Adopt Me! – Ocean Egg Information And Possible Pets

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Adopt me Ocean Egg – Egg cost, pet rarity chances, and pets included. Also, each pet’s individual chance or how many eggs are needed to get every pet.

How do I get an Ocean Egg in Adopt Me?

You will need to visit the Nursery to get the Ocean Egg in Roblox Adopt Me!

It was replaced by the Mythic egg on August 19, 2021. The Ocean Egg is no more available and can only be acquired through trading.

Adopt me Ocean Egg – Basic Information

The Ocean Egg, a limited-edition egg that was released on April 16, 2021

The Ocean Egg is a dark blue-colored egg with dark sea kelp underneath. Sometimes it detaches. It’s accompanied by a yellow starfish in the center of the egg.

There are 8 potential pets. These are the pet rarity opportunities:

  • Common: 20%
  • Uncommon: 35%
  • Rare: 30%
  • Ultra Rare: 10%
  • Legendary: 5%

Location in the Nursery Gumball Machine (you can also trade it)

The egg was released after a special event! A large floating banner in red and white with a countdown was held on April 9, 2021, by a Starfish and Crab. They were accompanied by a set of white wings with purple-ish particle effects. As for decorations, there were many ocean-themed items like coral and seaweed. The nursery was flooded after the countdown was over and the Ocean Egg was released. This continued until the release of the Mythic Egg.

Adopt Me Ocean Egg – Pets

We have already told you that there are 8 possible pets. These are their rarities as well as their chances.

  • Steinggray – Common > hatching opportunity 20% > 1 for every 5 eggs
  • Crab – Uncommon > hatching opportunity 17,5% > 1 for 6 eggs
  • Dolphin – Uncommon > hatching opportunity 17,5% > 1 for 6 eggs
  • Narwhal – Rare > Hatching Chance 15% > 1 for 6
  • Seahorse – Rare > Hatching Chance 15% > 1 for 6
  • Clownfish Ultra-Rare > hatching opportunity 10% > 1 for every 10 eggs
  • Octopus Legendary > hatching opportunity 2,5% > 1 for every 40 eggs
  • Shark Legendary > hatching opportunity 2,5% > 1 for every 40 eggs

The Ocean egg is the most likely to hatch into a legendary pet, as it has the same chance as the Fossil Egg.

The official chances of each pet are calculated by dividing the number of rare pets into each rarity. All pets with the same rarity have equal chances. For example, if you want to own a shark, there is a 5% chance that you will get a legendary pet. However, there are two legendaries so 5% divided by 2 = 2,5%

To unlock all ocean pets, you’ll need 40-60 eggs or $30,000-$45,000

This is all we know right now about neon pets in Adopt Me. Also, check out our how to get neon and mega neon pets in adopt me guide! If you are looking for more guides, tips, and tricks. Then be sure to check out our Adopt Me! section of

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