A One Piece Game Trello Link, Wiki & Discord Invite

If you are wondering whether A One Piece Game (AOPG) has an official Trello board, we are here to help you with the link to the official A One Piece Game Trello Board and answers to all your FAQs.

AOPG is one of the best One Piece-inspired experiences on Roblox. You can play as different races and complete quests on different islands while also learning powerful Fighting Styles, obtaining powerful Devil Fruits, and mastering your Haki powers.

Boss Studio [ V.1 ] created the game on 12/29/2021.


You will find the semi-official Fandom Wiki for AOPG here.

AOPG Discord Invite Link

You can use this Discord invite link if you want to join the A One Piece Game's Discord community.

Boss Studios YouTube Channel

You can subscribe to the official Boss Studios YouTube channel for the latest AOPG sneak peeks, showcases, trailers, and codes in videos.

A One Piece Game Trello Link (AOPG Trello)

Below you will find the link to the official A One Piece Game Trello:

On A One Piece Game (AOPG)'s Trello, you will find information about the game's developers, update logs, game guides, all the game's locations (First Sea and Second Sea), and information about Devil Fruits, Swords, Guns, Fighting Styles, and accessories.

While you are here, don't forget to also check for the latest A One Piece Game codes.

A One Piece Game Trello FAQs

What is the max stat level on AOPG?

The maximum stat we can currently have is 5,400 per category.

What is the best way to train defense?

You can do quests, take damage from NPCs or have a devil fruit that isn’t Magu or Hie and drown yourself with it to have consistent level increases to defense, with the best option seeming to be Phoenix V2.

What do I do after I get Haki and 2-sword style?

Work on your stats, and gain extra quest slots; when you get 5 million Beli, you can unlock the 3-sword style for more damage. Your end game is to gain access to the second sea for the rest of the content.

Where do I get a devil fruit, and should I eat it?

You can look under trees, and there may be one, every 30 minutes, a fruit will spawn on any island under a set of three trees on any given island. As for eating it, please research and ask about it; it goes a long way. You can also roll a spin for fruit at the Fruit Dealer in Logue Town for 25 million Beli.

How do I remove my devil fruit?

Go to Logue Town with 5 million Beli and talk to the businessman, and he’ll provide a devil fruit removal.

What is Trello?

Trello, a project management and collaboration tool organizes your projects into boards. Trello is a collaboration tool that shows you in one glance what's being done, who's doing what, and where something's at. Imagine a whiteboard with sticky notes. Each note is a task for you or your team. Imagine that each sticky note has photos, attachments from Salesforce or Jira, and documents. There is also a place for you to comment and collaborate. Imagine that you can now take your whiteboard with you wherever you go, on your smartphone, and access it from anywhere via the internet. That's Trello!

Many Roblox developer groups use Trello to provide guides, tutorials, tier lists, update logs, FAQs, and other information about Roblox games to players.

Roblox game developers use Trello to provide helpful information for their games to Roblox gamers, such as promo codes, game guides, tier lists, and updated patch notes. However, the game Trello boards do not appear on Google Search or other search engines, so players may need help finding the link.

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