Alchemy Stars Tier List – Best Characters

One of the most popular game genres in recent years is undoubtedly idle gacha games. We love these games where the goal is to make the right combinations and collect characters. Alchemy Stars is one of these games. Published by Tencent Games, this game has more than a hundred characters and thousands of features. Especially if you're new to this genre, you might be a bit confused. We've prepared the Alchemy Stars Tier List with the best characters for you.

In this game, which plays almost like Idle Heroes and AFK Arena, you've to think about many things. We wanted to create a ranked list to help you choose between different characters with different roles. These lists were created separately for each role. This way you'll be able to see the characters in the role that fits your play style, from the best to the worst.

As with the tier lists we've published so far, our goal is to tell you which characters to focus on. Keep in mind that you'll need to play the game a lot and develop your own playstyle to get the most out of the information here. When you're ready, we can get started right away.

Alchemy Stars Tier List
Image Credit: Tencent Games

Alchemy Stars Tier List 2022

Although tier lists are very common, they can be confusing to some players. If you're hearing this concept for the first time, we'd like to briefly explain it to you.

We use tier lists to rank characters in video games from best to worst. Although some details vary from game to game, they're generally based on character stats. Therefore, a large part of the following ranking is based on the objective strengths of the character traits. So the characters that best fit your play style may not be the strongest here.

We'll use the most general system to rank the characters in Alchemy Stars. If you want to beat your opponents with different combinations of characters, you should have the strongest characters in their field. Alchemy Stars tier list is divided into a total of five tiers. These are the characters that go from S to D, simply from best to worst.

  • S-Tier: They're the most valuable characters in the game. The more of them you've, the more you can outclass your enemies.
  • A-Tier: They're stronger than all the characters in the rest of the list, but weak against the characters in the S-tier. However, if you've a large number of A-tier characters, no one can stand in your way.
  • B-Tier: Among the characters of Alchemy Stars, these are the ones you'll probably spend the most time with. They're definitely not weak, but you should get A-tier characters as soon as possible.
  • C-Tier: They may work at the beginning of the game, but soon they're easily beaten. Get rid of the characters quickly in this level.
  • D-Tier: Don't waste your time with these characters. You can use them once or twice to complete your team, but don't make them part of your original plan.

We can get start talking about the Alchemy Stars tier list.

Alchemy Stars Tier List – Forest

The first rule to succeed in the game is to make sure that your characters survive for a long time. To achieve this, you need to have strong characters from the Forest region in your team. The outstanding feature of these characters is defense and they've healing abilities. You should also evaluate crowd control abilities if they fit your strategy.

SHiiro, Migard, Pact, Beryl
ALouise, Nikinis, Robyn, Wendy, Dawn
BUriah, Jola, Jomu,Ophina
CDove, Clover
Alchemy Stars Tier List – Forest

Alchemy Stars Tier List – Water

There's a reason why this class lags behind other character types. Their main abilities are defense and healing, just like Forest characters. However, their attack speed is very low. If you want to have a long-term survival strategy in battles, you can use one of these characters. But they'll often have a hard time being part of your main game plan.

SRaphael, Bethlehem, Sharona, Carleen
ASariel, Noah, Vice, Allura, Kuma & Pengy
BJane, Michenny, Tweety, Constantine
CKorgon, White Dwarf, Zoya
Alchemy Stars Tier List – Water
Alchemy Stars Tier List
Image Credit: Tencent Games

Alchemy Stars Tier List – Fire

As you can imagine, the most aggressive among the Alchemy Stars characters are in this class. It would be best if you had as many of these characters as possible with high attack power and speed. Even if you don't use them all simultaneously, you should have several alternatives. Focus on S-Tier characters to deal high damage to your opponents in a short time.

SJona, Uriel, Sinsa, Rouge, Novio, Charon
AIstvan, Maggie, Barbara, Faust
BNails, Leona, Brock, Chandra, Reggie
CJoanie Boom, Taki, Chainsaw Rick, Benny & Curo
DSork & Beck, Pepi
Alchemy Stars Tier List – Fire

Alchemy Stars Tier List – Thunder

The way to succeed in Alchemy Stars is to use different elemental characters together. The most important characters for successful combinations are those of the Thunder class. Thanks to their versatility, you should have these suitable characters for everything.

SIrridon, Michael, Revy, Eve, Wrath
ASchwartz, Mia, Vivian, Nemesis, Pittman
BNadine, Ansia, Hachi & Gin, Keating
CEho, Angel, Unimet
Alchemy Stars Tier List – Thunder


There are endless ways to succeed in Alchemy Stars, with over 150 great characters. The most important thing is to determine your own play style and collect characters that fit it. Don't forget to collect powerful characters that belong to different elements.

We've created the tier list of Alchemy Stars based on our own decisions. You'll be very successful if you include these characters in your deck. To get S-Tier characters, you need to play the game a lot and defeat your opponents.

If there are characters that aren't on this list, but you think you are very strong, share them with us in the comments. We're curious about the characters in your deck.

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