Chasmic Altar Event Guide – Defend Esperia From the Devourer!

Here is Borderpolar's complete guide to the new Chasmic Altar event in AFK Arena. This event looks like the Abyssal Expedition as you see a boss on top of an altar on your map, but it's a single boss fought across all servers to decrease campaign difficulty for everyone. Players have to cleanse 5 altars in total, and cleansing an altar moves the event to the next phase where the Gould – The Devourer will cast a different debuff on your team.

The Chasmic Altar Event Took Place in April 2021, so I assume the Cleansed Realm appeared on AFK Arena's world map on May 2021.

Chasmic Altar Formation Recommendations per Phase

Chasmic Altar – Phase 4 Best Team Comps (Normal Attack Damage Only)

Ideally, you want to use Saurus in one team for healing and damage and Raku in the other one as his normal attacks are insane. I don't have Raku, so my options were quite limited here.

Wu Kong is also pure gold here due to his clones. The damage is insane. Albedo and Ainz teams are only great if you have Albedo's SI +30 as it buffs dimensional hero damage and Ainz wrecks. If you have her with SI +30, you can even go full-dimensional. Otherwise, avoid these teams and try conventional formations.

Joker is viable even if not ideal due to his fast attacks, especially at SI +20 and higher.

I highly recommend leaving the first team intact and toying around with the second team. The 1st team comp got me to second place on the server even though my Raine is not 3/9 Mythic Furniture.

If you have any other formation recommendations please leave a comment!

First Team (Round 1)Second Team (Round 2)
Phase 4 Team Comp #1 SaurusWu Kong
twins afk arena elijah laylahWarekMortas
Phase 4 Team Comp #2SaurusWu Kong
twins afk arena elijah laylahWarekMortas
Phase 4 Team Comp #3 SaurusWu Kong
twins afk arena elijah laylahWarekMortas
ArthurAlbedo afk arena
Ainz Ooal GownRowanBaden
Chasmic Altar recommended lineups

Chasmic Altar – Phase 3 Best Team Comps (Ultimate Debuff)

First Team (Round 1)Second Team (Round 2)
Devourer Comp #1SaurusRosaline
twins afk arena elijah laylahWarekEstrilda
LucretiaWu KongRaine
Devourer Comp #2 SaurusWarek
twins afk arena elijah laylahRosalineRaine
Devourer Comp #3SaurusWu Kong
Rosalinetwins afk arena elijah laylahEstrilda
Ainz Ooal GownKren The FanaticalRaine
Chasmic Altar recommended lineups

Chasmic Altar – Phase 2 Best Team Comps (Strength and Agility Debuff)

Chasmic Altar – Phase 1 Best Team Comps (Intelligence Debuff)

First Team (Round 1)Second Team (Round 2)Max Damage
Devourer Comp #1SaurusRosaline
twins afk arena elijah laylahMortasEstrilda
Devourer Comp #2 SaurusRosaline
twins afk arena elijah laylahMortasEstrilda
Devourer Comp #3SaurusWarek
twins afk arena elijah laylahRosalineEstrilda
Devourer Comp #4 RosalineSaurus
twins afk arena elijah laylahMortasEstrilda
DaimonTaleneWu Kong
Devourer Comp #5SaurusWarek
twins afk arena elijah laylahRosalineEstrilda
Chasmic Altar recommended lineups
chasmic altar and the devourer best team comps

During this event, players fight against the boss, The Devourer, to have campaign difficulty reduced while also getting many other valuable rewards, including new stunning avatar frames.

gouldos the devourer skills

The Devourer ? Fight Mechanics & Skills

During each Chasmic Altar cleansing phase, certain heroes will receive a debuff so the recommended formations change depending on the phase.

  • Phase I: Intelligence-based damage -80%.
  • Phase II: Strength and Agility based damage -80%.
  • Phase III: Ultimates can be used once every 60 seconds.

The battles are 2-team based.

Mercenaries are not available in Chasmic Altar.

gouldos the devourer mental erosion
Mental Erosion
Deals damage the three enemies with the lowest health and inflict one stack of “Insanity” on the enemies. The “Insanity” effect has a 10% chance of being resisted. Every 20% of health that an enemy target has, increases their chance to resist by 3%.
chasmic altar gouldos the devourer writhing appendages
Writhing Appendages
Gouldos manifests 2 tentacles onto the battlefield that are attackable and controllable. Tentacles are able to inflict damage on enemies; if the tentacle expends 500 of its own energy points, 1 layer of the “Insanity” effect will be inflicted upon nearby enemies.
chasmic altar the devourer gouldos derangement
Enemies deal 12% less damage to Gouldos for every one layer of “Insanity” affecting them. Once an enemy is affected by five layers of “Insanity,” they will turn sides and fight for Gouldos until the end of the battle.
gouldos the devourer ancient reckoning chasmic altar
Ancient Reckoning
The more damage The Devourer receives in a single battle, the higher its damage reduction effect becomes.
The Devourer's skills

Chasmic Altar Rules

1. The Devourer is invading Esperia. Arden has sensed the impending danger and has called upon all living beings to band together to protect the realm.

2. The Devourer's HP is determined by the number of active players across all servers.

3. Players can cleanse the Corrupted Altars within the Chasmic Altar by assailing The Devourer.

4. Cleansing the Corrupted Altars helps reduce the difficulty of Campaign stages across all servers by granting players Purifying Power. Players can gain more Purifying Power by cleansing more Altars.

5. With the help of Purifying Power, Campaign stage enemies' levels can be reduced according to how many players have completed it. More players who have completed a certain stage will further reduce its difficulty.

6. Damage dealt to The Devourer will be converted into Contribution Points, which will then be permanently recorded on the leaderboard.

7. Players who attack The Devourer will get different rewards based on their contribution Point ranking.

Chasmic Altar Reward Rules

1. The highest amount of damage a player deals with The Devourer will convert into Contribution Points, which will later be permanently recorded on the leaderboard.

2. The daily top 10 ranked players of each server will be awarded the title “Pioneer' and a Limited-Time Medal (2 days) as rewards.

3. Besides ‘Pioneer,' players will be divided into Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze divisions. Gold, Silver and Bronze divisions shall each be
respectively split into 2 smaller sub-divisions.

4. Based on a player's daily division ranking, players can acquire Essence, Hero Experience, Gold, a Common Hero Scroll, etc. Rewards will be calculated daily at 00:00 UTC.

5. The Top 10 players will receive a limited edition avatar frame based on final Contribution Point rankings across all servers. The top 1000 players will receive a Limited-Time Medal (6 months) when the event ends.

6. Rankings within the leaderboards are subject to constant changes. Thus, leaderboard rewards will only be finalized when the final leaderboard rankings are calculated.

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