AFK Arena v1.83 Patch Notes

Quality of life changes and new Dimensional hero coming soon!

AFK Arena v1.83 Patch Notes

The complete changelog of the upcoming AFK Arena v1.83 Update!

New Dimensional Hero is coming soon: Fane – The Wicked Warden

Fane - The Wicked Warden

New Hero: Fane – The Wicked Warden

  •  Added the new Graveborn hero: Fane – The Wicked Warden
  • The new hero Fane – The Wicked Warden will be available to test play
  • Added the Bountiful Trials event for Fane – The Wicked Warden, as well as the Arena of Trials event “Guild Trials”0.

New Additions and Optimizations

1. Added an all-new revised version of the Fight of Fates game mode.

2. Added the adventure “The Arid Lands” to the Voyage of Wonders feature.

3. Added a new event called the “Poetic Pop Quiz”. While the event is active, players can answer daily quiz questions for rewards.

Hero Adjustments and Changes

Mishka – The Wild Child

1. Mishka – The Wild Child

Fixed an issue that was causing a visual glitch to occur in very rare circumstances when the Ultimate skill “Werebear” was used. The skill's actual effects remain unchanged.

Nara - The Heartcaver

2. Nara – Heartcarver

Fixed an issue that was causing the bleed effect of the skill “Impale” to erroneously target untargetable enemies in very rare circumstances.
This update will only affect the AFK Arena Test Server. Final adjustments on live servers will be determined when the official update is launched.

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