All the AFK Arena Heroes – Stats, Mechanics & Heroes List

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Heroes List Stats and Mechanics

AFK Arena heroes are divided into 7 factions, 5 classes, 3 types, and several roles. There is one exception to this rule: Legendary Tier heroes do not possess a class but have two roles, a primary and a secondary.

Speaking of Legendary Tier, there are two hero tiers in AFK Arena: Ascended and Legendary. Legendary heroes can only reach up to the Legendary Tier when you power them up while for Ascended heroes there are 3 more tiers: Mythic, Mythic+, and Ascended.

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AFK Arena Factions

AFK Arena heroes belong to one of the following factions:

Lightbearer Mauler Wilder Graveborn Celestial Hypogean Dimensional
AFK Arena hero factions

Factional Advantages

There are also offensive factional advantages:

  • Lightbearers deal up to 25% more damage to maulers.
  • Maulers deal up to 25% more damage to Wilders.
  • Wilders deal up to 25% more damage to Graveborns.
  • Graveborns deal up to 25% more damage to Lightbearers.
  • Celestials and Hypogeans mutually deal up to 25% more damage to each other.
  • Dimensionals are similar to a “void” faction that doesn't have a factional advantage or disadvantage.

Note: As I mentioned, the factional advantages are offensive only. If faction A is strong against faction B, it doesn't mean faction A heroes take less damage from faction B.

afk arena heroes factional advantage
AFK Arena Factional Advantages

Hero Rarities

The portraits of the heroes have frames of different colors based on their rarity:


Basic Stats

Damage Types

Plate & Leather heroes deal physical damage, including skills. Physical damage takes an extra calculation of accuracy and evasion.

Cloth heroes deal magical damage, including their auto-attacks. Magic damage isn't affected by accuracy and evasion.

A small number of heroes have “cause enemies to lose X amount of health,” which ignores defense and damage reduction effects. This damage also ignores shields to deal direct damage. This is similar to “true damage” in other games


A hero will be interrupted when taking large amounts of damage even if the damage source doesn't have a specific interrupt effect. This threshold is roughly 10% of the hero's maximum health.

This is not the same as the hero being stunned


Shields will prevent damage and do not allow damage taken effects to trigger. A shield's value is typically determined based on a hero's health, but shield strength is decided by the hero's defense. This means that shields on heroes with high defense will receive less damage.

However, damage reduction and item effects do not affect shields. This translates to a shield value of 500,000 being weaker than a health value of 500,000, i.e., the shield will go down faster.

Note: Shield effects stack.

Insight & Tenacity

When a character is about to fall under control effects, if the defender's tenacity is greater than the attacker's insight, the defending hero gains a 2% chance to resist the control effect for each point of difference. If the attacker's insight is higher or equal to the defender's tenacity, the control effect has a 100% chance of application.

Control Resistance Chance = (Tenacity – Insight) * 2%


Determines how much damage a hero can receive. Health is removed based on the attacker's attack rating after considering the defender's defense rating and any damage reduction effects.


Determines how much damage a hero can deal. The actual damage is based on the attacker's attack rating and attack multiplier, along with the defender's defense rating and damage reduction effects.

Critical Rating

This is the chance at which a hero triggers a critical hit, dealing double damage. Every 1 point of critical rating is equivalent to 1 critical hit chance, so for instance, a hero with a 71.2 critical rating (like my Ainz) has a 71.2% critical chance.

Crit Amplification

Crit Amplification is what we call Critical DMG% in other games. When a critical hit occurs, the damage is increased based on the difference between attacker's crit amplification and defender's crit resistance.

The formula for Critical damage goes like this.

If (Critical Amplification – Critical Resistance <= 30):

Critical Damage = (Critical Amplification – Critical Resistance) * 0.5


Critical Damage = 15% + (Critical Amplification – Critical Resistance – 30) * 2%

Up to a maximum of 75% extra critical damage.

Given that the base critical damage is 200%, a 75% critical damage increase will increase critical damage to 275%, while a -75% critical damage will increase critical damage to 125%. In the first case the Crit Amplification – Critical damage value is 60 or more, while in the second case it is -60 or less.

Attack Speed

Every 1% increases normal attack frequency by 1% (applies 1% to both animation speed as well as CD).

Attack speed applies to normal attacks only (unlike haste).

Final Attack Speed = Base Attack Speed*(100 – Attack Speed)/100

Normal Attacks

Normal attacks occur once in 1.8s for most heroes.

Ultimate Animation

Ultimate Animations freeze the battle timer and time for all other heroes except for the one casting their ultimate. During the animation time passes at an 1x rate.


Defense affects the amount of physical or magic damage a hero receives

The formula is

Damage (Pre Damage Reduction effects) = (Attack x Attack Multiplier) * (1 + 1/(Attack x Attack Multiplier)) / (5xDef)))

Damage Reduction is applied after the above formula is calculated.

Health Regeneration

This is in essence healing bonus %. For every 1 point of health regeneration, the healing of a character's skills is increased by 1%.

Received Healing

This is received healing bonus %. Every 1 point increases received healing by 1%.


Amount Healed = Base Healing * (1 + Caster's Health Regeneration + Target's Received Healing)


This is what you would call health regeneration.


Accuracy increases the hit rate of heroes that deal physical damage. Magic attacks cannot miss.


Affects the chance of dodging a physical attack. Again, magic attacks cannot be dodged.

Magic / Physical Resist

This stat reduces the damage a hero receives from magic/ physical sources.

Every 1% of resistance gives the hero 1% damage reduction against the declared damage type.

Once again, the damage reduction is calculated after the Damage formula.


I'm pretty sure everyone knows the importance of haste as it affects:

  • Active skill cooldowns.
  • Animation speed.
  • Attack speed.
  • Movement speed.

Note: Haste effects stack.

Life Leech

Every 1 point of life leech gives 1% lifesteal to all active attacks that take out an opponent's health % (DoTs and Shield damage do not lifesteal).

Energy Mechanics

All heroes' energy is capped at 1000 points This means most heroes activate their ultimate at 1000 energy. There are rare cases like Skreg's signature, allowing him to activate his ultimate earlier.

There are 3 types of energy recovery methods, namely active damage, damage taken and on-kill recovery.

Given Damage

This includes damage from normal attacks and skills, and every hero has their own recovery amount.

Normal attacks recover 70-120 energy, and melee heroes recover more energy than ranged heroes.

Received Damage

Heroes also recover energy when taking damage and that's why we place heroes that need to cast a lot of Ultimates (e.g., Saurus) at the frontline. The energy recovered depends on the attacking skills, but it only occurs when the skill takes out actual health. Shields, dodges and immunity effects negate energy recovery as no damage is dealt.

Kill Energy Recovery

When a hero kills an enemy, they recover a fixed 200 energy.

Hero Skills

Skill Order

Every skill has a cooldown applied at the start of a match that determines the order in which heroes activate such skills. Skills activatable at the same time will have priority orders that dictate which gets activated first.

Since most heroes don't have instantly activated skills (e.g., Lyca's Haste), their position on the field and haste affect their normal attacks, affecting their skill order.

Skill Priorities

Skill activation is determined by skill animation speed and the skill cooldown.

When a skill animation is complete, the game determines the next skill to use from the list of skills that are not on CD, and it picks the one with the highest priority.

There is one exception, though, Ultimate skills, as they get cast instantly when a character reaches the maximum energy threshold (1000 for almost every character, with Skreg's SI being one exception).

Crowd Control

Crowd control effects are interesting as some rely on damage being dealt to apply themselves. One such example is Soren‘s Frighten which can be avoided with shields.

Crowd Control Effects

  • Stun: Stuns the enemy and interrupts spellcasting.
  • Move: Causes a position change.
  • Freeze: Essentially, this is a stun with higher priority. Explanation below.
  • Fear: An interrupt that causes random movement while taking away all other actions.
  • Silence: Can interrupt casters and prevents them from casting spells or skills.

Crowd Control Priorities

Freeze > Move > Stun > Fear

While all effects are applied, only the one with the highest priority triggers. For instance, when Eironn freezes a target, his Cyclone won't move until the freeze ends.

AFK Arena Hero List

All usable heroes are listed below.


AscendedEstrildaEstrilda – Knight Of ValorStrengthWarriorBurst Damage
AscendedBelindaBelinda – Beam Of HopeIntelligenceMageAoE
AscendedRaineRaine – Death's DenierAgilitySupportBuffer
AscendedRosalineRosaline – The KindIntelligenceSupportBuffer
AscendedLuciusLucius – LightbringerStrengthTankRegen
AscendedThaneThane – The ExaltedAgilityRangerAssassin
AscendedFawkesFawkes – Death's DefeatAgilityRangerControl
AscendedHendrikHendrik – The DefenderStrengthTankTank
AscendedRowanRowan – The RoamerIntelligenceSupportBuffer
AscendedGwynethGwyneth – The Fair MaidenStrengthRangerContinuous Damage
AscendedRigbyRigby – The BrewmasterStrengthWarriorTank
AscendedCeciliaCecilia – Purger of SinsAgilityRangerAssassin
AscendedOscarOscar – The True GentlemanAgilityRangerAssassin
Ascended Eluard Eluard – Protector of SoulsIntelligenceMageAoE
AscendedPeggyPeggy – The Precious PearlIntelligenceSupportRegen
Ascended walker afk arena Walker – The Lone RangerStrengthWarriorContinuous Damage
RarityIconNameTypeRole 1Role 2
Legendary+OscarHogan – Knight Of The KingdomStrengthTankControl
Legendary+angeloAngelo – Song Of DawnIntelligenceRegenBuffer
Legendary+MorvusMorvus – The Far StalkerAgilityAssassinDebuffer
Legendary+MiraelMirael – The Burning LightIntelligenceBurst DamageAoE
Common merek MerekIntelligenceRegenBuffer
Common ulric UlricStrengthControlBuffer


AscendedBrutusBrutus – The Blood ClawStrengthTankTank
AscendedKhasosKhasos – The UnrulyStrengthWarriorContinuous Damage
AscendedVurkVurk – The DeviousAgilityRangerAoE
AscendedNumisuNumisu – The All SeerIntelligenceSupportRegen
AscendedWarekWarek – The UntamedStrengthWarriorContinuous Damage
AscendedSkregSkreg – The CunningStrengthTankTank
AscendedSafiyaSafiya – Daughter of the DesertIntelligenceMageAoE
AscendedSatranaSatrana – Flame WeaverIntelligenceMageBurst Damage
AscendedAntandraAntandra – Desert FuryAgilityWarriorTank
AscendedtidusTidus – ShadowmaneAgilityRangerContinuous Damage
AscendedSkriathSkriath – The Wise OneIntelligenceMageAoE
AscendedAnokiAnoki – The Blood GuardStrengthWarriorControl
AscendedDrezDrez – The Quicksand RecluseAgilityRangerBurst Damage
AscendedKren The FanaticalKren – The FanaticalAgilityRangerContinuous Damage
RarityIconNameTypeRole 1Role 2
Legendary+AnkhiraAnkhira – Deceptive BeautyIntelligenceControlDebuffer
Legendary+Golus – The BladestormStrengthTankControl
Legendary+SaveasSaveas – StrongheartAgilityContinuous DamageBurst Damage
Common Bloodsnarl BloodsnarlStrengthContinuous DamageAoE
Common arkadios ArkadiosIntelligenceContinuous DamageDebuffer


AscendedNemoreNemora – Nature's HeartIntelligenceSupportRegen
AscendedKazKaz – Hand Of The WoodAgilityRangerAssassin
AscendedLycaLyca – Keeper Of GladesAgilityRangerBuffer
AscendedUlmusUlmus – AldermarrowStrengthTankTank
AscendedGorvoGorvo – The IndomitableStrengthTankTank
AscendedEironnEironn – StormswordAgilityRangerAoE
AscendedTasiTasi – DreamhopperIntelligenceSupportControl
AscendedSeirusSeirus – Savior of the SeaStrengthWarriorTank
AscendedLorsanLorsan – Wind WhispererIntelligenceMageAoE
AscendedSoliseSolise – The Floral WonderIntelligenceMageControl
AscendedSaurusSaurus – The Risen WarriorStrengthWarriorContinuous Damage
AscendedPippaPippa – The Muddled MagicianIntelligenceMageContinuous Damage
AscendedrespenRespen – The WindchildAgilityRangerBurst Damage
AscendedRakuRaku – The RascalAgilityRangerBurst Damage
RarityIconNameTypeRole 1Role 2
Legendary+IraIra – Rogue of the ForestAgilityContinuous DamageDebuffer
Legendary+OgiOgi – Nature's StrengthStrengthTankControl
Legendary+ArdenArden – Nature's VoiceIntelligenceControlBurst Damage
Common dreaf DreafIntelligenceContinuous DamageDebuffer
Common Eletha ElethaStrengthContinuous DamageAoE


AscendedGrezhulGrezhul – The CorruptedStrengthTankTank
AscendedShemiraShemira – The CorpsemakerIntelligenceMageAoE
AscendedOdenOden – BitterblightIntelligenceMageAoE
AscendedIsabellaIsabella – The Taken SoulIntelligenceMageContinuous Damage
AscendedFeraelFerael – DoomwhisperAgilityRangerContinuous Damage
AscendedThoranThoran – The Fallen KingStrengthTankTank
AscendedKelthur – PlaguegripAgilityRangerAssassin
AscendedNaraNara – HeartcarverStrengthWarriorAssassin
AscendedBadenBaden – The AbominationAgilityWarriorContinuous Damage
AscendedIzoldIzold – The Forgotten ChampionStrengthWarriorTank
AscendedTorneTorne – The Wandering CorsairStrengthTankTank
AscendedDaimonDaimon – The Forsaken ChildStrengthTankTank
Ascended Theowyn Theowyn – The Wailing WidowAgilityRangerContinuous Damage
AscendedSilasSilas – Augmented DeathIntelligenceSupportBuffer
Ascended Desira – The Sinister SirenIntelligence Support Regen
RarityIconNameTypeRole 1Role 2
Legendary+NiruNiru – The Whispering DoomIntelligenceTankContinuous Damage
Legendary+SilvinaSilvina – The Taken BreathAgilityAssassinBurst Damage
Legendary+VedanVedan – The DemiseAgilityTankAoE
Common Steixius SteixiusStrengthContinuous DamageDebuffer
Common Sezis SezisStrengthContinuous DamageControl


AscendedAthaliaAthalia – Harbinger of JusticeAgilityRangerAssassin
Ascendedtwins afk arena elijah laylahElijah & Lailah – Celestial TwinsIntelligenceSupportBuffer
AscendedFloraFlora – The Serene PromiseIntelligenceMageContinuous
AscendedOrthrosOrthros – The Seer of OriginsStrengthTankTank
AscendedTaleneTalene – The Rising PhoenixAgilitySupportContinuous
AscendedWu KongWu Kong – The Monkey KingStrengthWarriorContinuous
AscendedZaphraelZaphrael – The RighteousIntelligenceMageContinuous
AscendedAlnaAlna – The Frozen MotherAgilityWarriorDebuffer
AscendedMoraelMorael – Queen of Star Intelligence Mage Continuous


AscendedEzizhEzizh – HellbornStrengthSupportDebuffer
AscendedMehiraMehira – The Mind CagerIntelligenceMageControl
AscendedZolrathZolrath – VoidbinderAgilityWarriorAssassin
AscendedKhazardKhazard – The Frozen TerrorIntelligenceMageControl
AscendedMezothMezoth – Abysmal ButcherStrengthTankTank
AscendedLucretiaLucretia – The BetrayedAgilityRangerAssassin
AscendedMortasMortas – The InsidiousAgilitySupportRegen


AscendedArthurArthur – PendragonStrengthTankTank
AscendedNakoruruNakoruru – Nature's GuardianAgilityRangerBurst
AscendedUkyoUkyo – Wandering SwordsmanAgilityWarriorContinuous
AscendedEzioEzio – Auditore da FirenzeAgilityRangerAssassin
AscendedAinz Ooal GownAinz Ooal Gown – Magic CasterIntelligenceMageBurst
AscendedAlbedo afk arenaAlbedo – The Pure-White DevilStrengthTankTank
AscendedJokerJOKER – Leader of Few WordsAgilityRangerContinuous
AscendedQueenQUEEN – Courageous TacticianStrengthWarriorContinuous

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