A One Piece Game Update Log & Patch Notes – Latest Update: 31 – Snakeman

Everything you need to know about the latest A One Piece Game updates. Update Logs & Patch notes! New content, bug fixes, balance fixes, and improvements!

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Updated: November 29, 2022 @ 01:00

By Anastasios Antoniadis

Below you will find the complete update log and patch notes for Roblox's A One Piece Game. A One Piece Game is a fighting game inspired by One Piece and developed by Boss Studio.

The update logs can also be found on the official Boss Studio Discord server.

Update 31 Gear 4: Snakeman 🐍 – November 25th, 2022

Gear 4: Snakeman 🐍 

New Ability 🔥 

The long awaited Snakeman has finally dropped, it is an extension to the already existing Rubber Fruit and its Gear 4: Bounceman, you can obtain it by defeating the Snakeman Luffy Boss in Wilderness First Sea, Snakeman is very strong with its attacks bypassing Observation Haki and it has a high DPS!

New Rewards 

By following @Theboss on :Instagram: you receive +1 Daily Spin and +1 Spin Bonus on every spin purchase!, this goes together with the new title system and daily spin system which was added in the previous update! Allowing you to gain perks for free!

Update 30 SPINS + TITLE – November 21st, 2022

New Spin System 🙏 👍 🔥 

- There is a button at the top of your screen called "SPINNING"

- A spinner which basically has a pool of random things such as boosts and more. (you can also spin for titles by pressing the Titles button at the bottom)

- This system is a giant addition to the game as it covers things such as codes and new daily rewards, there is also the possibility of adding future weapons and fruits and items to the pool.

- You get free spins daily or you can purchase extra for robux

Daily Spins system was completely reworked into the new system made. 💥 🗓️ 

- You now get 1 spin daily (in the new spin system)

- 2 new gamepasses for spins

New Title System 🔊 ⏲️

- Titles are a new feature that give additional boosts to your character and skillset, they are extremely useful and are going to be an important thing in becoming stronger

- "Title Merchant for gems" which is located beside the Gem Merchant in both the First and Second Seas

- Spinning for it in the new spin system located by the SPINNING button and then the Titles button

- Gems or Robux

Update 29 Gear 5 Revamp & Lunarian Race – November 5th, 2022

Revamp + New Race ✨🦇

1. Revamp: Gear 5 ☀️☁️
A fresh new look! 😎 This revamp has: 
- A New Model 🦾 
- New Animations 💫
- Better VFX 💥
- More Damage 📈
- Observation Haki! 📷💥 

2. New Race : Lunarian 🦇🔥
Lunarian! 🦇 Getting this race grants you access to a tool in your inventory called "Lunarian Flight".
This new race also has:
- +20% Damage Reduction 🪨
- +30% More Damage ☄️

Update 28 Halloween Update Part 2 – October 30th, 2022

Halloween Update Part 2 🧅💥

New Halloween Maze 🧭🗺️
With the introduction of Gecko Moria he has created his own Maze bringing new enemies for AOPG! 🧟‍♂️ 

- This raid is located at Logue Town.

New Devil Fruit: The Shadow Fruit! 🕷️🦇
A brand new Devil Fruit! This new fruit can be obtained through Fruit Merchant or by stealing it from Gecko Moria! Make
sure to add this new fruit to your collection and rain horror on your foes ❕🌑

New Boss: Gecko Moria!  😈🦇
Another Warlord of Sea has come to invade AOPG❗️This giant monster holds The Shadow Fruit and has brung his army! 
Take him down and beat him and his army to stop his evil doing ⚔️💣

New Island: Thriller Bark 🏝️🗾
Gecko Moria bringing not only his army but his entire ship! Will you be able to find Thriller Bark beneath all the
fog? 🌊☁️

- Island is at First Sea

Update 24 AOPG X Bleach – September 24th, 2022

Bleach X A0PG 🍎🔪

New Island 🖼️🧭

Hueco Mundo 🌙⬛️
The people from Bleach have invaded AOPG flooding it in horror❕ Help the people of AOPG to bring back peace and freedom by going to the new island and defeat Aizen and his disciples, some say you can even steal Aizens Sword.. 🤫

New Sword Style ⚔️🛡️

Kyoka Suigetsu 🔮⛓️
With this new sword combined with your strength, you are sure to rain terror and fear upon this world! 😈🗡️

Special Ability: Shikai: Kyoka Suigetsu
+ 20% Damage Buff on each sword skill.

This Limited item will be obtainable from:

- "Aizen" Boss with 2% Drop Chance ⚖️
- "Soulreaper Andre" offering 15K Gems 💎 or 2K Robux 💵.

Misc. ⁉️

Gem Cap 📈💎
10K --> 20K

Update 23 Buggy Log – September 23rd, 2022

Buggy Update 🔪🤡

New Awakening 💎🌪️

Chop Fruit 💥⚔️

- The most hyped up awakening, we are here to introduce Chop V2❗️ With great mobility and damage getting this awakening is recommended to obtain and will require a handful of gems. 💎 

New Island 🗺️ 🧭 

Buggy Island 🎭🤹‍♂️

- A new island in First Sea containing a circus 🎪, Buggy and his strongest crewmates hold high bounties giving good rewards like gems and even accessories.. 🤫
- In FIRST SEA and first ever island in First Sea to be able to drop gems 🦸 💎

Update 22 Germa Log – September 17th, 2022

Raid Suit
Introducing Support Style! Raid Suits are special high tech outfits made for enhancing combat abilities!
Each boss (Ichiji, Niji, Reiju, and Sanji) in Germa 66 ISland has a chance to drop a Raid Canister. Raid Canisters can also be bought from Robux for 1200 Robux.

There are 4 suits each containing different abilities and passive perks:

#0 Stealth Black
Special Ability: Invisibility
+ Speed by 2.5x
+ Damage by 1.5

#1 Sparking Red
Special Ability: Energy First (210% Damage Buff)
+ Damage by 1.8x
+ Durability by 1.3x

#2 Dengeki Blue
Special Ability: Electrification (20% Damage Buff)
+ Speed by 1.8x
+ Damage by 1.2x

#3 Poison Pink
Special Ability: Toxin Mode (Poison Tick Damage)
+ Speed by 2.5x
+ Health by 1.5x

Ifrit Jambe
Covering your legs in extremely tough armament Haki your legs can endure even the hottest temperatures. This is the ultimate for of Black Leg, Ifrit Jambe!
Similar to True Black Leg's adventure and King Haki's adventure, it is not an actural quest that appears on your quest list. To learn how to obtain this, read what the NPC says and just follow its instructions then combe back and talk to them.

The last adventure to obtain Black Legs true form. Before getting Ifrit Jambe a set of requirements must be fulfilled:
- True Black Leg
- Germa Race
- Exoskeleton
- $1B Beli

New Island: Germa 66
Located at First Sea, this island is 1.5x bigger than Wano and offers a hefty amount of Beli. This island has many NPCs like Ifrit Sanji & Germa Doctor, both serving a value purpose for obtaining new items, as well as Ichiji, Niji, Sanji, and Reiju that hold advanced items able to strengthen your combat skill

Germa Race
6th Race added to AOPG, Germa Race will be needed to obtain Exoskeleton and Ifrit Jambe.

Exoskeleteon can be bought for 50 Billion Beli by Germa Doctor inside the Germa Castle ONLY if you have Germa Race.
- Passive 1.2x multiplier on all stats (Damage, Speed, Defense)

Update 21 Log – September 12th, 2022

Roblox A One Piece Game released its Update 21 on September 12th, 2022.

True Black Leg

Awaken your inner power with the Black Leg fighting style by going on an adventure to unlock True Black Leg

Go find and talk to Sanji at Wano to start your adventure. :yellow: 

(It does not give you a actual quest that will appear on your quest list, Sanji will tell you what to do in his dialogue, do what he says then come back and talk to him again until you finish all his task.) 

Requirements to start adventure:
- 2.8k Strength
- 2.5k Haki
- 2k Defense
- 1B Beli
- Double Diable Jambe

#1. Defeat 40 Rookie Blackbeard Pirates, 25 Experienced Blackbeard Pirates and Scythe.
#2. Defeat 30 Experienced Wano Samurais and 30 Master Wano Swordsmans.
#3. Defeat 50 Udon Prisoners.

(Keep talking to him until his dialogue moves on and eventually he will teach you True Black Leg.)

PvP Arena

Located in Arena at First Sea you and one other person will compete in battle with the winner being rewarded by huge rewards! 
Buffs and nerfs are applied in PvP to make battles more balanced.

- You are granted 3 lives.
- Several balances made to specifically arena so it could be an enjoyable PvP experience.

A One Piece Game Update 20 Log

Update 20 🥳 💥 

New Awakening 💎 💍 😴

Mochi Fruit 🍩 ⚪ 
The long awaited Mochi Fruit Awakening is finally here. ❗  To obtain this awakening, similar to others you must obtain gems! 💎 Make sure you are also powerful with Observation Haki. 😵‍💫 After reaching Future Sight with your Observation haki and also having an able amount of gems on you, go find and talk to a gem merchant. 🕵️ 

Geppo Rework ☁️ 

With the new balances set in place that allow players to actually land hits on each other and not die instantly, a Geppo rework was also done in order to prevent players from just flying for infinite during fights. 🦵 🌪️ 

There is now a notifier above your health that tells you how much Geppos you have. You gain 1 Geppo for every 300 stats in stamina. 📈 📉 

When you are out of a player fight, your Geppos are infinite but if you are In Combat by a player your Geppos will start to drain and you will have to use them carefully. 🗺️ 👓 

Balances 📊 

Players health buffed by +450% ❤️ :green: 

Mobs/Bosses health buffed by +15% 🤖 🦾 

Light Fruit and Light Fruit V2 flight speed buffed by 100 🥏 💡

Misc. ⁉️ 

Added a Gem Merchant to second sea so you can awaken moves there as well 🙇

A One Piece Game Update 19 Log

UPDATE 19: WATER 7 (PT. 1) ⛲ 🤖 

1. New Fighting Style: CYBORG 🤖 💪 

- Unlock the new Cyborg fighting style at Water 7 for 35 billion beli 💰

2. New Race: Cyborg 🚀 

- Roll for the new Cyborg race for various buffs! Required to unlock the cyborg style 🧑‍🦲🤖 

3. New Island: Water 7 ⛲ 🗺️

- A new addition to Second Sea, discover this island to uncover several new things

4. New Level Cap: 5100 → 5200 📈 

5. FREE Race Reroll Code: SUPERRR ⭐

A One Piece Game Fruit Awakening Update Log

Fruit Awakening Update

New Awakening: Smoke Fruit

- Awaken the true powers of the Smoke Fruit by unlocking powerful new abilities with Gems Similar to other awakenings, go to a Gem Merchant in order to do this 💎 🔆 

New Island: Udon Prison

- A new island has been discovered in the second sea. It is a big prison that is rumored to be guarded by the legendary marine Smoker. 🚨 👮‍♂️

A One Piece Game Haki Update Log

Haki Update


- Aces Hat is now tradeable and removeable
- 100m Event is now removed

New System: Kill Assist

- If you deal 25% (1/4th) of an enemies HP, when it dies no matter who gets the kill, it will count towards you. So you can now fight with your friends and more while still getting rewards for everyone ❗ 🥳 

New Haki Progression: King's Haki 

- Explore and go on an adventure to awaken your newfound abilities, coat your haki with the power of Conquerors to reach new heights 👑 👺 

New System: Adventure Line

- Instead of a quest, an adventure is a list you must complete in order to receive a reward, there is no GUI that appears on your screen, you must listen and read to understand what your adventure is telling you to do.

First Adventure In Game: Andre

- Go find Andre somewhere in the second sea and receive your adventure. He is located in Onigashima, and to talk to him you need to be powerful with Haki. ⚔️ 

- The requirements for Andre's Adventure is,
----> 4500+ Stats in Haki
----> V3 Armament Haki (Internal)
----> V3 Observation Haki (FutureSight)
----> Conquerors Haki (Drop % buffed)

- After meeting the requirements and talking to Andre, he will tell you to defeat all the Yonko and find two Poneglyphs.

----> Kill Shanks 3x
----> Kill Big Mom 3x
----> Kill Blackbeard 3x
----> Kill Kaido 3x

----> Find a Poneglyph in both seas, you have to touch one in SEA 1 AND SEA 2

- After all this, go and talk to Andre and he will awaken your new Armament and Conquerors Haki

New System: Poneglyphs 🚀 

- This system is going to be used for future systems like Adventure and unlocking new powerful things. Their rare spawns, (you can buy the Poneglyph Notifier gamepass) ⁉️ 

- Poneglyphs are giant rocks, that spawn in SEA 1 and SEA 2.
- They spawn every hour, and despawn every 15 minutes
- Spawn in a random place on the map
- When you touch one it will disappear, thats how you know you got it

A One Piece Game Big Mom Update Log



- Awaken your true powers by obtaining the SOUL FRUIT, with it you can harness the powers of the strongest of storms and brightest of suns.

- Obtained through rolling for a fruit


- Fight new powerful enemies to obtain rewards never before seen!


- Obtain the legendary sword NAPOLEON. This dangerous yet powerful blade will assist you one step further into becoming a legend.

- Obtained through the Big Mom raid or the game pass


- Stat cap increased (4800 -> 5100)

- Quests now give EXP

- Countless fixes and optimizations to make the game run overall smoother

A One Piece Game 100 Million Update Log

- Explore the new island discovered in the first sea. An island where you can explore and fight with one of the NEW BOSSES

- Enjoy and challenge yourself by fighting the new boss❗⚔️ 
- Drops the new Hundred Million Sword

- "Hundred Million Sword" share your excitement and thrill of the game with the new blade added to the game to celebrate this huge milestone. With amazing powers to cause destruction and creation, make the game fear you! 👹 🎂 🥬 

- "Dominus" a cool yet frightful A ONE PIECE GAME Dominus, obtain this new accessory through the gem shop and equip it for amazing buffs and powers 🕵️ 💎 

- Rob Lucci's hair is no longer contagious
- Fixed randomly spawning on islands you did not set your spawn at
- Fixed zones being weird sometimes
- Fixed not being able to fully scroll down your inventory if you had a lot of items
- Lowered Operation Fruit "Counter Shock" fling potential
- Mink speed boost added/moved
- Lowered Yoru's clip potential to go through walls with the ultimate move
- Fishman race buffs added to other places (second sea, etc...)
- Optimized NPC lag with some NPCs (Strong Marine, Gunners, etc)
- Fixed Mihawk Raid "instant death" when theres no gunners
- Fixed not being able to use skills / skills breaking in raids (Mihawk specifically people reported)
- Fixed Operation room effects being out of sync sometimes
- Fixed Ice Bike having an ice trail last even when you get off the bike for a bit
- Tweaked Rocket flinging again (really just roblox physics sadly)

A One Piece Game July 22nd Update Log


- Join game with a brand new race, depending on your race you unlock and obtain various buffs and a variety of features!


New Weapon: 
Yoru is a legendary sword wielded by the Strongest Swordsman Mihawk, obtain it and it's power. With this you can become the world's strongest swordsman and slice down your foes.  

New Raid: 
A new raid can be found on Logue Town, challenge the Strongest Swordsman Mihawk to a battle for a chance to win the legendary weapon Dark Blade, Yoru...   


- Equipping an accessory now shows you what stats it provides
- Several Memory leaks
- Several Optimizations
- NEW EFFECTS (leveling up, geppo, burning, exp gain)


RACE RATES (Subject to change) 

Skypian - 10% Buff on all guns + jump boost   
Fishman - Reduced water damage + 20% boost on fishman karate   
Mink - Speed boost + 20% electro damage boot  
Human - 20% black leg damage boost 

A One Piece Game Gear 5 Update Log


Awaken your true potential
New Rubber Fruit Transformation/Awakening

-> Awaken the power of Gear 5, limited only to your imagination ❗ ⛅ 
-> Unlock this power by obtaining a SCROLL OF PERMISSION from ICE RAID 📜 🧊 
-> After obtaining the legendary scroll, awaken your true potential with GEMS 💎 

New Equipment
There Is A New Piece Of Armor 🦾 

-> Strengthen your durability and skill by obtaining the new ROYAL CAPE 👑

A One Piece Game Kidd Update Log


Attract metal and become a living machine with the new Magnet Fruit  🔩 ⚡ 🧲

Fight Captain Eustass D. Kidd and his crew in Onigashima ☠️ 

Upon defeating Kidd you may receive hefty rewards! 💸

A One Piece Game A Long Long Night Update Log


Message: We're doing a global wipe of all common fruits in inventory due to lag, data issues, and people not being able to load. (Common fruits are: Flame , Chop , Lightning, Barrier , Ice , and Invisibility.) -- Basically fruits you can get VERY VERY easily -- We'll also be wiping quake scrolls in inventory as they were not delete-able before thus many people having hundreds of these. (They were a 50% drop). Then, we will add cap of 300 items in inventory. This should be good for trading community in the longterm AND remove all type of silly lag to most players. All players will be able to enjoy the game !!! 

People that still have above 300 items will just have it that way HOWEVER they have to make space in order to be able to spin for more or get new items! (Perfect since you guys choose what you want to delete !!! )

We KNOW this might be devastating for some of you for whatever reason in which most of us including the community doesn't understand. Therefore, we'll have x2 beli running on opening. 


⭐ Dragon is 1% in Fruit Spins for limited time ⭐ 

💰🛍️  x2 Beli ACTIVATED for limited time 💰 🛍️ 

Patch List:


2. Added a "X" button to daily rewards so you can just close it

3. Optimized Awakened Magma (Less Laggy)

4. FIXED how getting multiple Haki quest made you skip levels and go straight to max 

5. FIXED Youtube Verification (Wasn't working because I changed my Youtube Name)

6. REMOVED notification for EVERY deleted fruit on "Delete All" thus optimizing/saving your device as you Mass Delete fruits and so on

7.  ADDED notification to show u what fruits u get on multi spins from the merchant (quick message)

A One Piece Game Wano Update Pt. 2 Log


Fight Kaido, One of the four emperors, King of beasts!
- Drops powerful weapon and accessories!

You can now use gems to purchase exclusive accessories that buff your stats and look awesome!! 
- It is a new tab in the shop gui "Gem Shop" (bottom left)

Obtain Kaido's powers and be able to transform into a Dragon!

Wield one of the most powerful weapons yet, KAIDOS CLUB

A One Piece Game Bug Operation Update Log

Bug Operation

Awakened Magma Fruit

- Great Eruption Optimized
- Gut Punch Optimized
- Magma Arm Optimized
- Magma Swell Optimized
- Fixed character breaking sometimes

Awakened String Fruit

- Fixed your character and moves breaking sometimes when using moves


- Fixed Fujitora breaking you
- Fixed Law breaking you

Barrier Fruit

- You can now attack in Barrier Area/Dome (E Move)

Venom Fruit

- Fixed teleport move not actually teleporting you


- Fixed moves breaking if you get stunned while charging
- Fixed being able to use things while sitting / driving
- Disabling/Enabling PVP in settings fixed
- When you rejoin the sea you were in saves

A One Piece Game Update 8 Log

Update 8: 📚 

1. Quake v2 (Awakening) ---> Scroll drops 50% chance from Maze/Dungeon

2. Ex-Admin Blades (Old Admin Weapon, VERY RARE) ---> 3% Chance drop from Maze/Dungeon

3. Maze System ADDED! 

4. New Level Cap: 2750 --> 3000

ONe of my favorite updates
Bro mfs saying keys didn't exist, stop capping, We made the fucking game we know if the keys existed or not :wtfuon:

While you are here make sure to check for the latest A One Piece Game codes.

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