AFK Arena 1.97 Patch Notes

The upcoming AFK Arena v1.97 patch just around the corner, introducing a new Awakened hero, multiple fixes and optimizations, and fresh in-game content and events!

AFK Arena 1.97 Patch Notes

Below you will find the patch notes for AFK Arena‘s upcoming 1.97 update.

Greetings Adventurer,

Our Servers will be unavailable during 2022/08/30 07:00 – 09:00 UTC while we are updating the game. You will be unable to log in during this time. We apologize for the inconvenience this may bring and would like to offer you a 1200-diamond ?compensatory gift.

New Hero

1. Added a new Awakened Wilder hero: Solise – Water Animator.

2. The new hero Solise – Water Animator will be available to test play from 2022/08/31 00:00 UTC.

3. Added the Bountiful Trials event for Solise – Water Animator, as well as the Arena of Trials event “Guild Trials”, which shall commence on 2022/08/31 00:00 UTC.

New Addition & Optimizations

1. Added the “Solise – Water Animator” themed adventure – Babbling Brook to the Voyage of Wonders, which will be available from 2022/09/03 00:00 UTC. Players can witness the transformation of Solise by exploring.

2. A new Vault of Time season will commence at 2022/08/31 00:00 UTC. Players that have passed Stage 15-40 are eligible to enroll and participate in it. The following adjustments have been made to Vault of Time:

– Rankings and Militia Accolades are available this season.

– Added a Star of Dawn replacement function. Replacement can be applied within 24 hours after the registration is suspended and battles commenced.

– Adjusted the amount of health the final boss “Molten Crystalline Worm Queen” has for each of her lives. Please refer to the game for specifics.

– Adjusted the Prince title rewards. Please refer to the game for specifics.

– Adjusted the starting time of the final boss trial. The feature can now be used during the registration phase and the rebirth of the final boss.

– Removed the dim effect of the Underground Lair gate boss for casual enrollments, and reduced the combat difficulty.

3. Added the Battle Wager function in the Cursed Realm. After completing Stage 18-1, adventurers can bet on leaderboard damage using their Poe Coins and win rewards.

4. Added a feature for automatic naming of formations. Once a formation is saved, the feature name will be automatically filled in. The name will be pinned to the top when the formation is used in the feature.

5. Added a Skip Animation function to the Twisted Realm. Checking this option will skip the Battle Animation and display the results of the Hero's Auto Battle.

6. Added a new type of item called “Superb Elite Hero Soulstone”. Players acquire 60 Superb Elite Hero Soulstones to summon an Elite or Awakened Hero (excluding heroes whose starting tier is Rare).

– Starting from the next Weekly Quest refresh after this update, the Elite Hero Soulstones in the 60 Weekly Activity Points will be replaced with Superb Elite Hero Soulstones.

– After completing Stage 25-60 of the Campaign, Superb Elite Hero Soulstones may appear in the store.

7. A new Misty Valley round is about to commence and will be available from 2022/09/04 00:00 UTC.

8. Added new “World Tree” quests, which become available after completing Stage 29-60. Time Emblems can be acquired by completing certain floors to further help adventurers progress.

9. Reduced the difficulty of certain floors between 1450 and 1500 of the King's Tower, and also added more floors, bringing the total number of floors to 1550.

10. Players can now climb up to 900 floors within each of the 4-Faction Towers. Simultaneously, the difficulty of some floors between 840 and 870 has also been reduced.

11. Reduced the difficulty of certain floors between 560 and 580 of the Celestial Sanctum and Infernal Fortress, and also added more floors, bringing the total number of floors to 600 for both towers.

12. Once an adventurer reaches Chapter 25, their number of free challenges per day will be converted into an Arena Ticket of an equal amount. They can claim it after entering the Arena of Heroes.

13. Regal Rewards Optimizations:

– When the triggering condition is reached after 2022/08/31 00:00 UTC, adventurers will unlock a new version of the Regal Rewards. Added a “Deluxe Pass” function for the new Regal Rewards version.

– Added “Superb Elite Hero Soulstones” as a reward type for the new Regal Rewards version. The reward can be changed using the “Change Reward” button.

– The original Twisted Bounties, Regal Rewards and Champions of Esperia features will be denoted by an “(old)” label, and may be used concurrently with the newer version. Versions labeled as “(old)” shall no longer be refreshable.

Hero Adjustments and Changes

1. Estrilda – Knight of Valor

– Fixed an issue where, in certain circumstances, the knock-down effect of “Royal Charge” was not working correctly.

2. Joan of Arc – Dawn Protector

– Fixed an issue where, in extreme cases, the skill “Waving Standard” used by Joan of Arc during a charge could not work effectively.

3. Eluard – Protector of Souls

– Fixed an issue where, in extreme cases, the skill “Prayer of Protection” failed to select a target correctly.

4. Titus – Guardian of the Mountains

– Optimized the projection of the attributes of certain Engravings and Furniture, and replaced Tenacity with other attributes. More details about the effect can be viewed in the game.

5. Mortas – The Insidious

– Optimized the Mortas' skill casting mechanics in the Vault of Time feature. Fixed an issue where, in certain circumstances when battling the Molten Crystalline Worm Queen, the skill “Empowerment” was cast later than expected.

6. Fixed an issue that was causing the wrong display of some combat ratings of the Elder Tree. Actual battle effects remain unchanged.

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