demonfall, where it is available after level 50 (additionally, you cannot become a Hybrid if you use Sun Breathing, so members of the Kamado Clan may not be viable to become Hybrids).

All the above information about Hybrids is just speculation based on Demonfall. We will see what the developers eventually decide to do with this race.


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