All Bosses in Project Slayers: Locations, Drops, Fight Tips & Strategies

Last Updated: July 21, 2022 @ 15:30
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Bosses are a large part of Project Slayers, as they are either part of useful questlines to gain XP, part of Breathing Training questlines, or necessary to acquire new moves for your Breathing or Blood Demon Art. At the moment, there are 10 bosses you can fight in Roblox Project Slayers. Two of them are mere humans, bandits in particular; five are Demon Slayers, and four are Demons.

Below you will find the complete list of all bosses in Project Slayers, their locations, health, and all their possible drops. You can check our Project Slayers locations map for the exact locations of bosses or the video we have embedded below.

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Early, Mid, and Late-Game Bosses

Many players are probably confused by what early, mid, and late-game mean in Project Slayers. The confusion is reasonable as you can get your Breathing as soon as level 12, complete Final Selection, or become a Demon at level 15. However, based on the Block Bar and how well Breathing works, I would say that the early game is at least until level 35, considering that the max level is 100.

I would call mid-game levels 45-70, and you have reached the end-game from there. Skilled players can defeat bosses at lower levels, but don't get disappointed if you can't.

This is the first Roblox game I have played (I am a terrible player, and that's a plus when you write guides for a game that are meant to work for everyone). At level 60, I can solo every boss except for the three end-game bosses (for Giyu, Susamaru, and Yahaba, I have to get lucky) without using any tricks, just straight out blocking, guarding, and comboing. Eventually, you will grow stronger and get there. The game is not meant to be easy anyway.

General Tip Against Project Slayers Bosses

If you fight bosses solo, you will realize pretty soon that it's quite a challenge, even once you have unlocked Breathing and all its moves. Note that once a boss kills you, its Health Bar doesn't go back to full. Instead, it starts regenerating health slowly. I recommend setting a spawn point close to the boss or a location where you can reach the Horse Guy fast before the boss replenishes much HP. This way, you may die several times, but eventually, you will take the boss down.

That's how I defeated Sanemi (I set the spawn at Kiribating village, unlocked the Wind Trainer on my map, and traveled there as fast as possible every time I died). I do the same thing with Kaden by setting my spawn point at Ushumaru Village and bringing him down from the hill. You fight him to have him as close to the spawn point. I may die once or twice per battle (now that I have Breathing Level 3), but I can solo him.

The above tip does not seem to work for any Demon Boss. Even if you get them at 5% HP they will back to 100% no matter how fast you get back.

I will be writing down all the close locations to bosses here:

  • Kaden: Set spawn point at Ushumaru Village. Run back to Kaden from there.
  • Sanemi: Set spawn point at Kiribating Village. Fast Travel back to the Wind Trainer once you respawn.
  • Giyu: Set spawn point at Butterfly Mansion. Run back to Giyu from there.
  • Zanegutsu Kuuchie: Set spawn point at Kiribating Village. Fast Travel back to Zapiwara Mountain from there.
  • Shiron: Set spawn point at Butterfly Mansion. Run back to Shiron from there. You can even bring her down and close to the spawn point, making the fight a cakewalk.
  • Yahaba/Susamaru: Set spawn point at Kiribating Village. Fast Travel back to Ouwbayashi Home from there. (Update: Doesn't work!)
  • Nezuko/Slasher Demon: Set spawn point at Kiribating Village. Fast Travel back to Dangerous Woods from there. (Update: Doesn't work!)
  • Sabito: Set spawn point at Kiribating Village. Fast Travel back to Waroru Cave from there.

The trick hasn't worked very well for me against Demon bosses, as they seem to regenerate HP faster (similarly to Demon Slayer canon, but even Nezuko's HP regen is fast, contrary to Demon Slayer canon :P). However, you will find links to guides below on strategies to beat Demon Bosses.

One important distinction: When I use the word guard, I mean soaking/blocking all the attacks of an enemy. When I use the word block, I mean perfectly timing your block to negate the attack and stun the enemy (it's more like parrying and countering the attack).

Pro Tip: Getting to +6/+7 Block Bar will help you successfully guard against the normal attack combos of all bosses in the game (+5 is not good enough, while +6 sometimes fails for me against Demon Bosses depending on the combo they use and whether one attack hits the air). I'd say +7 is the magic number; I recommend spending as many rolls as possible to get the Kamado Clan when you create a character (+3 Block Bar). At this point, the Knock Down/Guard tactic works on almost every boss in the game (in case you have not mastered Blocking, which is not that easy anyway), especially if you have them cornered against a wall.

Human Bosses in Project Slayers

There are two human non-Demon Slayer bosses currently in the game. They are both associated with questlines in villages.

Kiribating Village

  • Bandit Zuko
    • Health: 250
    • Drops: 20% chance of dropping Zuko's Necklace
    • His moves are effortless to block, so you shouldn't have any issue dealing with him.

Ushumaru Village

  • Kaden
    • Health: 900
    • Drops: Tier 1 Chest
    • I recommend getting a party and/or getting to Breathing Level 3 using Gourd Training before you start farming Kaden, as you want your Breathing Points to replenish so that you can constantly use moves to knock him down. Once he starts spinning, move away or interrupt him with a Breathing move. You can't guard his spinning after it starts as there are not enough Guard Points in the game to do it; plus once he moves slightly behind you, he completely bypasses it. However, if you time your block well, you can easily block the spinning and stun him. In general, it's the easiest T1 boss to farm in Project Slayers.

Demon Slayer Bosses in Project Slayers

General rule of thumb against the four Breathing bosses:

Sabito, Sanemi, Zanegutsu Kuuchie: Stay close so that they will use easily guardable normal attack combos.

Shiron: Keep away and only get close to extend combos.

Sabito is probably the easiest of the four while Shiron is the hardest. Still, all four are quite easy to solo.

Five Demon Slayers appear as bosses in the game. Three are associated with completing your Breathing Training and acquiring the sixth move of the four current Breathing Styles in the game.

The only exception is Water Breathing, for which you must defeat Sabito to complete your training, but Water Breathing's Sixth move drops from Giyu. All five bosses have an increased chance to drop their respective Katanas from their T1/2 Chests.

Waroru Cave

  • Sabito: Sabito is a mid-game boss who uses water breathing; he was once one of Urokodaki's Students. He uses water moves when he attacks, and he has a chance to drop a special item when defeated.
    • Health: 900
    • Drops: Tier 1 Chest, 12% chance to drop Sabito's Mask (+30 HP), Increased chance to receive Water Katana from his T1 Chest.

Wind Trainer

  • Sanemi: Sanemi is a mid-game boss that uses wind moves in his attacks; when defeated, he has a chance to award wind users with a special move.
    • Health: 1500
    • Drops: Tier 1 Chest, 10% chance to give the move Idaten Typhoon to Wind Breathing Demon Slayers, Increased chance to receive Sanemi's Katana from his T1 Chest.

Butterfly Mansion

  • Shiron: Shiron is a mid to late-game boss, also one of Shinobu's students, who uses insect moves with her attacks; when defeated, she has a small chance to award insect users with a special move.
    • Health: 1500
    • Drops: Tier 1 Chest, 10% chance to give the move Butterfly Dance: Caprice to Insect Breathing Demon Slayers, Increased chance to receive Shinobu's Katana from his T1 Chest.


  • Giyu: Giyu is a late-game boss that uses water moves with his attacks. He has a small chance to award water users with a special move when defeated.
    • Health: 2100
    • Drops: Tier 2 Chest, 10% chance to give the move Constant Flux to Water Breathing Demon Slayers, Increased chance to receive Tomioka's Katana from his T2 Chest.
    • How to beat Giyu.

Zapiwara Mountain

  • Zanegutsu Kuuchie: Zanegutsu is a mid-game boss that uses thunder breathing; when defeated, he has a small chance to award thunder users with a special move.
    • Health: 1000
    • Drops: Tier 1 Chest, 10% chance to give Thunderclap and Flash Sixfold to Thunder Breathing Demon Slayers (Thunder Breathing's sixth move), Increased chance to receive Lightning Katana from his T1 Chest.

Demon Bosses seem quite harder to deal with compared to Demon Slayers, but there is an easy strategy for all of them.

Demon Bosses in Project Slayers

There are four Demon Bosses in Project Slayers at the moment, and all four are associated with acquiring a new move for your Blood Demon Art. Two of them (Yahaba and Sasumaru) are the two of the only three bosses that drop Tier 2 Chests (along with Giyu, who is the only Demon Slayer boss that drops a Tier 2 Chest).

Yahaba and Sasumaru are the two strongest Demon Bosses, even though they are not even part of Muzan's Lower Ranks in the anime/manga. Slasher Demon is the guy that got defeated by Rengoku in the Mugen Train Arc, while the current version of Nezuko is the chiibi one, but she can already be challenging.

Lower and Upper Moon Demon bosses will probably be much harder to deal with in future updates.

Ouwbayashi Home

  • Yahaba
    • Health: 2000
    • Drops: Tier 2 Chest, 10% chance to give the move Arrow Spikes to Arrow BDA Demons
    • How to beat Yahaba
  • Susamaru
    • Health: 2000
    • Drops: Tier 2 Chest, 10% chance to give the move Tamari Meteor to Tamara Ball BDA Demons
    • How to beat Susamaru

Dangerous Woods

Nezuko is on the left side of the fork of the road in Dangerous Woods, while you will find Slasher Demon on the right.

  • Slasher Demon
  • Nezuko
    • Health: 1400
    • Drops: Tier 1 Chest, 10% chance to give the move Blood Burst to Blood Explosion BDA Demons
    • How to beat Nezuko

All Boss Drops in Project Slayers

As already explained, bosses drop Tier 1 or 2 chests. I believe both chests can contain any of the items below, with the T2 chest having a better chance to do so:

  • Ore
  • Shinobu's Katana (Mythic)
  • Straw Hat (Mythic)
  • Tomioka's Katana (Rare)
  • Sanemi's Katana (Rare)
  • Lightning Katana (Rare)
  • Water Katana (Rare)
  • Stamina Potion
  • Regeneration Potion
  • Health Potion
  • Shinobu's Haori
  • Tomioka's Haori

I may be forgetting some items, but I believe these are all the ones I have encountered.

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