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Gold Lock Online is a multiplayer fast-paced soccer game on Roblox inspired by the popular anime series Blue Lock. In Gold Lock Online, you must create the ideal build for your player to help lead your team to victory. One part of this process is to roll for a talent that grants your player bonus perks (You can obtain free talent spins by redeeming Gold Lock Online codes).

The developers have thankfully shared the complete list of Gold Lock Online talents on Discord, as the game doesn't currently have a Trello board. Let's see them!

Gold Lock Online Talents List

Below are all 18 available talents in Gold Lock Online to roll for with spins. I decided to not add any commentary to them as I don't play the game. However, the description for some of them will instantly help you identify whether the talent is a good fit for your player's position and build.

  1. Prodigy – You gain more EXP in general
  2. Recuperative – Grants faster stamina regeneration
  3. Athletic – Increases your Stamina
  4. Egotistical – Your shots become more powerful
  5. Key Passer – Increases the hitbox of your team when passing
  6. Fast Break – Higher speeds when having the ball
  7. Precise – Your shot is more accurate
  8. Gio wise – Lower dribble cooldown
  9. Loki – A Higher speed while G dashing
  10. Isagi – Bigger air volley hitbox
  11. Intercepter – Bigger receiving hitbox
  12. Atomic Foot – More power when aiming high (Punting)
  13. Trapper – A better version of Intercepter
  14. Floater – More hangtime
  15. Basketball Player – You become extremely tall
  16. Aggressive – Grants auto pushing
  17. Ankle Breaker – High ankle chances on every dribble move
  18. Chigiri – A wind-up ability that increases your speed dramatically for a short period
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