How to Use Swap Scrolls in AFK Arena – Hero Recommendations

Time to make those maxed out Shemiras and Belinda useful. By swapping them!

What is Swap Scroll?

Swap Scroll was release in AFK Arena Patch v1.60

Swap Scroll is the new item in AFK Arena that allows players to swap two heroes' the level, ascension tier, Signature Item, and Mythic Furniture with one another!

Players can obtain the Swap Scroll from the Bounty Chest after completing Chapter 24. At the moment, there is only 1 Swap Scroll available for each player.

The swap scroll is consumed when you swap heroes so make sure to use it wisely (unlike me)!


  1. Used to swap heroes' Hero Level, Ascended Tier, Signature Item, and Mythic Furniture with one another.
  2. The selected heroes are not going to swap gear.
  3. You cannot swap celestial, Hypogean, and Dimensional heroes. Non-Ascended Tier Heroes cannot be swapped. You cannot swap newly released heroes within the first 60 days of their release. Bummer.

Best Swap Scroll Hero Recommendations

The best source heroes to use the swap scroll on are outdated characters.

The top candidates for this are Shemira, Belinda, and Lucius. I recommend using Shemira as the source Hero, as she is applicable only in one Twisted Realm team comp – The Demonic Entity, where she is the primary DPS.

So, choose wisely and find a strong hero you don't use that much.

As for target heroes, I think many valuable heroes have been introduced in AFK Arena over the years. Carries like Scarlet and Kren that are valuable in many modes are great candidates.

It depends on what you already have, but I think some of these are the best options as they are ranked very high on my AFK Arena Tier List.

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