All Elden Ring Sorceries: Effects, Requirements, and How to Get

In Elden Ring, you can use Sorceries as your main form of magic attack, and incantations as utility magic.

Elden Ring Sorceries List and How to get them

Spell NameEffectFPSlotINTFAIARC
Adula's MoonbladeA sweeping slash followed by cold blade projectile2613200
Ambush ShardStrikes from behind with projectile fired from a distance1612300
Cannon of HaimaLobs an explosive magic projectile in an arc4512500
Carian GreatswordPerforms sweeping slash using a magical greatsword1612400
Carian PhalanxForms a defensive arch of numerous magic glintblades2613400
Carian PiercerImpales foes with a magical greatsword23127
Carian RetaliationDispels enemy spells and retaliates with glintblades811700
Carian SlicerPerforms swift, sweeping slash using a magical sword411400
Comet AzurFires a tremendous comet within a starry torrent40 (10)36000
Crystal BarrageFires a volley of glintstone crystal shards14 (2)12300
Crystal BurstFires a burst of glintstone crystal shards1411800
Crystal ReleaseScours area with violent rain of crystal shards3814100
Founding Rain of StarsReleases a downpour of star rain for a while6925200
Freezing MistReleases cold mist before the caster2012100
Frozen ArmamentEnchants right-hand armament with frost2011500
Gavel of HaimaAttacks using a magical great hammer3712500
Gelmir's FuryCovers area with a surge of magma from the earth21 (3)128150
Glintblade PhalanxForms a defensive arch of magic glintblades2012200
Glintstone ArcLaunches a horizontally-widening magic arc10113
Glintstone CometshardFires a magic comet with a trailing tail2513600
Glintstone IcecragFires mass of cold magic from glintstone1211500
Glintstone PebbleFires magic projectiles from glintstone7110
Glintstone StarsFires guided magic shooting stars14113
Gravity WellPulls foes toward caster with gravity projectile1211700
Great Glintstone ShardFires larger magic projectiles from glintstone1211600
Great Oracular BubbleLaunches a giant magic bubble16125018
Greatblade PhalanxForms a defensive arch of larger magic glintblades4312900
Loretta's GreatbowFires great arrow from a magic greatbow3212600
LucidityAlleviates the buildup of sleep and madness1011700
Magic BubbleLaunches several bubbles of magic12110
Magic DownpourSummon a magic mass that sprays projectiles over an area2511500
Magic GlintbladeCreates sigil that forms a projectile glintblade after a delay1211400
Magma ShotFires lump of magma that explodes on contact24119100
MeteoriteCalls small meteors down from the sky30 (10)130
Night Maiden's MistReleases life-sapping silver mist before the caster3511400
RancorcallSummons vengeful spirits that chase down foes14116140
Rennala's Full MoonIncarnate a full moon and launch it at foes5527000
Rock BlasterThrust staff into the ground to emit a massive shockwave30 (5)12100
Rock SlingSummons rocks from the earth and sends its flying1811800
Roiling MagmaFires lump of magma that explodes after a delay32121120
Rykard's RancorReleases searing spirits that repeatedly explode after a delay35140180
Scholar's ArmamentEnchants right-hand armament with magic damage2511200
Scholar's ShieldEnhances left-hand shield damage negation3011200
Shatter EarthThrust staff into the ground to emit a shockwave1211500
Shattering CrystalCreates crystal mass that shatters in forwarding burst3213800
Star ShowerFires six shooting stars that pursue foes3612400
StarlightCreates starlight to illuminate surroundings1211500
Swift Glintstone ShardSwiftly fires magic projectiles from glintstone311200
Terra MagicusRaises the magic strength of those within the sigil2012000
Thops's BarrierErect a magic forcefield to deflect spells7 (7)11800
Tibia's SummonsSummons Those Who Live in Death20128200
Unseen BladeIt makes the right-hand armament completely invisible1811200
Unseen FormIt makes the caster semi-invisible2011600
Zamor Ice StormThrust staff into the ground to create a freezing tornado2213600
Oracle BubblesLaunches several small magic bubbles12119915

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