AFK Arena patch 1.56 patch notes

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Written By Anastasios Antoniadis

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Patch 1.56 Summary


  • New Mauler hero Kren – The Fanatical.
  • Added Kren's Bountiful Trial event. Check Kren's Arena of Trials guide.
  • New Warrior Class-exclusive Artifact “Carnage.” Available in the new Trials of God Adventure, “The Trembling Highlands.”
    afk arena new carnage artifact warrior patch 1.56
    The new “Carnage” artifact for the Warrior class.
  • Added the adventure “The Trembling Highlands” to the Trials of God feature. Players can unlock this adventure by completing Stage 31-60 of the campaign and by completing 100% of the same adventure found within the Wandering Balloon.
  • New Misty Valley round in February.
  • New Fabled Realm feature in Twisted Realm. Players need to get to a certain Resonating Crystal level to enter.
  • New logics to calculate floors and damage in Twisted Realm.
  • Added new boss “Grotesque Mage” to the Twisted Realm. 
  • Skill 1: Normal attacks shoot a bolt of lightning that ignores summons and prioritizes targets in formation order. Lightning bolts will end if they reach a certain length or after dealing damage 20 times. When a target is hit by the bolt, their attack power will be reduced by 7% for 5 seconds. Attack debuff duration is calculated separately for each time a target is hit by lightning.
  • Skill 2: Magically escapes from the battlefield after enemies have used the ultimate 6 times, ending battle instantly.
  • Skill 3: Damage the entire enemy team and create a phantom that removes most buffs from enemies, gaining any attribute bonuses the buffs granted. Damage taken by the phantom does not count towards total damage dealt.


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  • New “Reinforcements” event. While the event is running, players can select a hero from a pool of heroes to trial.
  • Added Subscription Privileges and VIP Perks to the Dismal Maze game mode. Players with active subscriptions shall receive +100% rewards instead of +80% rewards for the next Dismal Maze. If they miss an Arcane Labyrinth, the total number of times missed rewards can be accumulated does not change. Players with a VIP level of 13 or higher will have an additional chance to earn missed rewards if they miss Arcane Labyrinths.The number of times Dura's Tears can be used within the Dismal Maze shall now be raised per how many times the Arcane Labyrinth has been missed.
  • Players receive 10 hearts when loan out a hero –Max 50 hearts per week.

  • Tap on a hero in the bag to see which Artifact is being used.
  • Queen: Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the final attack damage of “Stationary Drifter” to be lower than intended.
  • Grezhul: Adjusted how the Attack Rating of the ability” Demonic Assault” is calculated. When stealing Attack Rating from the target, the full value stated by the ability is now stolen, ignoring any Attack Rating debuffs that the target may have currently been affected by.
  • Ferael: Strengthened the values of the Exclusive Furniture Ability “Ghastly Hauntings.
    afk arena ferael patch 1.56 furniture ability
    Ferael's “Accursed Arrow” furniture ability can now be used once every 1.5s instead of 2.0s. Credit: AFK Guide