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Borderpolar is not even a year old but keeps reaching amazing popularity milestones every month. From July 1st to July 30th, 2021 we recorded our highest traffic values since the creation of this blog.


July 2021 was our first month in the hundreds of thousands, with 241,560 users, 275,148 sessions, and 397,604 in the first 30 days, while on the 31st we broke the 400,000 pageviews mark.

Needless to say, your tech and gaming products can gain a lot of exposure by being featured on Borderpolar.

So, if you are looking to market:

  • Software Services (Mobile or Desktop apps)
  • Mobile or PC games (New releases, upcoming updates, or any other content promotions)
  • Gaming laptops
  • Computers and gaming hardware
  • Smartphones

You will find a range of options that will suit your needs on Borderpolar, including ad takeovers, featured posts, and more.

Note: We don't promote adult, gambling, pharmaceutical, or similar topics. We only focus on tech, software, gaming, and general content.


Meanwhile, we are looking to expand our content creation to product reviews including:

  • PC Hardware reviews:
    • Display reviews.
    • Gaming and high-performance laptop reviews (including Macs).
    • Gaming peripherals reviews.
    • CPU, GPU, Motherboard, PSU, RAM, PC cases and cooling systems reviews.
  • Home Appliance reviews:
    • 4K TV reviews.
    • Smart appliances reviews.
  • Smartphone reviews (Gaming and General purpose). Both Android smartphones and iPhones.

You can request a free review of your product, app, or web service, as long as you provide us with access to it.

If you’re interested in advertising on Borderpolar or want to learn more about how we might be able to help market your product, app, or service, drop us a line.

Anastasios Antoniadis

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